Author Topic: Single track reqs from AM-033Q, FC-A13 & FC-A21, and MCT 512  (Read 81 times)


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Hello all. Looking for the following tracks in lossless quality from these now discontinued CDS. I'll take just the single track, however if you have the whole album and are able to upload that, even better!

'Como' by Mike Egan
Access Music; AM-033Q - Pop Image

'Real City' by Ruben Ayala & Dan Stein
FirstCom Music; FC-A13 - Urban Energy

'Urgent Memory' by Steve Vaus
FirstCom Music; FC-A21 - Overdrive

'Heavy Business' by Bernard Arcadio & Jean Claude Chavanat
Musique Cinéma Télévision; MCT 512 - Rock For Everytime