Author Topic: "The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson" - Antenna TV Stock Music  (Read 318 times)


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Here is an incomplete list of stock music tracks that play in the Antenna TV airings of Johnny Carson's Tonight Show, usually coming back from commercial or when the guests enter/leave.  These take the place of Doc Severinsen and his band's music, likely due to copyright issues.

Amphibious Zoo:
-High Heels - Jerry Williams

Anarchy Music:
-The Cruiser - Richard S. Dixon
-Mainstreet Strut - Richard S. Dixon
-Outta Here - Robert B. Honey

Frameworks Music: (all tracks by Patrick Prouty)
-Creole Kings
-Hold Your Man
-Jersey Blues
-Mi Carmelito Alt
-Riviera Swing
-Swing in My Step

Metro Music: (all except Swing Time by Ed Palermo)
-Broadway, Please
-Easy Living
-Eddie's Boogie
-Feelin' Lucky
-Home Base Blues
-Jumpin' Jeans
-Ladies & Gentlemen
-Mambo Cabano
-Starlight Romance
-Swing Time - Thomas Foyer
-The Vamp is Back

V Production Music:
-Brass Blast - Roger Dexter
-Grate to Be Back - Roger Dexter, Dominic Nangle
-Look of Love - Roger Dexter
-Time to Shine - Roger Dexter
-Undefeated - Roger Dexter
-Wheel of Cheese - Roger Dexter, Dominic Nangle

If anybody knows of any more that they use (and there ARE more, I just haven't identified them yet), list 'em here!