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New World
« on: February 05, 2018, 01:35:19 AM »
US label distributed by Robert Hall Productions.
No composers listed unless otherwise noted.

W-1/W-2 - Production Music/????
W-5/W-6 - Activators

W-15/W-16 - Production Music

W-23/W-24 - Thematic Music
W-25/W-26 - Production Music
W-25/W-26 - Thematic Music (seemingly a misprinted W-29/W-30)
W-27/W-28 - Production Music
W-29/W-30 - Thematic Music

RH-50/RH-51 - Sound Effects

RH-74/RH-75 - Sound Effects
RH-78/RH-79 - Untitled

W-254/W-255 - Thematic Music
W-256/W-257 - Christmas Music/Harp Moods
W-268/W-269 - Production Music/????
W-270/W-271 - Production Music - © Gene Kauer-Doug Lackey
W-272/W-273 - Production Music
W-274/W-275 - Production Music
W-276/W-277 - Production Music - Don Great
W-278/W-279 - Production Music - Don Great/Dick Hieronymus
W-280/W-281 - Thematic Music - George Small/Paul Jost/Tony Davilio
W-282/W-283 - Thematic Music - Juan Diaz/Paul Jost/Tony Davilio/George Small/Rich Malfitano
W-284/W-285 -
W-286/W-287 - Thematic Music - Vic Szczepanski
W-288/W-289 - Production Music - © by John Danser
W-290/W-291 - Production Music - Bill Loose
W-292/W-293 - Production Music - Bill Loose
W-294/W-295 - Production Music/Percussion - Vic Szczepanski
W-296/W-297 - Production Music - Vic Szczepanski
W-298/W-299 - Production Music
W-300 - Jingles/Commercial Music
W-301 - Commercial Music - Keith Foley/Alan Baumgardner
W-302 - Commercial Music - Keith Foley
W-303 - Commercial Music - Roger Tallman
W-304 - Commercial Music
W-305 - Commercial Music - Roger Tallman

W-404/W-405 - Thematic Music

W-506/W-507 - Sound Effects

Some additional notes:
Quote from: MillionDollars
US label for stock music and sound effects run by Robert C. Hall operating from New York, USA. Since only a handfull of dates were printed on labels, the active time period can be only estimated. Between 1970 till 1984 would be a guess. Possibly in 1976 or 1977 label has modernized it's design and distributed records under the New World label. The catalogue numbers have changed from RH-xxx to W-xxx. In most cases a generic sleeve was used. Many variations and colours are known. Very few of the records have used a full cover with track titles written on a large sticker on the front. Almost every release comes without composers credits. Most of the records have used a separate catalogue number for each side of the record. All these facts make it kind of difficult to write down a discography.

I thought it would be nice to have an overview and try to list the [known] releases (and catalogue numbers) chronologically:

RH-1 to RH-99 - used for non-music and special sound effects

RH-100 to RH-245 - used for stock music named Production Music and Thematic Music mainly

RH-246/RH-247 - first record with the New World label but still using the RH-xxx catalogue number

W-248/W-249 - if this does exist, this would be the first record with New World label using the new W-xxx catalogue number

W-250 to W-299 - used for stock music named Production Music and Thematic Music mainly

W-300 to W-306 - used for stock music named Commercial Music - this is the only known series to use one catalogue number for both sides

W-400 to W-405 - used for stock music named Production Music and Thematic Music

W-500 to W-513 - used for non-music and special sound effects again, W-512/W-513 is the last catalogue number that i have found

Catalogue number deviations:

RH-400/RH-401 makes no sense at all (chronologically this should be on the New World label)

W-5/W6 - named Activators - this does not fit anywhere else

W-25/W26 - stock music - this does not fit anywhere else

Some promorional 7" without catalogue numbers exist.

Information on Robert C. Hall and his label are quite hard to trace and any knowledge about it would be apprechiated. I have corrected every discogs listing and linked to the main Robert Hall Productions label and have added all the ones that were not up there yet but there seem to be a lot of gaps still. I have looked up the place with google street view and there seems to be a fast food/breakfast joint now.
Quote from: Mr

On an incentive by PL (who aptly described it as something of a "phantom" in library history), I did some searching around for this label on the previous forum. Here are my notes:
Robert (C.) Hall Productions
115 West 57th Street, New York, NY 10019
Tel.: 212-LT 1-7191

Formerly at:
309 West 57th Street, New York 19, NY

Library and sound effects label, seemingly aimed primarily or solely at radio stations. First dated mention of the company is in 1959, and the latest dated record is an LP with "© 1982" printed on the label.
Some people on the internet reference various US radio stations having employed jingles by the company, including one mention of a commissioned theme.

