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Vyacheslav Mescherin was one of the first enthusiasts of elecronic music in USSR and his Orchestra of Electromusic Instruments recorded music from 1957 to 1990 (!), about 900 tunes! And now it's real legend of retro!

Mescherin's music was used usually as sound illustrations for hundreds of TV and Radio programs, cartoons etc.
But concerning official releases, this music was considered as not serious and only the little part was released mostly as singles.
The main massive was kept in TV- and radio-archives.

Only nowadays it was restored and the best tunes were released on 2 compilation CDsАнсамбль-Электромузыкальных-Инструментов-Под-Управле/master/181169Ансамбль-Электромузыкальных-Инструментов-Под-Управле/master/181170


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  • music begins where words leave off...
Thank you vslava for your work and these beautiful Soviet nuggets !  8]


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This is something special.
Thank you for sharing.


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Thanks for the upgrade!
I think I downloaded these two from a blog in, what, 2009? Time sure flies!


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Thank you and great work!!