Author Topic: Hi everyone, im new member searching for dope rare loops & samples, thanks  (Read 1016 times)


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hi , i m looking for unused samples and loops, i m beatmaker and i look for music thats sounds like great gemz to make hip hop boom bap beats, i already found great gemz in Bruton, Library Music, KPM, and all kind of music library like these one that i explored, i already found great gemz in Italian Music where i looking offen and where i explored most of the full catalogues about 60s, 70s, 80s Soundtracks that i could found and of course i found great gemz in soul & jazz music, japnese comics anime music so now i m looking for new stuff that i dont know, im not saying i know all the soul music or all italian music and shit but u know when you look for that u get blogs where they have the same music and i m tired about that , thats how i came here lol
so if u think u have some music and rares gemz not already sampled, your help will be really appreciate and i thank you

by away there is some links here that can interest
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