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Galt MacDermot - Up From The Basement: Unreleased Tracks Volume 1 & 2
Music By Galt MacDermot
Kilmarnock - KIL-2002-2 (CD, Compilation, 2002)

Link: hxxps://

Note: Not the vinyl rip, but the digital version I purchased at CDBaby.

Galt MacDermot is best known for the music he wrote for his Tony Award winning scores for "HAIR" and "Two Gentlemen of Verona".  His work spans the gamut of performing arts and he draws inspiration from a wealth of musical styles, crossing the boundaries of jazz, folk, gospel, reggae, classical styles and hip hop.
He formed the New Pulse Jazz Band in 1979, which features his original music played by some of the world’s best musicians, his material has appeared on TV, on radio, in ads, and movies.

Two types of people know Galt MacDermot: dramafags and crate diggers. A prolific composer and arranger, he‘s done it all, from "Hair" to "The Benny Hill Show" to a string of Cotton flicks.
And while one generation knows him for letting their hair down and the sunshine in, another knows Busta‘s "Whoo Hah!" hook which was lifted from MacDermot‘s "Pace.".
Ironically, this South Africa-raised white guy was totally hip to the black sounds of rebellion and freedom; and while the samples may have provided some great MTV tunes, the uncut Hammond-Leslie trills and buzzing guitars give you a glimpse at a groovy heart.

Galt MacDermot site:

As a bonus, here is an intersting and unusual documentary (produced by two frenchies calling themselves "Gasface"), dedicaded to this genious and singular composer, who have for the major part influenced the art of Hip Hop sampling (and more), and considered outright as the inventor of the Funk by some specialists .

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Does anyone still have a reup of this??