Author Topic: Bruno Nicolai « Femmine Insaziabili » (Easy Tempo-ET929CD-1999)(1969)(FLAC)  (Read 260 times)


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  • music begins where words leave off...

I haven't seen it on LMT or on the web for a long time… Here is my CDr copy of Bruno Nicolai « Femmine Insaziabili » Easy Tempo reissued score. It seems that i’ve some problems with meany of my old CDr’s (between 10 and 15 years old).

Especially with the 2 or 1 last tracks, they need too much time to be extracted by XLD. Sometimes aroud 30 minutes or 134 minutes for a 3:14 minutes title ! In fact, it took me over 5 hours to extract the last title (fortunately with good result) !  :) This proves maybe that the cdr’s do not age well…  :-[

Among you, is anyone that have encountered the same problems ?

Back with this score, one of my fave by maestro Bruno Nicolai (one of my favorit composer). A subtle balance between italian melodic lyricism, pop and light bossanova. I posted this years ago on my deceased blog, a comment says that a break were used by DJ Shadow on track 21 "Senza Titolo" !

I saw few days ago a movie scored by Nicolai called « Casa d'appuntamento » from 1972 by Ferdinando Merighi.
My intro theme from this movie (sounds badly for such music, sorry):

has nothing to do with what is to find on Youtube (following link) just the second part (a very good dramatic tense theme) is common.

Maybe because on Youtube it is the german audio version instead mine, who is in french, italian & english audio version.
I recognized the fabulous title « Magico Incontro » from « Tutti I Colori Del Buio » movie score but rearranged differently
with a vocal addition (i guess Edda dell’Orso).

That’s questions me… I was searching on the web about this score, but no answer neither on discogs nor elsewhere about this soundtrack…

Anyway, enjoy Bruno Nicolai, just a fabulous composer & more…

Be seeing you…  :)


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Merci beaucoup n6,

Je n'avais que la version mp3 320 vraisemblablement téléchargée sur ton blog il y bien longtemps.
Superbe score du maestro Nicolai


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Great, thank you very much n6.  :)

Have you tried EAC


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Awesome share. Many thanks, n6!