Author Topic: Helene Matalon - Imaginary Lover (Rare Promo Single With Library Style B-Side)  (Read 255 times)

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Here's one from the obscure files of PL's non-library collection. I picked up this promo only CD single in New York back in the very early 90's at a used record shop. It was a somewhat new at the time local thing. From what I found out about it back then, the artist was pretty popular locally on adult contemporary radio.

It's 2 versions of the same tune, which is a damn nice smooth jazz of the era style groove. A side is vocal and B side is a flugelhorn drivin instrumental, which is why i'm posting it here. It sounds PURE library! If Walter Murphy had made some of his smooth grooves in the late 80's, it woulda sounded like this.

Not much is known about whatever happened to this gal, but the tune is great! My apologies for it being in 320k mp3, but I sold the single to a collector about 14 years ago for some nice $$, and at that time, I didn't understand about lossless. So I had made my back up copy in 320 mp3. Curious to see what ya'll think of it.

Link :!7EYyDYpI!fupf6XVHiT1ntvJDodKMBsnHMdl6s0PsY6mLHady75I


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Looking forward to check it out, thanks PL.