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Seinfeld Stock Music List
« on: July 11, 2020, 09:03:43 PM »
Yes, the show mostly known for Jonathan Wolff's distinct rubber band music also utilized stock music, mostly from the Chappell library.

-Anyone For Cha Cha Cha - Walter Stott (plays in "The Doorman" when Kramer puts the Bro on Frank)
-Black Stompers - Eric Swan (plays in "The Sponge" during the montage of Elaine searching for sponges)
-Like Basie - Malcolm Lockyer (plays in "The Clip Show" during the montage of various outfits)
-Mayfair Quickstep - Eric Swan (plays in "The Mom and Pop Store" as "Honeysuckle Jump")
-My Baby's Foxtrot - Eric Swan (plays in "The Wizard" during the montage of Kramer enjoying Del Boca Vista)
-Scenes from the Twenties - Sam Fonteyn (plays in "The Bottle Deposit" during the montage of Kramer and Newman collecting bottles)
-Sliding Mr. Bones, The - Malcolm Lockyer (plays in "The Mom and Pop Store" as "Next Stop, Pottersville")
-Soldiers in the Park - Lionel Monckton, Cy Payne (plays in "The Wizard" during the montage of Kramer running for condo president)

-Backbeat Snap - Carl Strommen (plays in "The Susie" when George and Kramer attend the ball)

Any others?