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NWA Wrestling Music 1985 - 1987 - Bounty / Rewards
« on: May 17, 2019, 10:05:49 AM »
I have now finished adding information on my site from 1985 to end of 1987.

I am offering a bounty / monetry reward to identify any of the unknown tracks, ranging from 5 - 20 per track.

The known libraries that have been used between 1985-1987 are below. The tracks could be from these libraries or others around the time:
Boosey & Hawkes
Bruton Music
Chappell Recorded Music Library
Coloursound Library
De Wolfe Music
Emil Ascher, Inc.
Hudson Music Company
KPM Music
Major Records / Valentino
Match Music Library
Network Music
NFL Film Music
Rouge Music
Tele Music
Themes International

Libraries which they used later on vinyl (or possibly same time and thats why I can't find them):

Below are the indivial links to each track along with their bounty / reward. I have also noted the rewards in the tags on each page.

You can view all those below on

Italics: Confirmed and possible custom tracks without information

UNK-1 - 5th Jan, '85 (JCP World Wide Wrestling; JCP Replay) (used from 1978) 15
UNK-6 - 15th Jun, '85 (Kimala) 5
UNK-8 - 13th Jul, '85 (Promo - NWA Starrcade '84 - Dusty Rhodes...) 5

UNK-10 - 11th Jan, '86 (Tully Blanchard; Promo - JCP World Telev...) 10
UNK-11 - 10th May, '86 (Promo - JCP T-Shirts) 5
UNK-12 - 7th Jun, '86 (JCP World Wide Wrestling; JCP Replay) 20
UNK-13 - 7th Jun, '86 (JCP Pro Wrestling; JCP Replay) 20
UNK-14 - 14th Jun, '86 (JCP World Wide Wrestling; JCP Replay) 20
UNK-15 - 14th Jun, '86 (JCP Pro Wrestling; JCP Replay) 20
UNK-16 - 18th Aug, '86 (JCP The Great American Bash '86 - Closin...) 10
UNK-17 - 15th Sep, '86 (JCP Pro Wrestling; JCP Replay) 20

UNK-18 - 24th Jan, '87 (JCP Pro Wrestling; JCP Replay) 20
UNK-19 - 16th May, '87 (Promo - Limited Edition Cups) 5
UNK-21 - 13th Jun, '87 (JCP The Great American Bash '87 - The Wa...) 5
UNK-22 - 4th Jul, '87 (Promo - Steve Williams) 5
UNK-23 - 19th Sep, '87 (Four Horsemen; Ric Flair) 20
UNK-24 - 17th Oct, '87 (Hiro Matsuda) 5
UNK-25 - 24th Oct, '87 (Promo - The Danger Zone Video) 5
UNK-26 - 14th Nov, '87 (Promo - Spam Slam of the Week) 5

Any help with these is very much appreciated, I will pay for any finds. Excluding those I think are custom, there is 100 up for grabs (to date).
More information on each track is on each link, with information on dates of usage, sample and tracks used around the date (up to end of 1987).

Also Porn Library and Retronic, as you have both helped me with finds in the past, contact me and I'll gladly you send you some money for your help. I'd hate to exclude you for this.
*Admins: I have created a new post from my previous 7th March post due to the amount of new recordings and information and a reward system, if this is not allowed please let me know*
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