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Capitol Production Music Hi-"Q" Series
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Top of vinyl label and reel-to-reel box.

Some quick notes on the labelling system, courtesy of YPD:
Quote from: YourPalDoug
Reel Number categories
"L" Light
"M" Melodic
"D" Dramatic
"S" Short Cue
"X" Specialized

Track Number letters do usually have the same composers
TC Loose-Seely
ZR George or sometimes Geordie Hormel
L or C could be William Loose, Spencer Moore
SF Sam Fox library (any Sam Fox composer)
EM or PG or UP Philip Green
GM Ib Glindemann
There's more, but generally each composer has a Library Number (or track number)

some more:
Quote from: Mr
AM - Erik Markman
BM - Tom Elliot
C - Bill Loose
CM - Neil Amsterdam
DM - Erik Markman
EM - Phil Green
FM - Henrik Nielsen
GM - Ib Glindemann
HM - Jan Kimberly
IM - Jack Mayborn
JB - Jack Cookerly-Bill Loose
JM - Bent Myggen
L -
LM - S. Moore
MP - Macao Yagui
OM - Bent Sten, Thomas Clausen, Roger Webb, others? (Ole Georg Music?)
PG - Phil Green?
PM - Roger Webb, others?
QM - Jacques Siroul, others?
RM - Christer Norden
SF - various, Sam Fox (publisher)
SM - Robert Ascot
TC - Bill Loose, Paul Ruhland?
UM - Peter Vanderlohren
VM - Don Kirsten

The following listing has been compiled from high-res photos I've found of vinyl labels and non-generic sleeves in this series, mostly from eBay listings and flickr user onlinepharmacy. I originally took a look at the vinyl labels and thought "well, what info is there here?"; in many cases, the vinyl releases have no information on writer/year, etc. Most reels also don't have a listed title. In the list, I've added what information was present on the vinyl or reel-to-reel tape box.
Quickly explained:
Reel number A-side/Reel Number B-side
Catalogue number A-side/Catalogue number B-side (not present on all releases)
(Composer) (not present on all releases.) (This information could, however, be added from a catalogue, or elaborated from the track number letters.)
Publisher (not present on all releases)
Track numbers A-side/Track numbers B-side (Letter prefix-Number)

Reel M-61/Reel M-62
(Ib Glindemann)
Beachwood Music BMI
GM-227 to GM-232/GM-233 to GM-238

Oh, and a quick note on the letter suffixes; Here, the release number with suffixes tends to appear as
etc. Note how the A track appears after the initial 124 track, and as a separate track. "AA-124 to AA-124B" in other words means 124, 124A, 124B.

D: Dramatic
Reel D-1/Reel D-2
L-1, L-2 to L-2A, L-3, L-4 to L-4A, L-5 to L-6/L7 to L-10, L-11 to L-11A, L-12 to L-14

Reel D-3/Reel D-4
TC-62 to TC-70/TC-223, TC-71, TC-209, TC-208, TC-73, TC-207, TC-74, TC-75

Reel D-5/Reel D-6
TC-213, TC-53 to TC-61/TC-46, TC-49 to TC-52, TC-214, TC-216, TC-216A to TC-216C

Reel D-7/Reel D-8
TC-76 to TC-79, TC-222 to TC-222A, TC-1 to TC-3/TC-4, TC-218 to TC-218B, TC-220 to TC-220A, TC-221 to TC-221A

Reel D-9/Reel D-10
L-15 to L-17, L-18 to L-18A, L-19/L-20 to L-26

Reel D-11/Reel D-12
L-27 to L-29, L-26A, L-30 to L-30A/L-31 to L-36, L-37 to L-37A

Reel D-13/Reel D-14

Reel D-15/Reel D-16
L-38 to L-44/L-45 to L-50

Reel D-17/Reel D-18
L-51 to L-51A. L-52 to L-52/L-55 to L-55A, L-56 to L-56A, L-57 to L-58

Reel D-19/Reel D-20
TC-5 to TC-13/TC-14 to TC-15, TC-215 to TC-215A, TC-219 to TC-219A, TC-217 to TC-217A

Reel D-21/Reel D-22
L-59 to L-60, L-61 to L-61A, L-62 to L-62A, L-63/L-64 to L-68

Reel D-23/Reel D-24
L-653, L-648, L-657, L-642, L-641, L-660, L-685, L-682/L-824, L-1203, L-1216, L-1204, L-1200, L-1215, L-1214

Reel D-25/Reel D-26

Reel D-27/Reel D-28
SF-77 to SF-84/SF-85 to SF-91

Reel D-29/Reel D-30

Reel D-31/Reel D-32

Reel D-33/Reel D-34

Reel D-35/Reel D-36

Reel D-37/Reel D-38

Reel D-39/Reel D-40

Reel D-41/Reel D-42

Reel D-43/Reel D-44

Reel D-45/Reel D-46

Reel D-47/Reel D-48

Reel D-49/Reel D-50
(Nelson Riddle)
Brilliant Pub BMI
JB-469 to JB-482/JB-483 to JB-489

Reel D-51/Reel D-52

Reel D-53/Reel D-54

Reel D-55/Reel D-56

Reel D-57/Reel D-58

Reel D-59/Reel D-60

Reel D-61/Reel D-62
SF-2032 to SF-2035/SF-2036 to SF-2039

Reel D-63/Reel D-64
FM 268 to FM-272/FM-273 to FM-279

Reel D-65/Reel D-66
(Don Kirsten)
VM-321 to VM-349/VM-359 to VM-367

Reel D-67/Reel D-68

Reel D-69/Reel D-70

Reel D-71/Reel D-72

Reel D-73/Reel D-74

Reel D-75/Reel D-76

Reel D-77/Reel D-78

Reel D-79/Reel D-80

Reel D-81/Reel D-82

Reel D-83/Reel D-84

Reel D-85/Reel D-86

Reel D-87/Reel D-88

Reel D-89/Reel D-90

Reel D-91/Reel D-92
(Dan Kirsten)
Dollhouse Music KODA/BMI
VM-378 to VM-385/VM-386 to VM-393