The eponymous Robert (C.) Hall, who presumably founded the company, seems to have been in the radio business in the post-war years. He appears listed for some radio productions, and is listed as scoring a radio quiz show in 1946, then based in NJ. Later he seems to have served as program director at Arlington, WA-based radio station WEAM in the mid-50's. In 1965 he is listed as residing at the (115 W 57) company address. There are unfortunately scant details both about the company and Mr. Hall. Perhaps the most plentiful reference to him and his company are from a 1959 appearance at a radio convention, here referenced in two different contemporary magazines:

"Whatever happened to Robert Hall?" indeed!

If the printed copyright notices found on the LPs are to be believed, it seems the copyrights were held by publishers related to the composers, rather than the Robert Hall company themselves for some of the later parts of the LP-issued catalogue.
Entities listed:
Musifex Pub. Corp (ASCAP): RH-104/RH-105, RH-204/RH-205, RH-234/RH-235
Arlington, WA-based publisher, founded by composer Robert E. Velazco (born Emil Robert Velazco, Jr. - 1924-2005). Not listed with composers. Appears on earlier records from the label, pre-"New World". May be more closely related to the label.

New Music Pub. Co. (ASCAP): W-270/W-271
Publishing company managed by Doug Lackey, primarily featuring music by Doug Lackey and Gene Kauer.

Tabby Tunes Music (BMI): W-276/W-277, W-278/W-279
Publishing company presumably founded by Don Great.

Brujo Publishing Inc. (ASCAP): W-280/W-281, W-282/W-283
Publishing company related to Paul Jost, Tony Davilio and George Small.

John Danser & Project 9 Publications (ASCAP): W-288/W-289

May-Loo Music Inc.: W-292/W-293
Publishing entity founded by Bill Loose and Billy(?) May.

Tallman Music N.Y.: W-303
Publisher founded and featuring music by Roger Tallman.

Some side notes:
There is a well-known clothes retailer of the same name (actually "Robert Hall Clothes"), who, confusingly, also had a record output with radio jingles. Some contemporary sources distinguish the two as being unrelated, and I can't find any direct tie (or suit) between the two, either.

(115 W 57):
Probably not relevant, but: c. 1939 this address housed the Metropolitan Musical Bureau, a company related to the Metropolitan Opera.
In 1953, the address housed the League of Composers. In 1955, the adress is listed as housing Golden Rule Enterprises, producers of a "dispensing brush".

(309 W 57):
Again, probably not relevant, but: The 309 address is the last residence of the late Béla Bartók, 1945. Notices from 1952 and 1964 reference the managers of Woody Herman and Rex Allen residing here. A notice 1959 mentions this being the address for Wizard Record Co., an R&B label.

Those were unfortunately all my finds for the time being.
There is no information available on the company online, but there must be some paperwork on either the company or Mr. Hall available somewhere.
(Y)our best course of action, outside of (as mentioned) contacting the still-living composers whose names appear here (Gene Kauer-Doug Lackey, Don Great-Dick Hieronymous, Paul Jost-Tony Davilio-George Small, Vic Szczepanski, John Danser, Bill Loose, Keith Foley-Alan Baumgardner, Roger Tallman), would be to visit some official registry of records to see if any more names, addresses or dates pop up.

As a response to a Dallas address being home to the label (original post lost):
Quote from: Mr
See, now that's just confusing - Dallas, Texas..?
World Broadcasting System, Inc. had their own library imprint, is it possible these are just licensed cues? I see no mention of Hall on these, maybe they were eventually bought up by WBS?

edit: The "New World" brand pops up around either D-768 or D-769. D-767 has "World Broadcasting System, Inc.", Philadelphia/Hollywood.
The name might suggest the Robert Hall "New World" imprint was always under/tied to WBS?

It seems the WBS were bought up by Dallas-based Commercial Recording Corp. in approximately 1966, their offices previously being based in Philadelphia, then moved to Dallas.
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Re: New World
« Reply #1 on: December 05, 2018, 01:53:17 PM »
Ah-h-h-h! This label! On a whim yesterday I decided to download some Robert Hall albums from slsk, and I practically fell in love with it! So many great tracks, too bad we'll likely never find out composer info for most of these releases. The Moog stuff, from what I've heard so far, is especially amazing. Do you think they're all from the same composer?

