Author Topic: unknown artists - A Tribute To Herb Alpert - Up Cherry Street (1971,Deacon)  (Read 11128 times)


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I had a look online and saw that there is no current upload of this LP. It is a competent tribute to Herb Alpert, from 1971, on the Deacon "cheap knock-off" label. There are a couple of tunes written by singer/songwriter Graham Sacher, who co-wrote the 1984 UK Eurovision entry, and produced Baccara's 4th studio album. The arrangements are by Bill Hutchins. The disc was recorded into JUTEL Quick Edit Pro via a mk2 Technics SL1200 and are wav files.!RDhwFYbK!8kNgGCbQaXx7vJBn4_gMOP3XxOn7VtU5E0cgPKIDIj4

Lord Thames

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Ta for this - I remember really enjoying this LP, but I've not listened to it for years so it's nice to revisit.

The Hutchins/Sacher team did loads of stuff for Deacon in the early 70s (including an album of instro Beatles covers called 'The Fool On The Hill', which was apparently the best selling record on the label) - I really like their stuff.  I've seen it suggested that Bill Hutchins may be an alias for Bill Shepherd, but I'm not certain about that.


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Thank you Radioman. I've always enjoyed Herb Alpert and his trumpet.