Reel D-93/Reel D-94
SF-1043 to SF-1044, SF-1045 to SF-1045B, SF-1046 to SF-1046B, SF-1047/SF-2007 to SF-2010, SF-636 to SF-636D

Reel D-95/Reel D-96
UP-172 to UP-183/UP-184 to UP-195

Reel D-97/Reel D-98
UP-196 to UP-207/UP-208 to UP-219

Reel D-99/Reel D-100
UP-220 to UP-231/UP-232 to UP-243

Reel D-101/Reel D-102
UP-244 to UP-255/UP-256 to UP-267

Reel D-103/Reel D-104
UP-268 to UP-279/UP-280 to UP-291

Reel D-105/Reel D-106

Reel D-107/Reel D-108
MR-400 to MR-402, MR-405 to MR-409/MR-411, MR-413 to MR-417, MR-443, MR-444

Reel D-109/Reel D-110

Reel D-111/Reel D-112
GM-407 to GM-415/GM-416 to GM-423

Reel D-113/Reel D-114

Reel D-115/Reel D-116

Reel D-117/Reel D-118
GM-521 to GM-527/GM-528 to GM-534

Reel D-119/Reel D-120

Reel D-121/Reel D-122

Reel D-123/Reel D-124
GM-397 to GM-401/GM-402 to GM-406

Reel D-125/Reel D-126

Reel D-127/Reel D-128
GM-365 to GM-369/GM-370 to GM-374

Reel D-129/Reel D-130
JB-108, JB-110, JB-4 to JB-7, JB-11 to JB-12, JB-14 to JB-16, JB-117/JB-19 to JB-20, JB-311, JB-23, JB-27 to JB-28, JB-33, JB-37 to JB-38, JB-309 to JB-310

Reel D-131/Reel D-132
GM-255 to GM-260/GM-261 to GM-264

Reel D-133/Reel D-134
GM-170 to GM-175/????

Reel D-135/Reel D-136

L: Light
Reel L-1/Reel L-2
TC-200, TC-203, TC-204A, TC-307 to TC-309, TC-304, TC-302/TC-201 to TC-202, TC-303, TC-301, TC-300, TC-205, TC-41, TC-40, TC-42

Reel L-3/Reel L-4
GB-4139/???? OR RB-2155/RB-2156
ZR-43 to ZR-43C, ZR-44 to ZR-44E/ZR-45 to ZR-53

Reel L-5/Reel L-6
L-69 to L-76/L-77 to L-83

Reel L-7/Reel L-8
C-1, C-1, C-3 to C-7/C-8 to C-14

Reel L-9/Reel L-10
C-15 to C-19/C-20 to C-23

Reel L-11/Reel L-12
C-24 to C-28/C-29 to C-33

Reel L-13/Reel L-14
SF-1 to SF-6/SF-7 to SF-14

Reel L-15/Reel L-16
L-84 to L-87, L-88 to L-88A/C-34 to C-38

Reel L-17/Reel L-18
C-39 to C-39C, C-40 to C-40B, C-41/C-42 to C-42B, C-43 to C-43B, L-89

Reel L-19/Reel L-20
C-44 to C-44B, C-45 to C-45B, L-90/C-46 to C-46B, C-47 to C-47A, L-91

Reel L-21/Reel L-22
C-48 to C-48B, C-49 to C-49B, L-92/C-50 to C-50A, C-51 to C-53

Reel L-23/Reel L-24
L-1121, L-1159, L-1130, L-992, L-1103, L-1158, L-1139, L-1154, L-1156, L-1096, L-984, L-987, L-1147, L-1090/L-1137, L-1088, L-1124, L-1119, L-1114, L-1095, L-1157, L-1128, L-1112, L-983, L-1162, L-1143, L-1153, L-988, L-1135, L-1144, L-990, L-1099

Reel L-25/Reel L-26

Reel L-27/Reel L-28

Reel L-29/Reel L-30
EM-118, EM-118A to EM-118C, EM-121, EM-121A to EM-121C/EM-119, EM-119A to EM-119C, EM-120, EM-120A to EM-120C

Reel L-31/Reel L-32

Reel L-33/Reel L-34

Reel L-35/Reel L-36
????/EM-126C to EM-126D, EM-108B, EM-108D, EM-109D, EM-130C, EM-151, EM-106J

Reel L-37/Reel L-38
EM-123, EM-123A to EM-123D, EM-128D/EM-124 to EM-124C, EM-111D, EM-133D, EM-107E, EM-102D

Reel L-39/Reel L-40
TC-16 to TC-26/TC-304A, TC-436 to TC-437, TC-430 to TC-430A, TC-431 to TC-433, TC-435

Reel L-41/Reel L-42

Reel L-43/Reel L-44
PG-180 to PG-181B/PG-181C to PG-182C, PG-186 to PG-186A

Reel L-45/Reel L-46

Reel L-47/Reel L-48

Reel L-49/Reel L-50

Reel L-51/Reel L-52

Reel L-53/Reel L-54
LM-8 to LM-9H/LM-10 to LM-11G

Reel L-55/Reel L-56
UP-148 to UP-159/UP-160 to UP-171

Reel L-57/Reel L-58
(William Loose)
May-Loo Pub. BMI
TC-687 to TC-696/TC-697 to TC-706

Reel L-57/Reel L-58
MR-171, MR-178 to MR-179, MR-380, MR-383 to MR-384/MR-285, MR-289, MR-294, MR-158 to MR-159, MR-156, MR-186, MR-377