Personally, I think that,judging from how a lot of the cues I sampled sounded, I think that the start date for these releases is much earlier than 1970, maybe around 1965 or '66? Also, wouldn't be surprised if there are RH-coded releases in the 300s, if there's both a W-400 AND an RH-400/401 album. Maybe the W's and RH's are different sets, the RH's being earlier, judging by the rather bland logo design on those releases? Anyone got a catalogue for this label on them? That might clear some of the mysteries surrounding this label up. Wouldn't be surprised, though, if all the RH 300s and late 200s were disposed of and lost forever (or at least in a warehouse somewhere, never to be released).

Finally, know anything about the World Broadcasting System and CRC Money Maker (love that name!) libraries? All I know is that WBS was on 78 and was distributed by ZIV in the late 50s, according to I'd really like to see images of albums from those labels.


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Re: New World
« Reply #2 on: December 06, 2018, 01:39:01 AM »
Doing some research, it seems WBS was another of those labels which primarily specialized in radio transcriptions. Some of the artists who recorded songs for that label included Mel Torme, Mantovani, and Ted Heath's Orchestra (who, incidentally, also recorded a number of cues for the KPM library). Haven't found any info on their library output, though, aside from what I've seen on Anyone have any other info concerning this label?


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Re: New World
« Reply #3 on: December 11, 2018, 07:31:48 PM »
If this helps:


1 / 2   Sound Effects
3 / 4   Sound Effects
5 / 6   Sound Effects
7 / 8   Sound Effects
24 / 25   
30 / 31   
40 / 41   Sound Effects
42 / 43   Sound Effects
44 / 45   Musical Effects
46 / 47   Sound Effects

64 / 65   Sound Effects
70 / 71   Sound Effects
84 / 85   Sound Effects
86 / 87   Sound Effects
88 / 89   Fun Effects
92 / 93   Fun Effects
100 / 101   Production Music
108 / 109   Production Music
110 / 111   Production Music
202 / 203   
204 / 205   Production Music
206 / 207   Harp Runs
212 / 213   Production Music
220 / 221   Production Music
222 / 223   
224 / 225   Commercial Theme Music
232 / 233   Moog Music
234 / 235   Production Music
238 / 239   Thematic Music
240 / 241   Thematic Music
242 / 243   Thematic Music
244 / 245   
246 / 247   


270 / 271 - 1977
278 / 279 - 1978
282 / 283 - 1977
303 - 1982

1 / 2   Production Music

11 / 12   Production Music
13 / 14   Production Music
17 / 18   Thematic Music
19 / 20   Thematic Music
21 / 22   Thematic Music
23 / 24   Thematic Music
25 / 26   Production Music
27 / 28   Production Music
62 / 63   Sound Effects
70 / 71   Sound Effects
74 / 75   Sound Effects
78 / 79   

402 / 403   Production Music

500 / 501   Sound Effects
508 / 509   Sound Effects
510 / 511   Sound Effects
512 / 513   Sound Effects


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Re: New World
« Reply #4 on: December 12, 2018, 10:04:17 PM »
do you have these on hand Andrew? some of them are unknown to me. would love to see some of the labels...


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Re: New World
« Reply #5 on: December 12, 2018, 10:56:04 PM »
Great list, thanks for sharing it with us!
I'll see if I can compile a separate Robert (C.) Hall Productions list when I have some spare time, I haven't included those in the original post here.


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Re: New World
« Reply #6 on: August 12, 2019, 09:48:04 AM »
got another unknown New World catalogue number. a little strange as the W-catalogue numbers are crossed out, replaced by some RH-numbers which does not make sense at all (see my comment in the discogs listing). such an exhausting search for new numbers. we need more of these!

also love the fact, that the cue Love Bossa Nova seems to have been used for Alan's Steak House. maybe as background music or a local radio spot? would be interesting to know, whether this steak house still exists and if thes still use it  ;D


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Re: New World
« Reply #7 on: August 17, 2019, 09:28:44 PM »
W 9-10 - Production Music
W-262/W-263 - Sammy Fields
W-264/W-265 - Sammy Fields


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Re: New World
« Reply #8 on: September 04, 2019, 06:53:14 AM »
W 9-10 - Production Music
W-262/W-263 - Sammy Fields
W-264/W-265 - Sammy Fields

amazing! would love to see the labels...  ::)


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Re: New World
« Reply #9 on: December 15, 2019, 05:39:07 AM »
US label distributed by Robert Hall Productions.
No composers listed unless otherwise noted.

Brilliant work!!