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Dirk Schmalenbach
« on: October 08, 2019, 02:19:15 PM »
Below are 3 vinyl recordings from 1987/8 that feature various Wersi instruments which I thought you may like to listen to, (Not the usual Euro sound) along with the LP covers.

The 1st is called Uberduck by Uli & Mike; they use the Wersi MK1 SIII Synth, CX 5 Drum Machine and Multi-Track 16 Midi Sequencer which were released around 1985/6.


The 2nd is called Digital Sound Sensation 2 by Curt Prina, and features the Wersi Spectra Organ. (Part of the CD line launched in 1987)

Digital Sound Sensation 2

The 3rd is called Wersi Special Sounds by Dirk Schmalenbach, and features all instruments in the previous recordings + the EX10/20 Midi Expanders.

Wersi Special Sounds



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Re: Dirk Schmalenbach
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thanks very much, electropianist!!!