Author Topic: [Edimerc] - EC 0112 - Orch. G. Gagliano - Musiche Varie Di Autori Contemporanei  (Read 795 times)


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Hi guys, long time I don't share anything.
Had a tough period lately, and unfortunately now I also have a problem with my health, laying in a bad waiting for a surgery.
A nasty and very painful herniate disc don't even let me walk.
So, being far from my new house and all my hard drives and computers, I managed to borrow some equipment from a friend.
And with surprise, I found out I had uploaded some records to share, long time ago, and they're still there on my Mega account.
I really don't remember where I got them from, but they're tagged "new" or "upgrades" at least, so I hope they could be kind of new listen for some of you too.

The first one I'm gonna share is this beautiful, calm and relaxing record, with musics from Savina, Gagliano, Napoli, Pagano, Giga.
Conducted and played by Giuseppe Gagliano and his Orchestra.

Ok, no more words, let's just dive into the music.
Enjoy. FLAC

[Edimerc] - EC 0112 - Orchestra Giuseppe Gagliano - Musiche Varie Di Autori Contemporanei (1973)!LcYSDIbS!wEaw8I5wZePDpbYhtw7tHiV-22ciVizRLQDSdICjtpk
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Thanks and Get Well Soon!


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I understand that you must be in pain as you're writing this ...and still you find the time and energy to offer us a nice new title...we hungry little birds...
Thank you Greta for this excellent new Edimerc...wishing you well with this calm and relaxed new music immersion...


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I'm sorry, Greta, I hope you feel better soon.

And thank you so much for this wonderful Edimerc, calm and relaxing indeed. It's new for me.


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Best wishes for a speedy recovery.

Thanks for the nice share :)


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Been there, Greta, and music is one of the best therapies to not lose the perspective
thank you as always and my best wishes to you


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Thanks for the record and most importantly get well soon <3


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     Thank you, G.!


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Thanks for sharing this, Greta, and get well soon!


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Best wishes from me too Greta. Thank you very much  :)

Di Granti

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Best whishes Greta!! Thank you so much
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Thank you Greta!
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Thank you very much Greta!
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