Reel L-59/Reel L-60

Reel L-61/Reel L-62

Reel L-63/Reel L-64

Reel L-65/Reel L-66
TI-234 to TI-241/TI-215 to TI-215C, TI-216 to TI-216G, TI-217 to TI-217A, TI-218 to TI-218C

Reel L-65/Reel L-66
GM-285 to GM-296/GM-297 to GM-310

Reel L-67/Reel L-68
(Paul Ruhland)
Cue-Rite Music ASCAP
????/TC-671 to TC-676

Reel L-69/Reel L-70

Reel L-71/Reel L-72
(Neil Amsterdam)
Dollhouse Music BMI
CM-192 to CM-199/CM-200 to CM-207

Reel L-73/Reel L-74

Reel L-75/Reel L-76
(William Loose)
May-Loo Pub. BMI
TC-707 to TC-712/TC-713 to TC-718

Reel L-77/Reel L-78
C-139 to C-145/C-146 to C-153

Reel L-79/Reel L-80

Reel L-81/Reel L-82
C-165 to C-167B/C-168 to C-170B

Reel L-83/Reel L-84

Reel L-85/Reel L-86
C-177 to C-177B, C-178 to C-178B, C-179 to C-182/C-183 to C-200

Reel L-87: Melodic/Scenic/Documentary/Reel L-88 (untitled)
MB-2080/MB-2081 OR RB-3159/RB-3160
C-201 to C-201A, C-202 to C-202A, C-203 to C-203A, C-204 to C-204A, C-205 to C-205A, C-206 to C-206A, C-207 to C-207A, C-208 to C-208A, C-209 to C-209A, C-210 to C-210A/C-211 to C-211A, C-212 to C-218

Reel L-89/Reel L-90

Reel L-91/Reel L-92
PG-263 to PG-273/PG-274 to PG-284

Reel L-93/Reel L-94

Reel L-95/Reel L-96

Reel L-97/Reel L-98

Reel L-99/Reel L-100

Reel L-101/Reel L-102
(Robert Ascot)
SM-148 to SM-155/SM-156 to SM-163

Reel L-103/Reel L-104

Reel L-105/Reel L-106
(William Loose)
May-Loo Pub. BMI
TC-719 to TC-726/TC-727 to TC-734

Reel L-107/Reel L-108

Reel L-109/Reel L-110

Reel L-111/Reel L-112

Reel L-113/Reel L-114
AM-1522 to AM-1522C, AM-1523 to AM-1523D, AM-1524 to AM-1524D, AM-1525 to AM-1525C/AM-1526 to AM-1526E, AM-1527 to AM-1527D, AM-1528 to AM-1528D

Reel L-115/Reel L-116
PB-3008/PB-3009 OR none/none
(Neil Amsterdam)
Dollhouse Music BMI
CM-132 to CM-137/CM-138 to CM-143

Reel L-117/Reel L-118
(Neil Amsterdam)
Dollhouse Music BMI
CM-144 to CM-149/CM-150 to CM-155

Reel L-119: Zodiac Strings/Reel L-120: Zodiac Strings
(Henrik Nielsen)
Kronborg Pub. BMI
FM-546 to FM-551/FM-552 to FM-557

Reel L-121/Reel L-122

Reel L-123/Reel L-124

Reel L-125/Reel L-126

Reel L-127/Reel L-128

Reel L-129/Reel L-130
(Dan Kirsten)
Dollhouse Music KODA/BMI
VM-174 to VM-185/VM-186 to VM-197

Reel L-131/Reel L-132
(Dan Kirsten)
Dollhouse Music KODA/BMI
VM-316 to VM-327/VM-328 to VM-340

Reel L-133/Reel L-134

Reel L-135/Reel L-136
TC-552 to TC-563/TC-564 to TC-575

Reel L-137/Reel L-138

Reel L-139/Reel L-140

Reel L-141/Reel L-142
GM-323 to GM-327/GM-328 to GM-332

Reel L-143/Reel L-144
GM-350 to GM-356/GM-357 to GM-364

Reel L-145/146
GM-424 to GM-433/GM-434 to GM-450

Reel L-147/Reel L-148
GM-465 to GM-475/GM-476 to GM-486

Reel L-149/Reel L-150
GM-576 to GM-582/GM-583 to GM-589

Reel L-151/Reel L-152
GM-612 to GM-616/GM-617 to GM-621

Reel L-153/Reel L-154
FM-225 to FM-250/FM-251 to FM-267

Reel L-155/Reel L-156
(Henrik Nielsen)
Kronborg Pub. BMI
FM-283 to FM-288/FM-289 to FM-294

Reel L-157/Reel L-158
(Erik Markman)
Dollhouse Music BMI
DM-148 to DM-157/DM-158 to DM-167

Reel L-159/Reel L-160

Reel L-161/Reel L-162
(Henrik Nielsen)
Kronburg Pub. BMI
FM-398 to FM-403/FM-404 to FM-409

Reel L-163/Reel L-164
(Henrik Nielsen)
Kronborg Pub. BMI
FM-488 to FM-493/FM-494 to FM-499

Reel L-165/Reel L-166
(Tom Elliot)
BM-136 to BM-143/BM-144 to BM-151

Reel L-167/Reel L-168
(Tom Elliot)
BM-152 to BM-159/BM-160 to BM-167

Reel L-169/Reel L-170
(Tom Elliot)
Kronborg Pub. BMI
BM-168 to BM-173/BM-174 to BM-179

Reel L-171/Reel L-172
(Tom Elliot)
Kronburg Pub. BMI
BM-180 to BM-187/BM-188 to BM-195

Reel L-173/Reel L-174
(Tom Elliot)
Kronborg Pub. BMI
BM-196 to BM-203/BM-204 to BM-211

