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Media Music
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Austrian CD label under Arcadia.
Not to be confused with the US LP label of the same name, under Capitol.

MM-2201 - Hot Sports (Powerplays & Videogames)
MM-2202 - Basic Feelings (Instinct Placement)
MM-2203 - Dance Mania (Rave & Rap in Motion)
MM-2204 - Emotions (Hotlines of the Heart)
MM-2205 - Mega-Techfun (High Spirits of Culture Management)      
MM-2206 - Human Interests (Kids of Today)
MM-2207 - Cyber Space (Communication Machines)
MM-2208 - Brain Games (Mega-Trends & Mega-Trips)
MM-2209 - Heroes for Hire (Bombastic-Phantastic-Romantic)
MM-2210 - Data Base (Log into the Internet)
MM-2211 - Full Tilt (Sword & Conquer Chronicles)
MM-2212 - Show-Down (Performances & Entertainments)
MM-2213 - Cash & Carry (Merchandising Slang)
MM-2214 - Media Biz (Big Deals in Business & Advertising)
MM-2215 - Checkpoint Body (Beauty Styling & Punk Outfit)
MM-2216 - TV Sitcoms (Serial Humour: Highglights of Mega-Fun)
MM-2217 - Disco Judge (Publicity Jungle)
MM-2218 - City Grunge (Law & Order Scenarios)
MM-2219 - Emergency Stickers (Drugs & Junkies: Reality Television)
MM-2220 - War Crafts (Hard & Software Fights)

MM-2201 - Foster Kent (Thomas Mayer-Förster/Peter Kent)/Tom West/Burt Lankil (Wolfgang Kilian)/Ron Rich/Alexander Bestereimer/Eric Stone/Ryszard Szeremeta/Paul Honey/Robert Hafner/Christof Moser/Josef Resl/Jonathan Wales (Alexander Frenslich)/Marc Harrison/Roland Baumgartner/Esaya (????)
MM-2203 - Foster Kent (Thomas Mayer-Förster/Peter Kent)/Eric Stone/Esaya (????)/Ron Rich/Alexander Bestereimer/Paul Honey/Robert Hafner/Christof Moser/Maurice Poirot (Alexander Frenslich)/Josef Resl/Marc Harrison/Burt Lankil (Wolfgang Kilian)/Tom West/Arno Briggman (Arnold Wagenhofer)/Peter Hunt/Jonathan Wales (Alexander Frenslich)
MM-2205 - Foster Kent (Thomas Mayer-Förster/Peter Kent)/Ron Rich/Arno Briggman (Arnold Wagenhofer)/Josef Resl/Jonathan Wales (Alexander Frenslich)/Eric Stone/Klaus Back/Tini BEier/Peter Hunt/Paul Honey/Jim Glass/Robert Hafner/Christof Moser/Maurice Poirot (Alexander Frenslich)/Roland Baumgartner/Ryszard Szeremeta/Alexander Bestereimer
MM-2207 - Foster Kent (Thomas Mayer-Förster/Peter Kent)/Alexander Bestereimer/Ron Rich/Burt Lankil (Wolfgang Kilian)/Loui sReede/Jonathan Wales (Alexander Frenslich)/Harald Winkler/Ambros Seelos/Ryszard Szeremeta/Eric Stone/Paul Honey/Josef Resl/Tom West/Maurice Poirot (Alexander Frenslich)
MM-2211 - Burt Lankil (Wolfgang Kilian)/Foster Kent (Thomas Mayer-Förster/Peter Kent)/Tom West/Robert Hafner/Christof Moser/Roland Baumgartner/Peter Hunt/Alexander Bestereimer/Josef Resl/Eric Stone/Ron Richh/Jonathan Wales (Alexander Frenslich)/Louis Reede/Ryszard Szeremeta/Maurice Poirot (Alexander Frenslich)
MM-2212 - Foster Kent (Thomas Mayer-Förster/Peter Kent)/Paul Honey/Jonathan Wales (Alexander Frenslich)/Roland Baumgartner/Eric Stone/Peter Hunt/Robert Hafner/Christof Moser/Ron Rich/Ryszard Szeremeta/Tom West/Marc Harrison/Jim Glass/Josef Resl/Maurice Poirot (Alexander Frenslich)
MM-2217 - Foster Kent (Thomas Mayer-Förster/Peter Kent)/Eric Stone/Marc Harrison/Jonathan Wales (Alexander Frenslich)/Arno Briggman (Arnold Wagenhofer)/Josef Resl/Ryszard Szeremeta/Roland Baumgartner/Alexander Bestereimer/Ron Rich/Maurice Poirot (Alexander Frenslich)/Paul Honey/Peter Hunt/Tom West
MM-2218 - Foster Kent (Thomas Mayer-Förster/Peter Kent)/Marc Harrison/Burt Lankil (Wolfgang Kilian)/Robert Hafner/Christof Moser/Peter Hunt/Jonathan Wales (Alexander Frenslich)/Ryszard Szeremeta/Roland Baumgartner/Klaus Back/Tini Beier/Josef Resl/Eric Stone/Ron Rich/Maurice Poirot (Alexander Frenslich)/Paul Honey/Tom West
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