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Phon und Ton
« on: November 02, 2018, 11:56:35 PM »

German label under Schallplatten-KG Phon und Ton and Discant Musik-Edition, based in München, Bayern.

LPs, "Municum-Serie":
EL-PEE 1001 Pho - On the Way Home - Charly Horneman Guitar Sound
EL-PEE 1002 Pho - My Friend the Horn - Gabor Kristof & His Funky Flugelhorn
EL-PEE 1003 Pho - Ora d'amore - The New Symphonics
EL-PEE 1004 Pho - Flowers - The Ray Wyngate Orchestra
EL-PEE 1005 Pho - Concrete Abstractness - Denny Motion Sound Mixers
EL-PEE 1006 Pho - Danke-schön (Thanks for Listening!) - The Ed Sperber Orchestra
EL-PEE 1007 Pho -
EL-PEE 1008 Pho -
EL-PEE 1009 Pho - Where Are the Horizons - Le Charoudi Sound Project
EL-PEE 1010 Pho - Magic Land - Denny Motion Sound
EL-PEE 1011 Pho - The Horn Is Born - Gabor Kristof and His Flugelhorn
EL-PEE 1012 Pho - Fingerprints - Rudy Redl

PTCD 010 Pho - Instrumental Panorama Vol. 1 - The New Symphonics/Charly Horneman/Rudy's Ragtime Club/Ray Wyngate & His Pan-Atlantic Strings/Le Charoudi Sound Project/Gabor Kristof & His Flugelhorn/The Ed Sperber Orchestra lead by Benny Gebauer/Rudy Redl (Piano) & the Trust/Denny Motion Sound/Ray Wyngate/Gabor Kristof & His Funky Flugelhorn/Andy Klinkerstone's Dixie-Band/Rudy Redl (Piano) & His Frame/Die Begleitungs-Industrie
PTCD 011 Pho - Instrumental Panorama Vol. 2 - The Notators/Dave Landauer Guitar Sound/The New Symphonics/Rudy's Ragtime Club/Charly Horneman/Die Begleitungs-Industrie/Gabor Kristof/Mirko Delmonte/Rudy Redl & the Workshop Gang/Ray Wyngate/The Ed Sperber Orchestra/Rudy's Ragtime Club/Rudy Redl & His Frame/The Conny Wolf Orchestra
PTCD 012 Pho - Highlight Time - Charly Horneman
PTCD 013 Pho - Instrumental Panorama Vol. 3 - The Notators/Charly Horneman + Band/Denny Motion Sound/The Maurice Pop Orchestra/Gabor Kristof and His Flugelhorn/The Michael Freeliner Orchestra/The New Symphonics/The Greenhorns/Rudy Redl and His Frame/The Hajo Weimarer Orchestra/Dave Landauer Guitar Sound/Alexander's Freetime Band/Rudy Redl and His Workshop Gang/The Billy Gorlt Orchestra/The Charoudi Sound Project
PTCD 014 Pho -
PTCD 015 Pho - It's Time for Ragtime - Rudy's Ragtime-Club/Rudy Redl and His Workshop Gang
PTCD 016 Pho -
PTCD 017 Pho -
PTCD 018 Pho -
PTCD 019 Pho - Instrumental Panorama Vol. 4 - Gabor Kristof, Flugelhorn, & Band/The Ed Sperber Orchestra/Andy Klinkerstone's Dixie-Band/Rudy Redl, Piano, & the Trust/The Billy Gorlt Orchestra/The Notators/The Real Philharmonix/The Hajo Weimarer Orchestra/The Trust/Rudy Redl & His Piano Collection/Felice Civitareale, Trpt., & Orch./Rudy Redl, Piano, & the Workshop Gang
PTCD 020 Pho -
PTCD 021 Pho - Acoustic Passion - Klaus Weiland
PTCD 022 Pho -
PTCD 023 Pho - Twister Road - Klaus Brendel