Reel L-175/Reel L-176
(Robert Ascot)
Kronborg Pub. BMI
SM-225 to SM-230/SM-231 to SM-236

Reel L-177/Reel L-178
(Jan Kimberly)
Kronborg Pub. BMI
HM-100 to HM-104/HM-105 to HM-109

Reel L-179/Reel L-180
(Jan Kimberly)
Kronborg Pub. BMI
HM-110 to HM-114/HM-115 to HM-119

Reel L-181: Business/Industry/Reel L-182: Business/Industry
(Tom Elliot)
Kronborg Pub. BMI
BM-232 to BM-237/BM-238 to BM-243

Reel L-183: Light Satire/Reel L-184: All-Purpose Industry
(Henrik Nielsen)
Kronborg Pub. BMI
FM-600 to FM-605/FM-606 to FM-611

Reel L-185: Disco Industries/Reel L-186 (title?)
(Jack Mayborn)
Kronborg Pub. BMI
IM-100 to IM-105/????

Reel L-187/Reel L-188

Reel L-189/Reel L-190
(Jan Kimberly)
Kronborg Pub. BMI
HM-188 to HM-202/HM-203 to HM-217

Reel L-191/Reel L-192
(Jack Mayborn)
Kronborg Pub. BMI
IM-195 to IM-200/IM-201 to IM-206

Reel L-193/Reel L-194

Reel L-195/Reel L-196
(Wolfgang Kafer)/(Peter Vanderlohren)
Unisound Music BMI
OM-114 to OM-120/OM-121 to OM-127

Reel L-197/Reel L-198

Reel L-199/Reel L-200
(Jack Mayborn)
IM-270 to IM-275/IM-276 to IM-285

Reel L-201/Reel L-202

Reel L-203/Reel L-204

Reel L-205/Reel L-206
(Jack Mayborn)
IM-286 to IM-297/IM-310 to IM-321

M: Melodic
Reel M-1/Reel M-2
C-54 to C-58/C-59 to C-63

Reel M-3/Reel M-4
C-64 to C-64B, C-65 to C-65B, C-66 to C-66B/L-93 to L-99

Reel M-5/Reel M-6
TC-211, TC-80 to TC-84/TC-85 to TC-92

Reel M-7/Reel M-8
C-67, C-68 to C-68A, C-69 to C-69A/C-70 to C-70B, C-71 to C-71B, C-72 to C-72B

Reel M-9/Reel M-10
L-100 to L-100A, L-101 to L-104/L-105 to L-107, L-108 to L-108A, L-109

Reel M-11/Reel M-12
ZR-34 to ZR34A, ZR-35 to ZR-35B, ZR-36 to ZR-36C, ZR-37 to ZR-37B, ZR-38 to ZR-38B/ZR-38C, ZR-39 to ZR-39A, ZR-40 to ZR-40A, ZR 41 to ZR-42

Reel M-13/Reel M-14
L-741, L-744, L-734, L-739, L-735, L-525/L-736, L-728, L-505, L-700, L-715, L-508

Reel M-15/Reel M-16
C-73, C-73A, C-73B, C-74, C-74A, C-75, C-75A, C-76, C-76A, C-77/C-78 to C-79A, C-80, C-80A

Reel M-17/Reel M-18
C-81 to C-81B, C-82 to C-82B, C-83 to C-83B/C-84 to C-84B, C-85 to C-85B, C-86 to C-86B

Reel M-19/Reel M-20
SF-15 to SF-15A, SF-16 to SF-19/SF-20 to SF-25

Reel M-21/Reel M-22
SF-26 to SF-30/SF-31 to SF-35

Reel M-23/Reel M-24
FB-2687/FB-2688 OR none/none
SF-36 to SF-41/SF-42 to SF-47

Reel M-25/Reel M-26
C-87 to C-87B, C-88 to C-88B, C-89 to C-89B/C-90 to C-90B, C-91 to C-94

Reel M-27/Reel M-28

Reel M-29/Reel M-30

Reel M-31/Reel M-32
C-105, C-105A to C-105B, C-106, C-94A, C-97C/????

Reel M-33/Reel M-34
TC-27 to TC-37/TC-212, TC-206, TC-206B to TC-206C, TC-210, TC-93 to TC-96

Reel M-35/Reel M-36
L-110 to L-114/L-115 to L-119

Reel M-37/Reel M-38

Reel M-39/Reel M-40
UP-100 to UP-111/UP-112 to UP-123

Reel M-41/Reel M-42

Reel M-43/Reel M-44
EM-101 to EM-102B/EM-104 to EM-105B, EM-129, EM-118D

Reel M-45/Reel M-46

Reel M-47/Reel M-48

Reel M-49/Reel M-50

Reel M-51/Reel M-52
GM-265 to GM-275/GM-276 to GM-284

Reel M-53/Reel M-54
PG-170 to PG-170B, PG-170D, PG-178, PG-178A to PG-178B, PG-178D/PG-178E, PG-178I, PG-183C, PG-192, PG-195, PG-204

Reel M-55/Reel M-56
SF-235 to SF-239/SF-240 to SF-245

Reel M-57/Reel M-58
SF-292 to SF-297/SF-298 to SF-302

Reel M-59/Reel M-60

Reel M-61/Reel M-62
(Ib Glindemann)
Beachwood Music BMI
GM-227 to GM-232/GM-233 to GM-238

Reel M-63/Reel M-64
GM-550 to GM-554/GM-555 to GM-563

Reel M-65/Reel M-66
(Erik Markman)
Dollhouse Music KODA/BMI
DM-228 to DM-232/DM-233 to DM-237

Reel M-67/Reel M-68
(Macao Yagui)
Mabby Music BMI
MP-100 to MP-107/MP-108 to MP-115

