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Conny/Phon Und Ton Reissues
« on: August 17, 2019, 12:48:58 AM »
I don't know if anyone else here is aware of these, but the other day I found out about a number of compilations of tracks from the German Phon und Ton library, who released a number of library recordings under their own name and under the "Conny" and "Connyland" labels. A number of their tracks were also released by Berry Music in the United Kingdom on Studio One, Programme Production and Conny labels.

It seems the company is still in business, re-issuing their back catalogue on various albums available on various venues, and also available for your listening pleasure on YouTube. Here are links for some of these albums on YT:
Beat Party Power Vol. 1 (The Maurice Pop Orchestra)
Beautiful Instrumentals: Gentle Tunes (Marco de Rimini and His Gentle Sound)
Beautiful Instrumentals: Happy Accordion (The Happy Seven)
Beautiful Instrumentals: In Beverly Hills (The Denny Motion Sound)
Beautiful Instrumentals: On a Cruise (The Dave Rosenholz Orchestra)
Beautiful Instrumentals: Orchestral Fantasies (The Conny Wolf Orchestra)
Beautiful Instrumentals: Soft Guitar (Charley Horneman)
Beautiful Instrumentals: Sounds of the 70s (The Hajo Weimarer Orchestra)
Beautiful Instrumentals: Up and Away (The Ed Sperber Orchestra)
Rhythm Kings of Dixieland (Andy Klinkerstone's Dixie Band)