Author Topic: Cascom Select Effects Library reel stock music ID help  (Read 88 times)


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Cascom Select Effects Library reel stock music ID help
« on: April 26, 2020, 11:45:48 AM »
I'm looking for help in identifying production music cues used in the 1990 Cascom Select Effects Library reel.

The only track I know its name is "Ball of Confusion" by Federico Rapagnetta, Giuseppe Santamaria and Duilio Sorrenti from the Flower Record "Dynamic" album [LEW 0597] (Recently Flipper Music digitally re-released the album as part of Canopo Vintage library [CNP 1080]) - and that's thanks to YouTube's music ID in the video's description. It was used during the SIP III segment (1:12:55-1:16:30). Unfortunately, I'm not sure about Flower Record's US distributor at the time (Audio Action? - they distrbuted Flower's successor Primrose Music until end of 1991). Unfortunately, the user who uploaded the reel has removed the music at 5:45-6:40 and therefore only its remains could be heard during this segment.

From what I know, the tune at 24:46-25:48 was used in ca. 1992-1997/1998 as "Ekspres reporterów" theme on TVP2.
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