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The In-Store Music Project
« on: April 18, 2020, 09:41:22 PM »
Hey, all, this is a little project idea I came up with, the goal being to document all the library compositions that were used by companies like Seeburg, 3M and the like used for their background music albums (and in the case of 3M, gigantic cassettes they called the "Cantata") designed to provide backing music for businesses. As many of you know, much of the music these companies supplied were either in-house arrangements of well-known tunes or taken from commercial "easy listening" recordings, but a good smattering of library cues were thrown in for good measure. Here's my partial list of what I've (with help of the YouTube Content ID Bot for much of these) identified as being used in these releases, organized by company in "ABC" order. I'm sure some of you might be more familiar with some of these cues as I am.

3M Cantata:
Welcome to Wakiki - Martin Laiser, Stefan Laube (Mozart Edition)

Customusic/Rowe Customusic:
Funky Trumpets - Johnny Edwards (Amphonic)
I Still Remember You - Johnny Edwards (Amphonic)
Three Card Trick - Paul Devereaux (KPM)

S.S. Kresge/K-Mart (all Chappell):
Adios Mexico - Jose Payan/Fred Hartley
African Moon - Robert Stolz
Barbarina - Bruce Campbell
Bicycle Belles - Sidney Torch
Blue Mink - Peter Yorke
Golden Melody - Peter Yorke
Hi-Fi Polka - George Blackmore/Michael Summers/Lou Rogers
Invitation Waltz - Richard Addinsell
Seventh Heaven - Robert Farnon
Swing-Hoe - Robert Farnon

Deliver the Goods - Steve Gray (Amphonic)
Disco Fever - Paul Bernardi (Major/Valentino)
Esquire - Heinz Kiessling (aka "Mr. Lucky") (Briliant Musik/FAN/Harmonic)
Fancy Free - Dom Massaro (Major/Valentino)
Girl About Town - Tony Hatch (Amphonic)
Heart of Gold - Norman Candler (Intersound)
London Line - Tony Hatch (Amphonic)
More and More Love - Walter Murphy (Major/Valentino)
New Life - Hingross (Full Records)
Next Stop L.A. - Alan Hawkshaw (Music DeWolfe)
Saturday About Town - Barry Stoller (Music DeWolfe)
Sunny Monday - Alan Hawkshaw (Music DeWolfe)
The Shuttle - Walter Murphy (Major/Valentino)
Theme for Marilyn - Reg Tillsley (Music DeWolfe)
Touch of Warmth - Barbara Moore (Music DeWolfe)

Any additions will be duly noted, and are genuinely appreciated.
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