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American label founded by Bernard Rubinstein, under MusiCues Corporation, a division of Cue Recordings, Inc., who also served as prez of the company. Milton Kaye was gen. manager for the company. Besides releasing library material, they were also a distributor, and they distributed Chappell and Sonaura, plus KPM and Impress. There are two albums indexed on Discogs, and I'm not sure if they're from the same company or not, but both(?) companies were located in NY according to info on the back covers of both. Maybe if they were one and the same, they moved? Any additional info is appreciated.

MC-11686R: Musique Electronique du Cosmos (Electronic Music from Outer Space), all tracks written and performed by Jean-Jacques Perrey (licensed?) (1962) (DATE UNCONFIRMED)

GB 100: Industrial Fantasy/Aural Galaxy, all tracks written by J. Gary Burke. (1980)
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Re: MusiCues
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Some additional info -
This was a New York-based label under Musicues Corporation (est. 1964), also known as Music Cues, Inc., a division of Cue Recordings, Inc. They seemingly served as a a music consultation/supervision/recording/editing/duplication business, but notably were the only distributor for Chappell's catalogue (incl. Sonaura) in the US - a fact sure to accompany nearly every mention of MusiCues. They also seem to have distributed other British labels, including KPM and Impress/JW Theme Music.

A few names:
The company was founded by Bernard Rubinstein (no, not that Bernard Rubenstein), who also co-founded Cue Recordings, Inc. with Mel Kaiser, the latter co. being more focused on sound effects.
Rubinstein served as president of MusiCues, with Kaiser serving as VP. Cues from both Rubinstein and Kaiser can be found in the Chappell C./LPC catalogue, incidentally.
Milton B. Kaye, the former manager of the RCA Thesaurus library, served as general manager of MusiCues Corp. from 1970 onwards.

- I'd take the cat.# and especially the date of the first LP with a pinch of salt unless specifically indicated on the labels. I really doubt its release predates the company's founding.
It's not unlikely this 1980 LP is their only one in this 100-run, as the company seems to have closed down in the early 80's.

Also, not to be confused with the homophonous Musi-Ques.

Some miscellania:

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Re: MusiCues
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Sincere thanks for all that information, Mr!