Author Topic: Gatchaman/Battle of the Planets mystery cues  (Read 128 times)

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Gatchaman/Battle of the Planets mystery cues
« on: April 21, 2019, 10:38:23 AM »
Hi everyone,

This is my first post on the forum, so I hope I'm placing this in the correct section. I have been searching for a couple pieces of music that I believe are from library sources. Hopefully someone here can help.

The pieces were used in a Japanese cartoon called Science Ninja Team Gatchaman (subsequently known around the world as Battle of the Planets). For many years much of the "extra" background music material was a mystery, until some fans in Japan finally recognized a few selections from the Montparnasse library. As such, most of those have been identified.

However, in one episode a couple of funky rock tracks were included and they have escaped identification so far. Here are links to their appearances in Battle of the Planets (which I'm linking to since Gatchaman episodes aren't online):

Through to about 4:37. The lead singer's voice was added, there were no vocals on the original

Through to about 14:14. The drumming at the very beginning may have been added and the lead singer was dubbed on again

The episode these both appeared in originally aired on July 8, 1973 in Japan, so the music has to date from before then.

When the production used Montparnasse pieces, the music editor indicated their usage in scripts with a handwritten "MP," "M-Montparnasse" or similar designation. Sometimes he even wrote "Monpa 5" or "Monpa 2020" indicating the exact LPs, along with the track numbers. Once the meaning of the "MP" was cracked, it made finding the rest of those tracks pretty straightforward.

However, the two pieces I'm wondering about both had "KM" designations written in. It was the music editor's shorthand for another source. The only music library of any size from that time I could find close to "KM" was KPM. It's the best lead I have.

In the original script, the pieces were marked as "KM No.1" and "KM No. 2." They were also given the respective cue numbers M-12 and M-13. At one point the first track's cue was listed as "M-12 T-2" which may indicate it was the second track from its source LP. None of the original music recordings done for the series were marked like this. Another reason I think the mystery tracks are from a library source.

I've listened through countless KPM and even a number of Keith Mansfield ("KM") LPs hoping to locate the tracks. So far though - nothing. I've heard some Alan Hawkshaw tracks that sound similar, but I have no real idea.

If anyone on here recognizes them or can steer me in another direction to look, I'd be very grateful.