Author Topic: "Syntrax" (old disappeared ExtremeMusic label) - Tracks by 'Joshua Goldberg'?  (Read 114 times)


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Does anyone know about/have any tracks by "Joshua Goldberg" (alias for Thomas Bergersen) from a catalog called "Syntrax" that was once represented by ExtremeMusic but has disappeared since a few years?

I only learned about the existence of this catalog a few months ago and as a huge Thomas Bergersen fan it's hard to accept about 60 of his tracks as lost! 
I learned about it too late apparently... I'm not sure for how long it is gone from Extreme, but definitely a few years. The tracks by Thomas' alias are from about around 2003 - 2007 I think.

There are a few "Joshua Goldberg" tracks on ExtremeMusic still, but those are from the label "Directors Cuts" and only 9. There are still about 60 other "Joshua Goldberg" tracks from that other catalog that are no longer there.

Here is a list of the tracks via the ASCAP repertory.

I would be very happy about any leads or if someone happens to have the tracks or has an idea about traces that could lead to them... or may know someone who has them.

Many thanks!