Author Topic: Alessandro Alessandroni Orchestra ‎ A Trip Around The World (1973) [FLAC WEB]  (Read 518 times)


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Masterpiece from Alessandro Alessandroni

The album was recorded and produced in Pero (Milan, Italy), with the famous Italian composer, director, arranger and multi-instrumentalist Alessandro Alessandroni and was first published in 1973.

This is digital version from Qobuz, Deezer and other streaming services.
Why this version so bad?

On the release of the publication, an automatic declicker was applied, which, together with the vinyl clicks, also deleted important components (attacks) of percussions and synthesizers. The sound is not as bright as old 320 kilobits MP3 version

[FLAC WEB] hxxps://!h1hFFC4T!oQSx7WBiJ0_HdvtKqedmVg

[old MP3 320 RIP] hxxps://!Ato33CQR!vJt6yMWw6n5EVhdNXU9-2w

I will note, since this flac web rip can be heard through any service, I put the link for an active week.
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Mp3 version much better, thanks for sharing.

Your Pal Doug

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I didn't have this & I also went for the MP3 version.
Thanks from me as well Neowave!


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Much appreciated for the actual audio with your valuable insight.