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Original list courtesy of Lobbykiller, revised by me.

German label under Intersound Musikverlag-Musikproduktion-Musikvertrieb GmbH & Co. Edition Tonarchiv KG, based in München, Bayern. Music seems to be spread across a few different publishers, including Edition Dezime (Sonoton), Figurata Musikverlag (Rotheide Narholz), Vivatone Editions (Intersound), Atlas-Musikverlag (Hilla Seuß), Sonoton Music GmbH Co. KG, Edtition Tonarchiv (Intersound), Discant Musik-Edition (Konrad Wolf), Edition Konkret (Sonoton), Edition Show Business (Gunter Greffenius) and Edition Sportiva (Waltraud Greffenius).
The label's catalogue is now under Sonoton.

ISST 101 - Meet Mr. Black Forest - Horst Jankowski and His Orchestra
ISST 102 - Take the Chance for a Dance - Hans Ehrlinger and His Orchestra
ISST 103 - Flying Dreams - Antonio Campo and His Orchestra
ISST 104 - Western Railroad - Billy's Western Brass
ISST 105 - Piano Interlude - Horst Jankowski
ISST 106 - To All My Friends - Xavier Cugat and His Orchestra
ISST 107 - Don't Disturb My Crocodile - Peter Xanten's Ragtime Band
ISST 108 - Sax Message - Carl Drewo
ISST 109 - Plastic Popsicle - John Fiddy and His Orchestra
ISST 110 - Guitar Junction - The Exciting Sounds of Kevin Peek and His Synthesizer Guitar
ISST 111 - Lights On - George Winters and His Orchestra
ISST 112 - Flowers - The Magic Strings arranged and conducted by Norman Candler
ISST 113 - Get on the Band Wagon - Jerry Mengo and His Orchestra
ISST 114 - Babylon A.M.C.: Instrumental Fantasy for 11 Keyboards & Rhythm and Brass Combination - The Rias Orchestra cond. by Helmuth Brandenburg
ISST 115 - Romance, Fire and Fancy - Nelson Riddle and His Orchestra
ISST 116 - Holiday in Dixieland - The Two Beats
ISST 117 - Extracting the Digital - Tony Fisher with the John Fiddy Enterprise
ISST 118 - You May Swing - The Golden Sound of Billy May and His Orchestra
ISST 119 - Poetry: Guitar Ballads Played by Michael Goltz - Michael Goltz/The Rias Strings conducted by Helmuth Brandenburg
ISST 120 - Funky on the Rocks - The Alpine Pop Sounds of Die Popländer Musikanten
ISST 121 - Synthésis - The Digital Sounds of Claude Larson and His Computercontrolled Oscillators
ISST 122 - Trombone Talk - The Slurping Trombones of Hans Ehrlinger and His Orchestra
ISST 123 - Dream Away - Anesis
ISST 124 - Holiday Dreams: The Soft Sounds of Dusko Goykovich, Flügelhorn - Dusko Goykovich/The Soft Strings of the George Winters Orchestra
ISST 125 - Turned to Stone - Troll
ISST 126 - Please Smile Again - The Rias Orchestra cond. by Helmuth Brandenburg
ISST 127 - High-Tech - The Digital Sound of Claude Larson
ISST 128 - Meet Mr. Black Forest Vol. 2 - Horst Jankowski and His Orchestra
ISST 129 - Over the Rainbow - The Mladen Franko Group
ISST 130 - Dreaming in the Sun featuring Acker Bilk, Clarinet - Acker Bilk/The Magic Strings arr. and cond. by Norman Candler
ISST 131 - The Big Band Sound of Ted Heath under the Direction of Don Lusher - The Ted Heath Orchestra
ISST 132 - Piano to the People - The Main Street Piano Band
ISST 133 - Pourcel Himself - Franck Pourcel & His Orchestra
ISST 134 - Still on My Way - Wolf
ISST 135 - Patterns - Mainstream
ISST 136 - Flights of Fancy - Etienne Cap and His Orchestra
ISST 137 - Imaginations - John Fiddy and His Orchestra
ISST 138 - What the Hell Is Happening - Sepia
ISST 139 - Summer Serenade - Mladen Franko with the Dreamland Strings
ISST 140 - Guitar Tales - Wolf
ISST 141 - Burning - Troll
ISST 142 - Pan Pipe Pops - Giuseppe Solera, Panpipe/The Norman Candler Orchestra
ISST 143 - Sax-Shop - Manuel Landy
ISST 144 - Guitar Magic - Al Sigmund
ISST 145 - Middle of the Road - The Rias Orchestra presents Kookie Freeman & His Original Velvet Sound
ISST 146 - Castles in the Air - The Philharmonic Pop Orchestra arranged and conducted by Helmuth Brandenburg
ISST 147 - Happy Copa Cabana - Juan Erlando and His New Latin Band
ISST 148 - Waves across the Sand - The Alan Parker Sound
ISST 149 - Fun Key - Joerg Reiter & Band
ISST 150 - Capolinea Club - Attilio Donadio Big Band
ISST 151 - Happy Blue Piano - Horst Jankowski/The Rias Orchestra arranged and conducted by Helmuth Brandenburg