Reel M-69/Reel M-70

Reel M-71/Reel M-72
OK-102, OK-117 to OK-118, OK-205, OK-216, OK-108, OK-119/OK-103, OK-107, OK-113, OK-101, OK-203 to OK-204, OK-210 to OK-213, OK-215

Reel M-73/Reel M-74

Reel M-75/Reel M-76

Reel M-77/Reel M-78
(Henrik Nielsen)
Kronburg Pub. BMI
FM-558 to FM-561/FM-562 to FM-565

Reel M-79/Reel M-80
(Henrik Nielsen)
Kronburg Pub. BMI
FM-410 to FM-421/FM-422 to FM-433

Reel M-81/Reel M-82
(Erik Markman)
Dollhouse Music BMI
DM-272 to DM-277/DM-278 to DM-283

Reel M-83/Reel M-84

Reel M-85/Reel M-86

Reel M-87/Reel M-88
UP-124 to UP-135/UP-136 to UP-147

Reel M-89/Reel M-90

Reel M-91/Reel M-92
(Erik Markman)
Dollhouse Music BMI
DM-180 to DM-186/DM-187 to DM-193

Reel M-93/Reel M-94

Reel M-95/Reel M-96

Reel M-97/Reel M-98

Reel M-99/Reel M-100
JB-546 to JB-558/JB-560 to JB-570

Reel M-101/Reel M-102

Reel M-103/Reel M-104

Reel M-105/Reel M-106
GM-487 to GM-494/GM-495 to GM-506

Reel M-107/Reel M-108

Reel M-109/Reel M-110
(Dan Kirsten)
Dollhouse Music KODA/BMI
????/VM-304 to VM-315

Reel M-111/Reel M-112
(Neil Amsterdam)
Dollhouse Music BMI
CM-208 to CM-212/CM-213 to CM-217

Reel M-113/Reel M-114

Reel M-115/Reel M-116
(Robert Ascot)
SM-138 to SM-142/SM-143 to SM-147

Reel M-117/Reel M-118: Americana - Traditional
(Trad., Arr.: Erik Markman)
AM-100 to AM-103/AM-104 to AM-107

Reel M-119/Reel M-120: Americana - Contemporary
(Trad., Arr.: Erik Markman)
AM-108 to AM-113/AM-114 to AM-119

Reel M-121/Reel M-122

Reel M-123: The Year in Harmony/Reel M-124: The Year in Harmony
(Tom Elliot)
Kronborg Pub. BMI
BM-124 to BM-129/BM-130 to BM-135

Reel M-125/Reel M-126
(Wm. Loose)
May-Loo Pub. BMI
TC-735 to TC-739/TC-740 to TC-744

Reel M-127: Musical Weather Report/Reel M-128: Musical Weather Report
(Jan Kimberly)
Kronborg Pub. BMI
HM-148 to HM-153/HM-154 to HM-159

Reel M-129/Reel M-130

Reel M-131: Lifestyle Variety/Reel M-132: Lifestyle Variety
(Richard Sterling)
Unisound Music BMI
OM-182 to OM-187/OM-188 to OM-193

Reel M-133: Space/Scenic/Reel M-134 (title?)
(Jack Mayborn)
Kronborg Pub. BMI
IM-112 to IM-116/????

Reel M-135/Reel M-136
(Roger Webb)
Unisound Music BMI
PM-143 to PM-148/PM-149 to PM-154

Reel M-137 (title?)/Reel M-138: Grand Scenic
(Jack Mayborn)
Kronborg Pub. BMI
????/IM-151 to IM-155

Reel M-139/Reel M-140
(Danny Hearn)
Unisound Music BMI
PM-155 to PM-161/PM-162 to PM-168

Reel M-141/Reel M-142
(Jacques Siroul)
Unisound Music BMI
QM-100 to QM-106/QM-107 to QM-113

Reel M-143/Reel M-144
(Roger Webb)
Unisound Music BMI
QM-128 to QM-133/QM-134 to QM-139

Reel M-145/Reel M-146

Reel M-147/Reel M-148
(Jack Mayborn)
Kronborg Pub. BMI
IM-219 to IM-224/????

Reel M-151/Reel M-152
(Peter Vanderlohren)
Unisound Music BMI
UM-100 to UM-105/UM-106 to UM-111

S: Short
Reel S-1/Reel S-2
C-115 to C-115A, C-116 to C-116A, C-117 to C-117A, C-118 to C-118A, C-119 to C-119A, C-120 to C-120A, C-121 to C-121A, C-122 to C-122A, C-123 to C-123A, C-124 to C-124A/C-125 to C-125A, C-126 to C-126A, C-127 to C-127A, C-128 to C-128A, C-129 to C-129A, C-130 to C-130A, C-131 to C-131A, C-132 to C-132A, C-133 to C-133A, C-134 to C-134A

Reel S-3/Reel S-4
HM-101 to HM-124/HM-182 to HM-196, HM-316 to 325

Reel S-5/Reel S-6
RB-3147/RB-3148 OR FB-2737/FB-2738
R-502 to R-503, R-506, R-508, R-510, R-423, R-517, R-519, R-521, R-524, R-526, R-528, R-531, R-533 to R-534, R-700, R-713, R-714, R-400 to R-401/R-403, R-406, R-408, R-413, R-421, R-513, R-430 to R-433, R-435, R-437, R-440, R-443, R-445 to R-446, R-215, R-313, R-329, R-320

Reel S-7/Reel S-8
R-201, R-207, R-208, R-212, R-217, R-219, R-221, R-221, R-222, R-230, R-234, R-241, R-301, R-303, R-305/R-307, R-310, R-311, R-316, R-323, R-327, R-331, R-1001, R-1004, R-1005, R-1009, R-1010, R-1013, R-1014, R-1022, R-1025, R-1026, R-1028, R-1032, R-1034

