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CBS Radio NetAlert III Test Record
« on: October 18, 2020, 07:19:18 PM »
This was the first record I bought at the flea-market store that opened 2 blocks away from me in 2016. It's a record for stations to set up their CBS radio "chirp" receivers.
Track 1 is a steady 60-Hz tone.
Tracks 2-6 are 5 other steady tones - a "priming tone", and tones A-D used for the different chirp sounds.
Track 7 is chirps 6 & 13 played back-&-forth for 2 minutes.
Tracks 8-23 consist of each chirp from 0 to 15. Each chirp is sounded 3 times with 6 seconds of silence in between.
In track 24, all chirps from 0-15 are repeated 5 times, followed by chirp 0 to end the track.
In track 25, chirps 1-15 then 0 are followed by chirp 0 in pairs. This is repeated 5 times.
Track 27: Chirp 0 repeats over and over for 1 minute.
Track 28: Chirp 8 repeats over and over for 1 minute.
The same material is on both sides. For technical notes, you can (hopefully) zoom in and read the writing on the back cover.
The zip file contains 27 WAVs, and photos of the front, back and label. The zip file is just 58 MB, but the files total 126 MB.