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Re: In memoriam
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A few more recent passings:
Lee Konitz (October 13th, 1927-April 15th, 2020) was an important figure of cool jazz - and like so many others, he had a brief stint in library.
A session with Giovanni Tommaso's group during one of his trips to Rome in the fall of '68 ended up as a library record on the Italian RCA, "Musiche di genere e di maniera 6".
Read: Obituary

Gilbert Sigrist (February, 1938-May 2nd, 2020) may be less of a household name, but the jazz pianist perhaps better known for his long-standing collaboration with Gilbert Bécaud also co-wrote material with Jean-Jacques Perrey for two of his iconic releases, "Moog Mig Mag Moog" and "Dynamoog".
Read: Obituary (French)

Phil May, vocalist of the Pretty Things - and the Electric Banana, of course - left us on May 15th. RIP.
Read: Obituary

Prolific session guitarist and occasional library composer Bob Kulick,  left us on May 29th.
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Re: In memoriam
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Unfortunately, today 06.07.2020 Ennio Morricone left this physical world, but his music is forever ....