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Heristal Entertainment
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Italian CD label under Heristal Entertainment, founded 2004 by Pietro Paluello.
Seems to have had a co-publishing deals with Edizioni Musicali Scogliera and Cometa Edizioni Musicali, as well as Laus Ediz. Mus., reissuing cues from Nelson Records, Cometa Edizioni Musicali and others for digital-era library usage.

Music for Broadcasting and Movies:
PMCD104 - Various n1 - Andreia Teixeira Heidman/Geopejo (Pietro Paluello)/Angelo De Luca/
PMCD106 - Science and Fantasy "Asimov Suite" n1 - Geopejo (Pietro Paluello)

HE131 - Ambience n1 - Maurizio Bignone
HE132 - Various n2 - Maurizio Bignone/Andreia Teixeira Hedman/Geopejo (Pietro Paluello)/Alessandro Sicardi
HE133 - Ambience n2 - Pericle Odierna/Francesco Accardo/Rudy Pusateri
HE134 - War, Spy, Thriller and Horror. n 1 - Pericle Odierna/Francesco Accardo/Rudy Pusateri
HE135 - Travel and Countries n1 - Pericle Odierna/Francesco Accardo/Rudy Pusateri
HE136 - Original Soundtracks of "Asade" n1 - Pericle Odierna
HE138 - Anni'20 n1 - Romolo Grano
HE139 - History and Culture n1 - Alessandro Sironi/Alessandro Brugnolini/Maurizio Majorana/Edmondo Rossi/Angelo Baroncini/Massimo Catalano/Giuseppe De Luca/Romolo Grano/Marco Frisina
HE140 - Travel and Countries n2 - Geopejo (Pietro Paluello)/Andreia Teixeira Heidman/Simone Sciumbata/Pericle Odierna/Antonello Vannucchi/Beverly Lewis/Carlo Pes/Giuseppe De Luca/Edmondo Rossi/Maurizio Majorana/Domenico Dell'Aera
HE141 - War, Spy, Thriller and Horror. n 2 - Antonello Vannucchi/Massimo Catalano/Maurizio Majorana/Giuseppe De Luca/Carlo Pes/Edmondo Rossi/Angelo Baroncini
HE142 - War, Spy, Thriller and Horror. n 3 - Alessandro Brugnolini/Antonello Vannucchi/Giuseppe De Luca/Massimo Catalano/Carlo Pes/Maurizio Majorana/Stefano Torossi/Romolo Grano/Edmondo Rossi
HE143 - Original Soundtracks of: "Ho perso la faccia", "Niente sesso siamo inglesi" and "L'aria del lago" n2 - Pericle Odierna/Alessandro Sironi
HE145 - Various n3 - Alessandro Brugnolini/Stefano Torossi/Edmondo Rossi/Carlo Pes/Giuseppe De Luca/Paolo Renosto/Romolo Grano/Antonello Vannucchi/Beverly Lewis/Haarlack (Mauro Buttinelli)/Maurizio Alfonsi/Guido Felizzi/Marco Lo Russo
HE146 - Lounge n1 - Antonello Vannucchi/Beverly Lewis/Aarlack (Mauro Buttinelli)/Maurizio Alfonsi
HE147 - Travel and Countries n2 - Aarlack (Mauro Buttinelli)/Maurizio Alfonsi/Guido Felizzi
HE149 - From the Great Screen n1 - Ennio Morricone/Maria Travia/Alessandro Alessandroni/Romolo Grano/Egisto Macchi