Author Topic: Ole & Charlotte Georg's movie "På’en igen Amalie" Music by Ib Glindemann  (Read 528 times)


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I mentioned this movie when I found out Ib Glindemann passed away a while back. This is the movie Ole and his wife Charlotte wrote the screenplay and Glindemann composed the soundtrack. I finally found on vimeo if anyone is interested. Even though I can't understand Danish, This partial description from the only review on IMDB may help.

"The plot is as follows: The crazy old title-character Amalie (played by 1940s diva Marguerite Viby in her final screen-performance, marking her swansong) jumps into the harbor, while trying to save another old lady's life. The other woman dies, but because some random guy sitting on a bench (amusingly portrayed by the otherwise unknown Bent Stolzer) accidentally swaps their purses, everybody thinks it was Amalie who had died, and even hold her funeral while she's recuperating at the hospital, but when her roommate Alvilda (Karen Lykkehus) is about to make hard decisions about Amalie's estate, she suddenly comes back from the hospital.. and craziness ensues.

Since the death-certificate for some wacky reason cannot be changed back, Amalie is officially deemed dead, and has free reigns to do whatever she wants - because it's impossible to punish a dead person! How hilarious! Brilliant stuff! I'm afraid this movie might be the reason why Preben Kaas quit directing, and went back into the acting business again, which was a good decision. Both script-writers never wrote another movie again, fortunately."

Here's the link if you're interested and if anyone knows if the theme is part of any of the Capitol Media Music/Hi-Q albums, I would love to know. Enjoy!