Author Topic: World-Wide Movie And TV Hits / Broadway Hit Parade (Reader's Digest-1969) WAV  (Read 144 times)


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  • music begins where words leave off...

My eyes were drawn to this double vinyl during a stay in Canterbury (UK) 2 years ago.
I told myself that there were surely beautiful sizes here !

This was indeed the case with in particular interpretations of titles known from cinema, television and Broadway by:
Norman Percival And His Orchestra, Carlo Savina And His Orchestra, London Pops Orchestra, Johnny Gibbs And His Orchestra,
Robert Mandell And His Orchestra With The Mike Sammes Singers, Warren Barker And His Orchestra & many others ...

Dynagroove RCA quality, with a sense of rhythm and a strong orchestration. The Reader's Digest label contains many pearls!
Just discover a beautiful rhythmic part on the title "Born Free".

I'll post later under this thread 2 other Reader's Digest vinyls (RDS 6423 and RDS 6427), which I also found in the sharity store
"Children's Society". Time to separate the titles and work on the tags...

be seeing you...  8]


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Merci beaucoup n6, je vais Úcouter ša avec plaisir!


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Great share, thanks a lot n6.  :)