ISST 152 - Golden Age - The Mladen Franko Group featuring Giuseppe Solera, Harmonica
ISST 153 - Moravanka (Leitung: Jan Slabák)/Budvarka (Leitung: Áda Školka)/Goldene Blasmusik (Leitung: Jiří Eliášek)/Ostrauer Zehner (Leitung: Věroslav Lancǎ)/Original kleine Böhmische Blasmusik (Leitung: Ladislav Kubeš)/Blasorchester Eduard Kudelásek
ISST 154 - Thanks for the Melodies - The Magic Strings arranged and conducted by Norman Candler
ISST 155 - Sun River - Joerg Reiter & Band featuring Stefan Diez - Guitar
ISST 156 - More from the Maestro - Franck Pourcel and His Orchestra
ISST 157 - Boogie - The Boogie Clan
ISST 158 - Morning Concerto - Piano Tales Played by Mladen Franko & the Norman Candler Strings
ISST 159 - Daydreams - Kapono Beamer
ISST 160 - Traumnoten - Easy Listening with Eugen Cicero and the Rias Orchestra conducted by Rüdiger Piesker
ISST 161 - Blue Night Concerto - The Philharmonic Pop Orchestra arranged and conducted by Helmuth Brandenburg featuring Hans-Otto Gerosch (Piano)
ISST 162 - Sunset Kisses - Joerg Reiter & Band featuring Johannes Faber, flügelhorn & trumpet
ISST 163 - Plastic Zoo - Harry Winkler
ISST 164 - Tief drin'im Böhmerwald: Golden Bohemian Brass Vol. 2, Originalaufnahmen der beliebtesten böhmischen Blaskapellen Folge 2 - Jaroslav Malina und seine Böhmerwald Musikanten
ISST 165 - Sailing to an Isle of Dreams - Mr. Acker Bilk & the Norman Candler Strings
ISST 166 - Jolly Jo Joker - Pepe's Jolly Sax
ISST 167 - The Summer of '85 and Other Seasons - Cis
ISST 168 - Just Beautiful - The Romantic Piano of Mladen Franko & His Orchestra
ISST 169 - Love to Share - Wolf and His Soft Rock Guitar
ISST 170 - The One and Only - Les Brown and His Band of Renown
ISST 171 - Poetry: Guitar Ballads Played by Michael Goltz Volume 2 - Michael Goltz/The Rias Strings cond. by Helmuth Brandenburg
ISST 172 - Fun Key II - Joerg Reiter
ISST 173 - More than Ever - Francis Goya with the Norman Candler Strings
ISST 174 - Back with the Boys - Kevin Peek
ISST 175 - Fantasy Games - Terence Yucca
ISST 176 - Open All Hours - Megatone
ISST 177 - Gee Whiz! - The Pride of London Big Band
ISST 178 - Visions - The Stephan Diez Group featuring Johannes Faber
ISST 179 - Pop Sinfonietta - The Philharmonic Pop Orchestra arranged and conducted by Helmuth Brandenburg
ISST 180 - Head Winds - Seefelder
ISST 181 - Piano on the Road - The Mladen Franko Group
ISST 182 - Meet Me - Klaus Peter Schöpfer & Friends, special guests: Abraham Laboriel, Alex Acuna & Hadley Hockensmith
ISST 183 - Silent Crossing - Kapono Beamer
ISST 184 - Colours in Jazz - Francis Coppieters Selection featuring Klaus Weiss, drums/Koenraad Ellegiers, violin/Gustav Kedves, French horn
ISST 185 - Fun Key 3 - Joerg Reiter/The Piano Conception
ISST 186 - Tief drin'im Böhmerwald: Golden Bohemian Brass Volume 3, Originalaufnahmen der beliebtesten böhmischen Blaskpellen Folge 3 - Original Pilsner Urquell Musikanten (UNCONFIRMED)
ISST 187 - Talk to Me - Geoff Bastow
ISST 188 - The New Magic - Norman Candler/The Magic Strings
ISST 189 - Fröhliche Runde - Petra Wechselberger (Hackbrett) und die Krimmler Saitenmusi
ISST 190 - Arriba Erlando - Juan Erlando and His New Latin Band
ISST 191 - City Lights - The Diez Brothers, Frank & Stephan Diez
ISST 192 - Relax and Enjoy - The Piano of Horst Jankowski & the Rias Rhythm Section
ISST 193 - Powerplant - Dieter Reith
ISST 194 - Late Dance - The Rias Sax & Brass Section featuring Christin Pittius, keyboards
ISST 195 - Pop to the Past - The Philharmonic Pop Orchestra conducted by Helmuth Brandenburg
ISST 196 - Crazy Days Are Back Again - Charlie's Oldtimers
ISST 197 - ....So Many Ways - Horst Jankowski, Piano, with the Rias Strings
ISST 198 - The Night Groove - Joerg Reiter/Charly Mariano/Peter Tiehuis/Elmar Schmidt/Ralf Illenberger/Dave King/Freddy Santiago
ISST 199 - Lighting up the Town - Kenny Ball and the Jazzmen
ISST 200 - Let Things Happen - Barry & John/The RIAS Orchestra conducted by Helmuth Brandenburg/Barry Ross & John Marshall/Christian Pittius
ISST 201 - Art - Art van Damme/Peter Horton/Ingo Cramer/Hajo Lange
ISST 202 - Hold on Me - Klaus Peter Schöpfer & Friends featuring Ernie Watts
ISST 203 - Don't Look Back - Tough Stuff