Reel S-9/Reel S-10

Reel S-11/Reel S-12
TC-326 to TC-350/TC-451 to TC-451B, TC-452 to TC-452A, TC-453 to TC-453A, TC-454 to TC-454A, TC-455 to TC-455A, TC-456 to TC-456A, TC-457 to TC-457A, TC-458 to TC-458A, TC-459 to TC-459A, TC-460 to TC-460A, TC-461 to TC-463

Reel S-13/Reel S-14

Reel S-15/Reel S-16

Reel S-17/Reel S-18

Reel S-19/Reel S-20

Reel S-21/Reel S-22

Reel S-23/Reel S-24

Reel S-25/Reel S-26

Reel S-27/Reel S-28

Reel S-29/Reel S-30

Reel S-31/Reel S-32
PG-160G, PG-160-I, PG-161G, PG-161H, PG-161-I, PG-168J, PG-171 to PG-174, PG-176, PG-177C, PG-177-I, PG-181F, PG-182D, PG-186D to PG-186F, PG-188D to PG-188F/PG-205A to PG-205B, PG-206A to PG-206B, PG-207A to PG-207C, PG-208A to PG-208B, PG-209A to PG-209B, PG-211A to PG-211B, PG-212A to PG-212B, PG-213A to PG-213B, PG-214A to PG-214B, PG-215A to PG-215B, PG-216A to PG-216B

Reel S-33/Reel S-34

Reel S-35/Reel S-36

Reel S-37/Reel S-38

Reel S-39/Reel S-40

Reel S-41/Reel S-42

Reel S-43/Reel S-44

Reel S-45/Reel S-46

Reel S-47/Reel S-48

X: Specialized
Reel X-1/Reel X-2
C-109, C-109A to C-109B, C-110 to C-112/C-113 to C-114, L-75B, L-762, L-770

Reel X-3/Reel X-4
L-69 to L-73, L-796-797, L-74, L-75, R-1400/L-76, SF-48 to SF-52, C-137, C-136, C-137, SF-53 to SF-54

Reel X-3 (title?)/Reel X-4: Christmas
(arr. Henrik Nielsen)
Kronborg Pub. BMI
????/FM-300 to FM-304

Reel X-5/Reel X-6
GM-507 to GM-509/GM-510 to GM-512

Reel X-7/Reel X-8
GM-513 to GM-515/GM-516 to GM-520

Reel X-9/Reel X-10
ZR-126, ZR-126A to ZR-126E, ZR-103, ZR-103A to ZR-103D, ZR-127/ZR-128, ZR-128A to ZR-128C, ZR-129, ZR-129A to ZR-129D

Reel X-11/Reel X-12
ZR-134, ZR-134A, ZR-135, ZR-135A to ZR-135B, ZR-136, ZR-136A/ZR-137 to ZR-141, ZR-141A, ZR-142

Reel X-13/Reel X-14
ZR-143, ZR-143A to ZR-143C, ZR-144 to ZR-146/ZR-147 to ZR-151, ZR-151, ZR-152

Reel X-15/Reel X-16
ZR-123 to ZR-125A, ZR-125C/ZR-131 to ZR-133

Reel X-17/Reel X-18
EM-107 to EM-107C, EM-109 to EM-109B/EM-105E to EM-105F, EM-155 to EM-156A, EM-146

Reel X-19/Reel X-20
TC-475 to TC-480/TC-482 to TC 485

Reel X-21/Reel X-22
EM-162, EM-162A to EM-162G/PG-185, PG-185A to PG-185C, PG-191, PG-191A to PG-191D

Reel X-23/Reel X-24
PG-177 to PG-177D, PG-177H/PG-193 to PG-196

Reel X-25/Reel X-26
PG-197, PG-198, PG-200, PG-199/PG-201 to PG-204

Reel X-27/Reel X-28
SF-509 to SF-514/SF-516 to SF-523

Reel X-29/Reel X-30
SF-1016 to SF-1021/SF-1022 to SF-1028

Reel X-31/Reel X-32

Reel X-33/Reel X-34

Reel X-35/Reel X-36
LM-12 to LM-15/LM-16 to LM-18

Reel X-37/Reel X-38
LM-19 to LM-21/LM-22 to LM-26

Reel X-39/Reel X-40
SF-2024 to SF-2027/SF-2028 to SF-2031

Reel X-41/Reel X-42
GM-535 to GM-540/GM-541 to GM-549

Reel X-43/Reel X-44
GM-333 to GM-338/GM-339 to GM-349

Reel X-45/Reel X-46
GM-375 to GM-382/GM-383 to GM-386

Reel X-47/Reel X-48
SF-400 to SF-405/SF-406 to SF-411

Reel X-49/Reel X-50
GM-451 to GM-459/GM-460 to GM-464

Reel X-51/Reel X-52
GM-190 to GM-195/GM-196 to GM-200

Reel X-53/Reel X-54
GM-201 to GM-207/GM-208 to GM-212

Reel X-55/Reel X-56
GM-311 to GM-317/GM-318 to GM-322

Reel X-57/Reel X-58

Reel X-59/Reel X-60

Reel X-61/Reel X-62
FM-158 to FM-162/FM-163 to FM-167

Reel X-63/Reel X-64

Reel X-65/Reel X-66

Reel X-67/Reel X-68

Reel X-69/Reel X-70

Reel X-71/Reel X-72

Reel X-73/Reel X-74

Reel X-75/Reel X-76
GM-590 to GM-595/GM-596 to GM-602

Reel X-77: Sophisticated Rhythm/Reel X-78 (title?)
(Henrik Nielsen)
Kronborg Pub. BMI
FM-305 to FM-313/????

