Author Topic: Henri Stierlin - Pierre Barde : "L'Homme Ó la recherche de son passÚ", RTS  (Read 74 times)


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Hi friends,

I'm trying to identify the library music featuring in these three snippets:

Could you help me, please ? I shazamed the whole soundtracks and most of the time it's classical-contemporary stuff like Debussy, Ravel, Penderecki, Hindemith, Suk, ... However, here, you can clearly hear and oboe + some oriental / Asian features. It actually sounds more library to me than classical.

Taken from three different TV documentaries directed by Pierre Barde & Henri Stierlin, mid-60's, national Swiss TV. Here's the official page of the broadcast:

Maybe that does ring a bell to someone ?... Once again, thanks a lot for your listening and caring.

Best wishes from Lausanne,
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