Author Topic: Lenka Bouchalova's Diploma Work about Studio Fontana Music Library (2008)  (Read 101 times)


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Here's Lenka Bouchalova's (a Karlova University student) Diploma Work about Studio Fontana Music Library. The paper also contains not only info about Studio Fontana's history (section 3.2) and the list of libraries Fontana Music Library distributed in Czech Republic and Slovakia in 2008, but also on technical aspects of the company's operations at the time the paper was written:

Contrary to what's written in Bouchalova's work the library list (section 3.4) didn't apply to Poland in certain cases, as it not only features some of libraries Sound-Pol (Fontana's then Polish partner) didn't distribute there (f.e. Encore Merci which was distributed in Poland by Paris Music's sister company Vivart) but lacks catalogs which Sound-Pol at the time held rights only in Poland, such as Abaco Music (which was distributed in Czechia by A-Tempo Verlag) or Selected Sound (distributed in Czech Republic by BC Publishing).


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Very nice! Thanks for sharing