"ISUS"-series, alternate versions of some of the above releases:
ISUS 121 - Synthésis: Underscores - Claude Larson
ISUS 123 - Dream Away: Underscores - Anesis
ISUS 146 - Castles in the Air: Classical Versions without Pop Rhythm - The Philharmonic Pop Orchestra arranged and conducted by Helmuth Brandenburg
ISUS 161 - Blue Night Concerto: Classical Versions without Pop Rhythm - The Philharmonic Pop Orchestra arranged and conducted by Helmuth Brandenburg featuring Hans-Otto Gerosch (Piano)

Rhythmusversionen ohne Melodie - Rhythme sans theme - Illustrazione ritmica senza melodia

Classical versions without pop rhythm
"Classical" versions without pop rhythm. "Klassische" Versionen ohne Rhythmus. Version classique sans rythmique. Versione "classica" senza ritmo pop.

"SPOTS"-series, jingles/commercial cuts:
SPOTS 1 - Spots 1 ("Short versions of instrumentals previously released on Intersound Records ISST 101-105")
SPOTS 2 - Spots 2 ("Short versions of instrumentals previously released on Intersound Records ISST 105-109")
SPOTS 3 - Spots 3 ("Short versions of instrumentals previously released on Intersound Records ISST 110-119")
SPOTS 4 - Spots 4 ("Short versions of instrumentals previously released on Intersound Records ISST/ISUS 119-123")
SPOTS 5 - Spots 5 ("Short versions of instrumentals previously released on Intersound Records ISST 124-129")
SPOTS 6 - Spots 6 ("Short versions of instrumentals previously released on Intersound Records ISST 130-136")
SPOTS 7 - Spots 7 ("Short versions of instrumentals previously released on Intersound Records ISST 137-143")
SPOTS 8 - Spots 8 ("Short versions of instrumentals previously released on Intersound Records ISST 144-150")
SPOTS 9 - Spots 9 ("Short versions of instrumentals previously released on Intersound Records ISST 151-172")
SPOTS 10 - Spots 10 ("Short versions of instrumentals previously released on Intersound Records ISST 172-181")

