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USSR Sound effects 7"s
« on: September 14, 2018, 09:49:45 PM »

These arrived in the mail today. A couple of 60s sound effects 7Ēs from the Soviet Union. Supposedly they were produced for theatrical use. Iíve been very curious of this series for a while and Iím happy I managed to pick these two! I surely will dig deeper into the series of these beauties at some point. For my ears these two sound AMAZING - listen for yourself! Iím sorry the sound is not so good, thereís quite a lot of noise. I still wanted to share these as I think they will be interesting or even astonish some others here too!

[Театральная Фабрика ВТО] ‎- 33Д-00031025-6 - Заводские гудки / Шум техники

A Factory whistles. Alarm beeps. Bulldozer at work. Factory noises
B Sounds of working in the forest. Machinery noise in modern construction. The general background of the construction site of 30s

[Театральная Фабрика ВТО] ‎- 33Д-00031019-20 - Обвал снеговой лавины / Ветер / Горный обвал

A The collapse of a snow avalanche. Strong wind. Calm wind. The howling of the wind in the chimney
B Mountain landslide. Thunder (different). Capel sonorous. Rain on the tent with drippings

PS. If anyone has more of these, please share!
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Re: USSR Sound effects 7"s
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Thanks Roope!  :)


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Re: USSR Sound effects 7"s
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Thanks a lot, roope. I'm really enjoying these sounds... They have a certain Russian character in some weird way. :)


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Re: USSR Sound effects 7"s
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Interesting find, thanks!