Author Topic: Random track requests from some libraries (mostly assorted)  (Read 75 times)


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Random track requests from some libraries (mostly assorted)
« on: October 14, 2020, 02:45:16 AM »
Looking for the following songs lossless. The list below has all the music I'm looking for with direct links to the songs on the production music library sites that have them for immediate availability. I'm hoping that for those who have downloaded from sites before, you can take a sec and check and see if you might have access and could grab them for me, or if you have the actual CD or rip of it.


AM-033Q (Pop Image) - Como {CD only, Discontinued}

ATMOS 111 (Impact) - Liberation Day {CD version only}

BRG1019 (Electric Arc) - Power Plant!explorer?b=3453802

Firstcom (~No Site Known):
FC-A13 (Urban Energy) - Real City
FC-A21 (Overdrive) - Urgent Memory

Hollywood (Film) Music / Hollywood Music (~No Site Known):
HFML 15.4 (Reel Adventure) - Showdown

Musique Cinéma Télévision
MCT 512 (Rock For Everytime) - Heavy Business

NFL Music Library (~No Site Known):
NFL 128 (Major Force) {LP} - Showcase

Sound Stage (Amphonic):
AVF75 (POWER U.S.A) – Overdrive