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Jumbo Records
« on: March 28, 2020, 12:51:12 AM »

Italo-disco label under Best Record, currently under Emergency Music Italy s.r.l, Arteconarte, and Leonardi. Issued a few library records in their JU 33000-run.

At least two of them were issued on other Best Record labels but have a Jumbo catalogue number: JU 33003 was released on Dischi Cipria, JU 33009 was produced directly by the parent company label.

The first album in the series, JU 33000, was published by Carlaub Ed. (under Reflectie Licentie Muziek Intern. B.V.) while mantaining the Jumbo logo.
JU 33001 is not a library record but a "Special Lp Mixed Compilation for Rap'n'Scratch Songs Only"; JU 33002 includes Neapolitan traditional music arranged by Daniele Cestana.
Curiously JU 33009 is titled "Monti Lontani Due" while the album released by Gianluca Podio on the Shure Music label is titled "Mondi Lontani".

JU 33000 - Duplex Sound N. 1 - J. Bryson - music by Dumpty (Daniele Cestana)/Misby (Ada Saruis)
JU 33001 - Take a Raptus at New York New York 54th Street Barletta - Special Lp Mixed Compilation for Rap'n'Scratch Songs Only (1984)
JU 33002 - Li Ciaravoli - music by Daniele Cestana/Manfredo Biancardi/Filippo Palumbo/Raffaele Viviani/trad.
JU 33003 - Sweet Richard in Best Sound - Sweet Richard (1985) - music by Lizzette (Lucia Frittoli)/Dumpty (Daniele Cestana)/Ada Saruis/Misby (Ada Saruis)/Lucia Frittoli
JU 33004
JU 33005
JU 33006
JU 33007 - Multisound - Marcello Sirignano - music by Marcello Sirignano/Sergio Crippa/Luciano Simoncini/Alberta Zerga
JU 33008 - Ricordi - Nicola D'Alessio - music by Nicola D'Alessio/Sergio Crippa
JU 33009 - Monti Lontani Due - Gianluca Podio - music by Gianluca Podio/Michelangelo Guardi



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Re: Jumbo Records
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Nice find!

Carlaub Edizioni I haven't heard of before, but they seem to have published a few adult film scores, including "Morbosamente vostra" (1985) by 'Michel Serfran' (Ubaldo Continiello) and "Dolce pelle di Angela" (1986) by Ubaldo Continiello.