Author Topic: Michel Legrand - The Picasso Summer (1969 /2014 Intrada first-time issue) (FLAC)  (Read 272 times)


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This was part of a Summer of '42 / The Picasso Summer 2-CD extended release, by Intrada in 2014. The album is out of print and even used super-expensive.

The Picasso Summer is a rather obscure film of which there seems to be not even a poster left, and the score was never issued on LP, hence the newly designed cover from Intrada - I don't like those, but hey, Intrada at at least always shows some taste in their designs.

Password: michellegrand

The film's theme, "Summer Song", has, as it seems, outperformed and outlived the film itself and may be familiar to some, most likely through numerous cover versions. Major-minor mode alteration is always cool to hear, and Legrand's extensive and playful use of harmony has brought us this more than once.

For the other score on the album, Summer of '42 (1971), see here
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