Author Topic: Unknown tracks from Kosinus,Atmos,Bruton,Primrose,Chapell,Killer,FirstCom etc  (Read 308 times)


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Big bright Privet for everyone!

Been searching for the tracks from this cult Seria A football feature for ages. Found most of them by listening to aforemented music labels.

If you could help me in identifying the rest of the tracks, I would be more than happy.  You're probably my last hope. No additional info from labels and libraries, no use from shazams, no info from youtube, except from section below the video. Maybe you'll give me some extra hints on my search.

Track 1     corporate  (found)
Track 2       electro
Track 3     ambient
Track 4     hard rock (found)
Track 5     classical/drama  (found)
Track 6     acid jazz (i think)  (found)
Track 7     rock 'n' roll / rockabilly
Track 8     classical/orchestral  (found)   
Track 9     parisian jazz (i suppose), maybe italian ethno  (found)
Track 10     drama/inspirational  (found)         
Track 11     retro pop  (found)
Track 12     fanfare/corporate  (found)
Track 13     rock 'n' roll with brass section
Track 14     country rock with harmonica  (found)
Track 15     80s funky pop rock with corporate vibe
Track 16     drama/inspirational  (found)

Track 17      operatic female voice  (found)
Track 18      sad piano
Track 19      comedy/buffonade  (found)

Tracks 17-19 are shorter.

There are also some very short tracks on match days, ethnos of sort, but I don't expect much on identifying them, it's too difficult: 

7th  (same as 12)
8th  (same as 33) (found)
9th  (found)
12th  (same as 7)
13th  (found)
17th  (found)
23rd  (found)
33rd  (same as 8) (found)
Everything else from the feaure is identified. So if you liked something, just ask.




Part 1   The Most Beautiful Show on Earth
Part 2    The Great Champions and the Most Sensational Goals of the 1996-97 Italian Soccer Season

A SACIS Production   realized by LOGOS TV

Music: BMG Music Library
Directors: Gianni Ubaldo Canale & Roberto Magnini
Screenplay: Paolo Rossi
Production Director:  Franco Rostagno
Camera: Pino Provenzano, Mauro Bazzani
Video Editing: Marco Duretti, Rosanna Galante (for pt 2 also Ciro Maria Capone)
Translation: Giovanni Mineri
Speaker: Christopher Jones
Production Secretary: Imma Del Grosso
Redaction: Luciana Chiapella
Collaborators: Sandro Bizzi, Massimo Quaglia

Maybe the credits will help. The film was made for TV in 1997 or 1998. It was translated in eng, before overdubbing in russian, which can be heard in the video. Therefore, all music must have been released before 1996 (never found any track later), but some labels don't provide info on reissues. So sometimes tracks could be de jure released in 2019 (like this one, de facto - you can hear some tracks from there on my video.

I hope you can help me.

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From what I know, the rights to Kosinus at the time were with Flipper Music (owners of Primrose Music). UPPM didn't start distributing the label in Italy until circa 2012 (that is some years . From what I see, the label still seems to be possible as the documentary used at least one track from a Flipper distributed label (Primrose).

Also, according to a PDF file BMG used to distribute Tele Music in Italy in 2003 (later those rights went to Flipper):

Sakura Notes (who still distributes Kosinus in Japan) still hosts KOS 01, 09-10 albums (and full versions of KOS 12 and 22):
KOS 01: h++ps://www,sakuranotes,jp/Disc1088.html
KOS 09: h++ps://www,sakuranotes,jp/Disc357.html
KOS 10: h++ps://www,sakuranotes,jp/Disc500.html
KOS 12: h++ps://www,sakuranotes,jp/Disc1161.html
KOS 22: h++ps://www,sakuranotes,jp/Disc220.html


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Dunno about historical changes in rights distrubution, but I suggest, that all the labels whose albums had been used for the feature were united under BMG at the time of production. Nowadays all these albums are scattered across different majors. Tracks I've found that still belong to BMG catalogue are on Tele Music. Some on Kosinus, Bruton (APM, Universal), some on Primrose (APM), some on Atmosphere, Match, Killer (Universal), some - Chapell, Chapell Classical, FirstCom (FirstCom & Universal).

Maybe some songs are on Sony Music.


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Track 4 is "Hit Me 1)" from FC-A2 - Intense (1990) and from DPL-MT-213 - Real Live (1989) - FirstCom
Track 9 is "Belles De Paris" from BRS 14 - Jazz / Hot Club (1993) - Bruton
Track 12 is "Gotham City Hero (A)" from CHAP 146 - Night at the Movies, the track has since been renamed as "Ratrace" for whatever reason - Chappell Recorded Music Library

Hope that helps