Reel X-79/Reel X-80
GM-564 to GM-569/GM-570 to GM-575

Reel X-81: Rhythm Walks/Reel X-82: Rhythm Walks
GM-100 to GM-107/GM-108 to GM-115

Reel X-83/Reel X-84

Reel X-85/Reel X-86
GM-126 to GM-130/GM-131 to GM-134

Reel X-87/Reel X-88
GM-135 to GM-138/GM-139 to GM-142

Reel X-89/Reel X-90
(Ib Glindemann)
Beechwood Music KODA/BMI
GM-143 to GM-150/????

Reel X-91/Reel X-92
(Ib Glindemann)
GM-158 to GM-163/????

Reel X-93/Reel X-94
GM-603 to GM-607/GM-608 to GM-611

Reel X-95/Reel X-96
(Ib Glindemann)
Beechwood Music BMI
????/GM-639 to GM-655

Reel X-97/Reel X-98
FM-100 to FM-109/????

Reel X-99/Reel X-100

Reel X-101/Reel X-102

Reel X-103/Reel X-104
(Henrik Nielsen)
FM-338 to FM-343/????

Reel X-105/Reel X-106

Reel X-107/Reel X-108

Reel X-109/Reel X-110
(Dan Kirsten)
Dollhouse Music KODA/BMI
VM-110 to VM-115/VM-116 to VM-121

Reel X-111/Reel X-112

Reel X-113/Reel X-114
(Dan Kirsten)
Dollhouse Music KODA/BMI
VM-142 to VM-147/VM-148 to VM-153

Reel X-115/Reel X-116
(Dan Kirsten)
Dollhouse Music KODA/BMI
VM-154 to VM-163/VM-164 to VM-173

Reel X-117/Reel X-118
(Dan Kirsten)
Dollhouse Music KODA/BMI
????/VM-223 to VM-227

Reel X-119/Reel X-120

Reel X-121/Reel X-122
(Dan Kirsten)
Dollhouse Music KODA/BMI
VM-240 to VM-242/VM-243 to VM-246

Reel X-123/Reel X-124

Reel X-125/Reel X-126

Reel X-127/Reel X-128
(Dan Kirsten)
Dollhouse Music KODA/BMI
VM-394 to VM-403/VM-404 to VM-423

Reel X-129/Reel X-130
(Dan Kirsten)
Dollhouse Music KODA/BMI
VM-174 to VM-185/????

Reel X-131/Reel X-132
(Erik Markman)
Dollhouse Music BMI
DM-112 to DM-117/????

Reel X-133/Reel X-34

Reel X-135/Reel X-136
(Henrik Nielsen)
Kronborg Pub. BMI
FM-362 to FM-367/FM-368 to FM-373

Reel X-137/Reel X-138
(Henrik Nielsen)
Kronborg Pub. BMI
FM-374 to FM-379/FM-380 to FM-385

Reel X-139/Reel X-140
(Henrik Nielsen)
Kronborg Pub. BMI
FM-386 to FM-391/FM-392 to FM-397

Reel X-141/Reel X-142

Reel X-143/Reel X-144

Reel X-145/Reel X-146
(Henrik Nielsen)
Kronborg Pub. BMI
FM-458 to FM-467/FM-468 to FM-477

Reel X-147/Reel X-148
(Henrik Nielsen)
Kronborg Pub. BMI
FM-478 to FM-482/FM-483 to FM-487

Reel X-149/Reel X-150
(Erik Markman)
Dollhouse Music BMI
DM-238 to DM-245/DM-246 to DM-253

Reel X-151/Reel X-152
(arr. Henrik Nielsen)
Kronborg Pub. BMI
FM-500 to FM-505/????

Reel X-153/Reel X-154

Reel X-155/Reel X-156

Reel X-157/Reel X-158

Reel X-159/Reel X-160

Reel X-161: Guitar/Reel X-162: Guitar
(Bent Sten)
Unisound Music BMI
OM-100 to OM-105/OM-106 to OM-111

Reel X-163/Reel X-164

Reel X-165/Reel X-166

Reel X-167/Reel X-168
(Neil Amsterdam)
Dollhouse Music BMI
????/CM-162 to CM-167

Reel X-169/Reel X-170

Reel X-171/Reel X-172
(Neil Amsterdam)
Dollhouse Music BMI
CM-180 to CM-185/????

Reel X-173/Reel X-174

Reel X-175/Reel X-176

Reel X-177/Reel X-178

Reel X-179/Reel X-180

Reel X-181/Reel X-182
(Neil Amsterdam)
Dollhouse Music BMI
CM-218 to CM-223/????

Reel X-183/Reel X-184

Reel X-185/Reel X-186
(Robert Ascot)
Kronborg Pub. BMI
SM-192 to SM-196/SM-197 to SM-201

Reel X-187: Contempo/Moog/Reel X-188: Contempo/Moog
(Robert Ascot)
Kronborg Pub. BMI
SM-203 to SM-207/SM-208 to SM-212

Reel X-189/Reel X-190
(Neil Amsterdam)
Dollhouse Music BMI
CM-230 to CM-235/CM-236 to CM-241

Reel X-191/Reel X-192
(Tom Elliot)
Kronborg Pub. BMI
BM-100 to BM-105/BM-106 to BM-111

Reel X-193: Harmonica/Fife and Drum/Reel X-194: Harmonica/Fife and Drum
(Erik Markman)
Dollhouse Music BMI
AM-128 to AM-133/AM-134 to AM-139

Reel X-195/Reel X-196
(Tom Elliot)
Kronborg Pub. BMI
BM-112 to BM-117/BM-118 to BM-123

Reel X-197/Reel X-198
(Neil Amsterdam)
Dollhouse Music BMI
CM-242 to CM-247/CM-248 to CM-253

