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Thanks a lot, vslava! Seems like a nice one. Thanks for giving me the chance to hear it in lossless! :D

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Hmmm... I"m trying to guess the plot of the film based on this LP cover.

I'm guessing The Chain Reaction is some kind of Appalachian Redneck Thriller about what happens at the Family Reunion when Uncle Floyd eats too many extra-spicy chiggen wings, guzzles too much beer, and then asks some unwitting nephew to pull his finger. "FIRE IN THE HOLE!"

Let's take inventory and see if I"m correct, shall we?

One half-dressed, redneck-looking dude with a shotgun and glassy eyes. Guns and alcohol go together like Hillbillies and missing teeth. Or Fourth of July Fireworks and 3rd Degree Burns. Ah, good times  8]

One femme fatale wearing a leopard print dress.


A fast car. Mixes well with alcohol and shotguns.

Another, lesser Beta-male. Could be the younger brother, aka Billy Bob. He'll die tragically by film's end. OR, he's competition for Leopard Girl's affections, in which case he'll still wind up dead.


One group of ominous-looking dudes wearing hazmat suits and carrying ray guns. They could be Revenuers come to break up Cousin Ezekiel's illegal whiskey still. 

Or, they could just be Devo, getting ready for a concert. "Are we not men? We are DEVO!"


I'll let the facts speak for themselves   ;D

ps - thanks Vslava, for the soundtrack ;)
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