EL-PEE 1001 Pho -
EL-PEE 1002 Pho - Gabor Kristof/Rolf Steinfelder (Gerhard Narholz)/Sylvester Levai/Frank Duval (Uwe Patz)/Konrad Wolf/Mac Prindy (Gerhard Narholz)
EL-PEE 1003 Pho -
EL-PEE 1004 Pho -
EL-PEE 1005 Pho - Mac Prindy (Gerhard Narholz)/Konrad Wolf/Jeff Hasky (Harald Winkler-Rauter)/Günther Birner/Norman Werder (Konrad Wolf)/Denny Motion (Harald Winkler-Rauter)/Ronald Sekura (Konrad Wolf)/Walt Rockman (Gerhard Narholz)/Klaus Fischer (Konrad Wolf)/Wolfgang Kaltenbach (Heide Pehofer)
EL-PEE 1006 Pho - Benny Gebauer/Konrad Wolf/Mac Prindy (Gerhard Narholz)/Ed Sperber/Ronald Sekura (Konrad Wolf)/Joe Meiling (Benny Gebauer)/Klaus Fischer (Konrad Wolf)/Rolf Steinfelder (Gerhard Narholz)/Jacques Romain (Benny Gebauer)/Peter Strugg (Roman W. Zajaczek)/Wolfgang Kaltenbach (Heide Pehofer)
EL-PEE 1007 Pho -
EL-PEE 1008 Pho -
EL-PEE 1009 Pho - Rudy Redl/Konrad Wolf/Charly Horneman/Mac Prindy (Gerhard Narholz)/Jeremy Durrell (Charly Horneman)/Walt Rockman (Gerhard Narholz)/Ronald Sekura (Konrad Wolf)/Wolfgang Kaltenbach (Heide Pehofer)/Klaus Fischer (Konrad Wolf)
EL-PEE 1010 Pho -
EL-PEE 1011 Pho - Klaus Doldinger/Konrad Wolf/Gabor Kristof/Frieder Berlin/Jim Harbourg (Gerhard Narholz)/Mac Prindy (Gerhard Narholz)/Klaus Fischer (Konrad Wolf)/Sylvester Levay/Laszlo Bencker (Laszlo Boros)
EL-PEE 1012 Pho - Rudy Redl/Anton Faman (Rudy Redl)/Elias Lewer (Konrad Wolf)/Jeremy Durrell (Charly Horneman)/Jan Dives (Rudy Redl)/Rolf Steinfelder (Gerhard Narholz)

PTCD 010 Pho - Harald Winkler-Rauter/Konrad Wolf/Rudy Redl/Antonio Scorsi (Roman W. Zajaczek)/Ronald Sekura (Konrad Wolf)/Friedel Berlin/Klaus Doldinger/Francisco Vernaza (Bernd Steffanowski)/Mac Prindy (Gerhard Narholz)/Hans-Egon Häusser/Klaus Fischer (Konrad Wolf)/Rolf Steinfelder (Gerhard Narholz)/Ted Rideout (Helmuth Brandenburg)/Günther Birner/Franco Taormina
PTCD 011 Pho - Elias Lewer (Konrad Wolf)/David Landauer (Bernd Voss)/Ray Wyngate (Bernd Steffanowski)/Harald Winkler-Rauter/Konrad Wolf/Charly Horneman/Walt Rockman (Gerhard Narholz)/Hans Thomas-Mindnich/Leslie Mandoki/Laszlo Bencker (Laszlo Boros)/Mirko Lostak/Rolf Steinfelder (Gerhard Narholz)/Benny Gebauer/Walter Genthin (Fred Armbrüster)/Jim Harbourg (Gerhard Narholz)/Anton Faman (Rudy Redl)/Hendric Haydegg (Claudius Cojocar)
PTCD 012 Pho -
PTCD 013 Pho - Harald Winkler-Rauter/Konrad Wolf/Wolfgang Kaltenbach (Heide Pehofer)/Walter Franz/Ronald Sekura (Konrad Wolf)/Michael Freeliner (Michael Stenz)/Klaus Doldinger/Cora Brixham (Werner von Overheidt)/Frank Duval (Uwe Patz)/Jim Harbourg (Gerhard Narholz)/Hajo Weimarer (Konrad Wolf)/David Landauer (Bernd Voss)/Francisco Vernaza (Bernd Steffanowski)/Günther Birner/Anton Faman (Rudy Redl)/Billy Gorlt/Sammy Burdson (Gerhard Narholz)/Klaus Fischer (Konrad Wolf)
PTCD 014 Pho -
PTCD 015 Pho - Konrad Wolf/Joplin arr. Rudy Redl/Jeremy Durrell (Charly Horneman)/Jim Esborn (Karlheinz Krupp)/Ronald Sekura (Konrad Wolf)/Rudy Redl/Walter Genthin (Fred Armbrüster)/Peter Strugg (Roman W. Zajaczek)/Charly Horneman/Hans-Egon Häusser/Elias Lewer (Konrad Wolf)/Klaus Fischer (Konrad Wolf)/Anton Faman (Rudy Redl)
PTCD 016 Pho -
PTCD 017 Pho -
PTCD 018 Pho -
PTCD 019 Pho - Gabor Kristof/Klaus Fischer (Konrad Wolf)/Terence Yucca (Helmuth Brandenburg)/Rudy Redl/Jan Schneeberg (Heide Pehofer)/Harald Winkler-Rauter/Geoff Bastow/Norman Werder (Konrad Wolf)/Konrad Wolf/Mac Prindy (Gerhard Narholz)
PTCD 020 Pho -
PTCD 021 Pho -
PTCD 022 Pho -
PTCD 023 Pho -


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Re: Phon und Ton
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This label appears to have a connection with Conny/Connyland Records.