Author Topic: Alessandro Alessandroni / Giovanni Tommaso ‎ Open Air Parade [SR Records]  (Read 2266 times)


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haha sorry i know i'm not a stupid...:-D i've used this link but when you try to open i see an error because his extension is 7z and not zip or rar...not possible to change after.

7z is a type of compression file format, like zip or rar. There are several programs that will open 7z files. I use Keka for all of them.
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Finally a good reply! Thanks bro!  8]

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I never met a Sermi that I didn't like and before today, I didn't have this rip in any format. Thank you, Cratedigga :)

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Yet another piece of the Alessandroni puzzle falls into place - thanks so much for sharing this!


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Thanks for the lossless Crate...really appreciated...