Author Topic: Instrumental rock 'n' pop from the 1980s  (Read 370 times)


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Instrumental rock 'n' pop from the 1980s
« on: September 27, 2019, 09:31:49 AM »
Hello everyone.

My first post here, greetings. Now, I've been troubled by a certain number of songs for over three decades now. I was five when I first heard them in this one rally crash compilation VHS called Keep On Rolling 1988, produced by a Finnish production company named Oy Video Style Ab, which seems to have gone bankrupt in the early 1990s. Annoyingly there's absolutely no mention of the music in the credits.

Another Finn has uploaded the video on YouTube, where the YT system has actually identified one the songs in the video, Reaching Out (b) by Richard Myhill. Most of the other songs don't sound anything like this tune, and I haven't found anything like these in his discography so far, so I'm pretty sure they aren't by him.

The songs are mostly guitar oriented, a couple more by piano and/or synthesizer, but there's the drum machine on nearly all the songs (minus the Myhill song) which sounds the same on all of them (a Roland CR-78/TR-808 possibly). I've heard some of the songs in other videos from the same production company, which I've been able to date back to 1985, so the songs must have been recorded earlier.

I've been digging through KPM and Bruton archives for a long time, but I've found absolutely nothing. I've learned that some of KPM isn't yet digitized and a lot of Bruton isn't (at least officially), so I'm asking for your help. Have any of you heard these songs before and if yes, who wrote and recorded them?

There's a sequel to the video called Keep On Rolling 2, which definitely has some KPM music in it (e.g. WOW by Daniel Edwardson), so I believe the songs I'm trying to identify are library music as well.

The link to the YouTube video is below.

Some starting times:
01:00 and 14:30 Guitar rock song #1
02:18 Guitar rock song #2
05:09 and 18:35 Piano song
19:45 Funky song with strange synth melody
25:05 Piano & synth funky ballady song
31:01 Guitar rock song #3
37:25 Reaching Out (b) by Richard Myhill

Sorry for the long post and thank you.
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Re: Instrumental rock 'n' pop from the 1980s
« Reply #1 on: September 27, 2019, 03:14:56 PM »
I don't know any off hand I'm afraid. 


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Re: Instrumental rock 'n' pop from the 1980s
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I think that's either a TR-707 or TR-808, sounds much too modern to be a CR-78.

Nothing I immediately recognize unfortunately, but I'd maybe suggest checking Match Music Library, knowing the place of production. Hapoy hunting!