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Filmmusik 2000
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German label under Sonoton, based in München, Bayern.
Their only release compiles material from Conroy Recorded Music Library, Sounds of Now and (I think) some works from Sonoton not released on vinyl, with three-digit catalogue numbers, some starting with "B", "A" and. Curiously, some of these cues appear on subsequent releases by Sonoton (CDs and other reissues) as well as commercially released records on Telefunken, Polydor and others.The 7" only has its catalogue number listed in the vinyl runout.

FM 1 - Sample Record (Unverkäufliche Musterplatte) (7" sampler) (undated)

FM 1 - Sammy Burdson (Gerhard Narholz)/Gerhard Narholz/Otto Sieben (Gerhard Narholz)/Harald Winkler/Klaus Köster (Klaus Werker)/Richard Bristol (Michael Naura)/Telemann (no. arr.)/Horst Ramthor/George Callert (Roman W. Zajaczek)/Reg Owen/Alan Lewis (Robert Franchi)/Sam Sklair/Eddie Warner (Warner Blumann)/Archie Gunn (Warner Blumann)/Graham Lyons/Eric Siday