Author Topic: Prod/stock/library SFX used for tribal chants for 1973s 'Sunny Earth' song?  (Read 133 times)


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I'm wondering if anyone might have any information on this. There is tribal chant vocals during the first 2 minutes of the song "Sunny Earth" ( on the 1973 album "Earth" by Vangelis Papathanasiou.

I have reason to believe there is a good chance these tribal chants are actually library/stockSFX/production audio themselves, as they have been used in other songs subsequently, the only similarity the other songs share are these vocals. That would be very close to copyright violation otherwise, unless all these people requested permission to cover just that part of Vangelis's song. It seems to make more sense Vangelis used a pre-existing library/stockSFX/production audio.

My question is then if that were true, what library/stockSFX/production existed out there as early as 1973? Sound Ideas first released their debut collection in 1979, 6 years after this song was created. Were there any other companies out there that did this kind of thing?