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Australian Broadcasting Commission
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Australian label under national broadcaster Australian Broadcasting Commission (ABC)'s Light Entertainment Department.

ABC LPX 0001
ABC LPX 0002
ABC LPX 0003
ABC LPX 0004 - The ABC Melbourne Show Band conducted by Brian May/The Kevin Hocking Singers, music by G. Jones/P. French/Fekaris-Perren/D. Briggs/Woolley-Downes/Chinn/Birtles-Goble/Bacharach-David/Dorff-Herbstritt-Lloyd/Manilow-Anderson/D. Caswell/C. Bolling/J. English/Goffin-Masser
ABC LPX 0005 - Don Burrows with Neil Thurgate Orchestra/Judy Bailey Orchestra, music by Neil Thurgate/Ants Neeme/Ramirez-Luna-Newell/Telemann arr. Neil Thurgate/Judy Bailey/S. Myers/D. Reinhardt/P. Williams/Hamlisch-Bergman-Bergman/M. Albert/Williams-Nichols
ABC LPX 0006 - Philippe Gabbay with Julian Lee Orchestra/Kirk L'Orange Orchestra, music by Philippe Gabbay/Annabel Seargeant/J. Mandel-M. Altman/Bacharach-Hilliard/Lennon-McCartney/L. Schifrin/R. Towner/Stevens-Farjeon
ABC LPX 0007
ABC LPX 0008