Reel X-199/Reel X-200

Reel X-201/Reel X-202
(Robert Ascot)
Kronborg Pub. BMI
????/SM-245 to SM-252

Reel X-203/Reel X-204
(Robert Ascot/Liszt-Bach-Schubert-Chopin-Beethoven-Ascot arr. Robert Ascot)
Kronborg Pub. BMI
SM-253 to SM-258/SM-259 to SM-264

Reel X-205/Reel X-206
(Erik Markman)
Dollhouse Music BMI
AM-152 to AM-158/AM-159 to AM-166

Reel X-207: Big Band Today/Reel X-208: Big Band Rock
(Tom Elliot)
Kronborg Pub. BMI
BM-212 to BM-216/BM-217 to BM-221

Reel X-209/Reel X-210
(Erik Markman)
Dollhouse Music BMI
AM-167 to AM-178/AM-179 to AM-199

Reel X-211/Reel X-212
(Jan Kimberly)
Kronborg Pub. BMI
HM-120 to HM-123/HM-124 to HM-127

Reel X-213/Reel X-214
(Jan Kimberly)
Kronborg Pub. BMI
HM-128 to HM-139/????

Reel X-215/Reel X-216

Reel X-217/Reel X-218
(Thomas Clausen)
Unisound Music BMI
OM-126 to OM-151/OM-152 to OM-157

Reel X-219/Reel X-220
(arr. Erik Markman)
Dollhouse Music BMI
AM-200 to AM-205/AM-206 to AM-211

Reel X-221: Graphic Sound Colors/Reel X-222: All-Purpose Contempo
(Roger Webb)
Unisound Music BMI
OM-158 to OM-163/OM-164 to OM-169

Reel X-223/Reel X-224

Reel X-225: The Pulse of the Cities/Reel X-226: The Pulse of the Cities
(Roger Webb)
Unisound Music BMI
OM-170 to OM-175/OM-176 to OM-181

Reel X-227: Middle East/Reel X-228 (title?)
(Tom Elliot)
Kronborg Pub. BMI
BM-222 to BM-226/????

Reel X-229/Reel X-230
(Thomas Clausen)
Unisound Music BMI
OM-194 to OM-199/OM-200 to OM-205

Reel X-231: Country Music/Reel X-232 (title?)
(Robert Ascot)
Kronborg Pub. BMI
SM-265 to SM 271/????

Reel X-233: All-Purpose Commercials/Reel X-234: All-Purpose Commercials
(Poul Godske)
Unisound Music BMI
OM-206 to OM-210/OM-211 to OM-215

Reel X-235: Country Style/Reel X-236 (title?)
(Nils Tuxen)
Unisound Music BMI
OM-216 to OM-221/????

Reel X-237/Reel X-238
(Roger Webb)
Unisound Music BMI
OM-228 to OM-233/OM-234 to OM-239

Reel X-239: Telegames/UFO/Bridges/Reel X-240 (title?)
(Thomas Clausen)
Unisound Music BMI
PM-100 to PM-117/????

Reel X-241: Sailor's Songs/Reel X-242: Accordion
(Jack Mayborn)
Kronborg Pub. BMI
IM-122 to IM-127/IM-128 to IM-133

Reel X-243/Reel X-244
(Jack Mayborn)
Kronborg Pub. BMI
IM-134 to IM-139/????

Reel X-245/Reel X-246

Reel X-247/Reel X-248
(Jack Mayborn)
Kronborg Pub. BMI
IM-156 to IM-184/????

Reel X-249/Reel X-250
(Neil Amsterdam)
Dollhouse Music BMI
CM-254 to CM-259/????

Reel X-251/Reel X-252

Reel X-253/Reel X-254

Reel X-255/Reel X-256
(Christer Norden)
Unisound Music BMI
????/RM-107 to RM-113

Reel X-257/Reel X-258

Reel X-259/Reel X-260
(Bent Myggen)
Soundways Music BMI
JM-100 to JM-105/????

Reel X-261/Reel X-262

Reel X-263/Reel X-264

Reel X-265/Reel X-266

Reel X-267/Reel X-268
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Re: Capitol Production Music Hi-"Q" Series
« Reply #1 on: May 09, 2018, 12:42:45 AM »
R-201, 207-208, 212, 217, 219, 221-222, 224-227, 229, 230, 234, 241, 303, 305, 307, 310-311, 316, 323, 327, 331, 1001, 1004-1005, 1009-1010, 1013, 1014, 1025-1026, 1028, 1032, 1034.


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Re: Capitol Production Music Hi-"Q" Series
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Very nice, thank you! Did you get this one yourself? - If so, congrats!


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Re: Capitol Production Music Hi-"Q" Series
« Reply #3 on: May 09, 2018, 06:11:21 PM »
Very nice, thank you! Did you get this one yourself? - If so, congrats!

I wish it was! This is from an eBay listing, by the way.


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Re: Capitol Production Music Hi-"Q" Series
« Reply #4 on: May 31, 2018, 05:58:06 AM »
X-175-176 - Robert Ascot (Country Music - Contemporary Commercials)  (same as MEJS-2)
X-177-178 - Robert Ascot (Action Music for Action People) (same as MEJS-1)
X-255-256 - Christopher Norden (Request Line) (same as MMSE-15 and Professional 24)
X-267-268 - Bent Myggen (New Ways) (same as Professional 34)

Ill keep updating when I get time. Pretty sure all of the Media Musics were released on these later Hi-Q's


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Re: Capitol Production Music Hi-"Q" Series
« Reply #5 on: October 13, 2018, 09:28:09 PM »
TC= Theme Craft = Bill Loose + John Seely


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Re: Capitol Production Music Hi-"Q" Series
« Reply #6 on: October 13, 2018, 10:32:29 PM »
A prefix not listed: PE (Green-Love-Thorne)


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Re: Capitol Production Music Hi-"Q" Series
« Reply #7 on: October 14, 2018, 12:05:31 PM »
Is that one present on any of the releases?