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Studio One compilation on YouTube
« on: August 05, 2019, 06:59:00 PM »
Hi All,

I have updated my YouTube playlists Now you'll find:
  • still Studio One (lost a lot of tracks, because the"Rescate 137" account has been removed)
  • Europhon
  • Brull/Harmonic (Mood) Music Library (why is this label so rare here?)
  • other
Only a few albums are complete. I tried to find as much as I could. If I missed anything, then please let me know.

Last, but not least, you could help me to identify some unknown tracks (German library and non-library):

Happy discoveries!


   U.H.K. (dksch)

sorry, no FLAC source here - just some YouTube play lists for Studio One 1 to Studio One 44 here:

The description of each playlist contains a hyperlink to the related entry at (in order to see a playlist's description you need to switch to the "complete view" - not sure how to name that view).

Thanks to all YouTube uploaders - esp. "Rescate 137", if any of them are reading this!

You will notice a lot of gaps, but you can help to fill them... ;-)

Don't get confused #1: I had to "borrow" many tracks from some other LPs and re-releases. I cannot always be 100 % sure, but I hope they mostly match.
Don't get confused #2: some playlists contain just 1 entry, but's that's because the video contains a whole LP.

And one more sorry: I don't have any vinyl which I could share - only some old music cassette records (recorded from a local radio station), which I have uploaded to my YouTube channel...

Enjoy nevertheless!


   U.H.K. (dksch)

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