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Sound Ideas Music Library
« on: June 18, 2018, 11:44:41 PM »

Independent Canadian CD label based in Ontario. Originated as a recording studio, founded 1978 by Brian Nimens in Toronto.
While apparently being more successful as a producer of sound effects, they also had several series of library music releases, this being one of them.

Romantic, Pastoral
SI-A1 - Night Magic
SI-A2 - You and Me
SI-A3 - Good Feelings
SI-A4 - Northern Lights
SI-A5 - Golden Fields
SI-A6 - Sunset Breeze
SI-A7 - Forever Mine
SI-A8 - Together at Last

Travel, Leisure
SI-B1 - Memories
SI-B2 - Smooth Sailing
SI-B3 - Homeland
SI-B4 - Cloudy
SI-B5 - Balloon Ride
SI-B6 - Weekend Retreat
SI-B7 - Desert Night
SI-B8 - Breezy Meadow

Bright, Light Activity
SI-C1 - The Natural Way
SI-C2 - Designer's Touch
SI-C3 - Picture This
SI-C4 - Window Shopping
SI-C5 - Flying Free
SI-C6 - Evergreen Hills
SI-C7 - Step into Spring
SI-C8 - Wind at Your Back
SI-C9 - Neon Nights

Industry, Corporate
SI-D1 - Power Up
SI-D2 - Taking Off
SI-D3 - Royal Class
SI-D4 - High Riser
SI-D5 - Big Business
SI-D6 - Cornerstone
SI-D7 - No Limit
SI-D8 - Today's Stars
SI-D9 - Corporate Jungle
SI-D10 - To the Max
SI-D11 - Market Indicators

Action, Sports
SI-E1 - Victory Lap
SI-E2 - Do It
SI-E3 - World Champion
SI-E4 - Iron Will
SI-E5 - Skyward Bound
SI-E6 - Ten K
SI-E7 - Olympic Games
SI-E8 - Teamwork
SI-E9 - Road to Glory

Pop, Rock
SI-F1 - Crying Guitar
SI-F2 - Rock the Clock
SI-F3 - Opening Night
SI-F4 - Something to Prove
SI-F5 - Hot Rocks
SI-F6 - Rockin'
SI-F7 - Dig It
SI-F8 - Graffiti
SI-F9 - Dance Attack
SI-F10 - Pickup and Go

SI-G1 - Texas Style
SI-G2 - The Old Ways
SI-G3 - Swing Your Partner
SI-G4 - Road Trip
SI-G5 - Leather & Silver
SI-G6 - Rider of the Range
SI-G7 - Forgotten Dreams

SI-H1 - Cyberdream
SI-H2 - Data Dance
SI-H3 - Physical Science

Solo Instruments
SI-I1 - After Hours
SI-I2 - Rain Forest
SI-I3 - Winter's Blanket
SI-I4 - Solo I
SI-I5 - Solo II

Drama, Adventure
SI-J1 - Danger Zone
SI-J2 - Under Attack
SI-J3 - The Hunt
SI-J4 - Brave New World
SI-J5 - 911

Comedy, Cartoon
SI-K1 - Clowning Around
SI-K2 - Horse Play
SI-K3 - Back in Toon

SI-L1 - Percussion I
SI-L2 - Percussion II

Holidays, Christmas
SI-M1 - Christmas Wish
SI-M2 - O Christmas Tree
SI-M3 - Holidays
SI-M4 - Christmas Shopping
SI-M5 - Fourth of July

SI-N1 - Skyline
SI-N2 - Steppin' Out
SI-N3 - Club Jam
SI-N4 - Frank's Place
SI-N5 - A World of My Own
SI-N6 - Boardwalk

SI-O1 - Classical I
SI-O2 - Classical II
SI-O3 - Classical III
SI-O4 - Classical IV

Production Elements
SI-P1 - Production Elements I

SI-Q1 - Show & Tell

Period, Historical
SI-R1 - The Final Act
SI-R2 - Steamy Looks

Military, Marches, Ceremonial, Band Music
SI-S1 - Time Marches On

National, Ethnic
SI-T1 - Water Garden
SI-T2 - Tropical Nights
SI-T3 - Ancient Traditions

SI-U1 - American Songs

Sound Effects
SI-X1 - Sound Effects I
SI-X2 - Sound Effects II
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Re: Sound Ideas Music Library
« Reply #1 on: December 22, 2019, 11:58:03 PM »
I know this is a very long shot, but does anyone have this library? I am very interested in listening to a few of the discs which are no longer available.


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Re: Sound Ideas Music Library
« Reply #2 on: January 21, 2020, 05:26:55 PM »
I haven't looked into it too extensively, but the company is still around and has an active website - you might find some stuff there.


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Re: Sound Ideas Music Library
« Reply #3 on: January 21, 2020, 10:23:32 PM »
Unfortunately every disc above is discontinued and not all the tracks are on Sound Ideas any longer. The only place that I found with some of the discs in the same order is hxxps:// Sound-Ideas themselves have most but not all the tracks and certainly no original track listings.


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Re: Sound Ideas Music Library
« Reply #4 on: January 23, 2020, 05:06:07 AM »
A handful of the pink bordered Sound Ideas CDs with the SI prefix are here on discogs.

The Mix Broadcast Library does reissue some of the Sound Ideas tracks. Each one is really fat booklet wrapped in soft vinyl that still reeks of plastic. The CDs are attached in soft sleeves that also stick to them if the book hasnít been opened regularly. Though Sound Ideas also offers a hard drive version.

The Canadian National Archives does have a complete set of the pink bordered CDs. I was able to file a request through their website asking to see track listings, cover art, and copyright information on one of the CDs; no musical content however.

I can confirm that the CD SI-N4, Frankís Place, features jazz tracks with the same titles also appearing in The Mix VII in CD#55, Jazz.

While the Sound Ideas website has track listings for all The Mix CDs as well as music previews, I would guess that the tracks did keep their titles, but have been scattered across the The Mix library.

I also have a pink bordered 1996 Sound Ideas demo CD. No labeled tracks, just an introduction and a music preview. I can hear a number of instrumentals from CD#55 (and presumably SI-N4) but the narrator has a nasty habit of talking over them. Itís 10 minutes of him introducing a short snippet from each CD.

I did find a number of universities listing Sound Ideas sets in their libraries, though the vast majority are for the sound effects.