Author Topic: Marvel Superheroes (1966) Cartoon Library Cues  (Read 2810 times)


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Marvel Superheroes (1966) Cartoon Library Cues
« on: July 08, 2018, 02:40:47 AM »
Booting a dead thread from the other fourm. These are not all of them since a few of them have yet to be found these lost cues have also played in spidey
Trevor Duncan
His Excellency
Shock Treatment (1)
Shock Treatment (2)
Shock Treatment (3)
Cosmic Cloud
The Thing                                                                                  Journey into Space                                                                       From Another World
They're Coming
Mutations (a-b)                                                                     Mutations (c)
Mutations (d)
Four Evil Men (a)                                                                           Four Evil Men (b)
Four Evil Men (c)
Four Evil Men (d)
Paroxysms (a-g)
Paroxysms (i-j)
Paroxysms (m)
Slow Burn
Maniac Pursuit

Harry Lubin
Storm Brewing
Evil Horror
Hostile Space
Desperate Plight

Wilfred William Burns
Against the Law (A-E)

Van Phillips
Lost In Space
Mysterious Universe
Transit to Venus

Peter Yorke
Dramatic Tracks 2 (8)

The first Four trevor duncan cues and all van Phillips cues are from JW while the rest is on APM
Edit found another msh cue from Trevor Called Riot
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Re: Marvel Superheroes (1966) Cartoon Library Cues
« Reply #1 on: July 09, 2018, 04:15:24 AM »
Since this is MSH-specific, I'll add the following information reposted from the Spider-Man thread:

By the way, if anyone is familiar with the 1967 Christopher Lee horror film Theatre of Death (originally released by London Independent Producers and later distributed on Anchor Bay DVD), the main title and end credits music is undeniably music used in Marvel Super-Heroes' Thor and Hulk episodes.

The film credits Elisabeth Lutyens as the composer, and conducted by Philip Martell. If this is the case for every cue in the film, then it might be possible to search for this film's soundtrack (if it was ever released in the 60s, or later, through a Varese Sarabande or Film Score type of label), or search for any library albums her work might have been a part of.

I've searched for Lutyen's score for this film, but have not had much luck at all. There's quite a lot of her other work before and after the production of this film, but as usual (it seems), where MSH or Spider-Man music is concerned, there are not a lot of leads and/or access.
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Re: Marvel Superheroes (1966) Cartoon Library Cues
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The music in the opening credits may be one of trevor duncan's cues in this list


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Re: Marvel Superheroes (1966) Cartoon Library Cues
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If it's any help, Lutyens did some work for Boosey & Hawkes, and has a single cue on a Music-De Wolfe 78.