ISST 101 - Gerhard Narholz/Horst Jankowski/trad. arr. Rob Pronk/Norman Candler (Gerhard Narholz)/Rob Pronk/Christian Halldorf (Wolfgang Förster)/Rolf Cardello (Rüdiger Piesker); arrangements: Rob Pronk
ISST 102 - Gerhard Narholz/trad. arr Hans Ehrlinger/Mario Kinel/Rolf Kulander/Sammy Burdson (Gerhard Narholz)/Hans Ehrlinger/Otto Sieben (Gerhard Narholz)/Wolfgang Kaltenbach (Heide Pehofer)/Gil Flat (Hans Ehrlinger)/Dave Rosenholz (Michael Stenz); arrangements: Hans Ehrlinger
ISST 103 - Hans Günther Bunz/Norman Candler (Gerhard Narholz)/Antonio Campo (Frits Velt)/Gerhard Narholz/Walt Rockman (Gerhard Narholz)/Jerry Westerby (Wolfgang Förster); arrangements: Antonio Campo (Frits Velt)
ISST 104 - Hans Ehrlinger/trad. arr. Gil Flat (Hans Ehrlinger)/trad. arr. Al Blackstick (Heribert Thusek)/trad. arr. Franco Domani (Heribert Thusek)/Heribert Thusek/Bert Loska (Heribert Thusek)/Gil Flat (Hans Ehrlinger)/trad. arr. Heribert Thusek/Walter Franz; arrangements: Heribert Thusek/Gil Flat (Hans Ehrlinger)
ISST 105 - Can Candid (Heinz Stiersdorfer)/Horst Jankowski/Otto Sieben (Gerhard Narholz)/Ted Rideout (Helmuth Brandenburg)/Norman Candler (Gerhard Narholz)/Gerhard Narholz/Svein Björnson (Heinz Matschurat); arrangements: ????
ISST 106 - trad. arr. Juan Erlando (Hans Ehrlinger)/Benny Sky (Lothar Nakat)/Sammy Burdson (Gerhard Narholz)/Mac Prindy (Gerhard Narholz)/Gerhard Narholz/Norman Candler (Gerhard Narholz)/Rolf Kulander/Alfred Dilz-Hartenstein; arrangements: Juan Erlando (Hans Ehrlinger)
ISST 107 - Walt Rockman (Gerhard Narholz)/Ron Fletcher (Hermann Egger)/Gerhard Narholz/Peter Xanten (Helmuth Brandenburg)/Wolfgang Brenk (Wolf Niggeling)/Helmuth Brandenburg/Dietmar Kindler/Tony Tape (Gerhard Narholz)/Alfred Dilz-Hartenstein; arrangements: Peter Xanten (Helmuth Brandenburg)
ISST 108 - Terence Yucca (Helmuth Brandenburg)/Vladimir Kos/Wolfgang Kaltenbach (Heide Pehofer)/Helmuth Brandenburg/Ted Rideout (Helmuth Brandenburg)/Tony Tape (Gerhard Narholz)/Norman Candler (Gerhard Narholz)/Alfi Kabiljo/Sven Björnson (Heinz Matschurat)/Teddy Ehrenreich/Sammy Burdson (Gerhard Narholz); arrangements: Helmuth Brandenburg
ISST 109 - Gerhard Narholz/John Fiddy/Sammy Burdson (Gerhard Narholz)/Peter Guntherson (John Fiddy)/Barry Ryder (John Fiddy)/Mac Prindy (Gerhard Narholz)/Fernand Moreno (Ferdinand Slothouwer)/Klaus Witschi (Hilla Seuß)
ISST 110 - John Fiddy/Norman Candler (Gerhard Narholz)/trad. arr. Barry Ryder (John Fiddy)-Norman Candler (Gerhard Narholz)-Kevin Peek/Barry Ryder (John Fiddy)/Kevin Peek/Peter Guntherson (John Fiddy)/Sammy Burdson (Gerhard Narholz); arrangements: John Fiddy/Kevin Peek
ISST 111 - Fridl Althaller/Boris Schoska (Manfred Minnich)/Hans E. Häusser/Werner Bild (Manfred Minnich)/Heinz Jahr/Walter Franz/George Potella (Manfred Potella)/Sven Björnson (Heinz Matschurat)/Manfred Minnich/Ernst Fienbork/Gerhard Narholz/Rolf Asberg (Horst Kirsch); arrangements: George Winters (????)
ISST 112 - Heinz Matschurat/trad. arr. Norman Candler (Gerhard Narholz)/Vladimir Kos/Yradier arr. Norman Candler (Gerhard Narholz)/Danks arr. Norman Candler (Gerhard Narholz)/Horst Kirsch/Norman Candler (Gerhard Narholz)/Martini arr. Norman Candler (Gerhard Narholz); arrangements: Norman Candler (Gerhard Narholz)
ISST 113 - L. Denza arr. Jerry Mengo (Joseph Mengozzi)/Hans Gisha/Jerry Mengo (Joseph Mengozzi)/Klaus Köster (Klaus Werker)/Franz Frankenberg/Fernand Moreno (Ferdinand Slothouwer)/trad. arr. Jerry Mengo (Joseph Mengozzi)/Damian Robinson/John Roberts; arrangements: Jerry Mengo (Joseph Mengozzi)
ISST 114 - Helmuth Brandenburg
ISST 115 - Norman Candler (Gerhard Narholz)/Nelson Riddle/Tony Tape (Gerhard Narholz)/Cecil Canterburn (Ernst Fienbork)/Hans E. Häusser/Walt S. Heebner/Jim Harbourg (Gerhard Narholz)/trad. arr. Nelson Riddle-Klaus Witschi (Hilla Seuß); arrangements: Nelson Riddle
ISST 116 - Can Candid (Heinz Stiersdorfer)/trad. arr. Gil Flat (Hans Ehrlinger)/Robert Konar (Jan Markowski)/trad. arr. Hans Ehrlinger/Conti Eckert/trad. arr. Joe Satory (Hans Ehrlinger)/Joe Lordup (Hannes Gottauf)/Mike Sunderland (Heinz Matschurat); arrangements: Hans Ehrlinger
ISST 117 - Gerhard Narholz/Tony Fisher/Sammy Burdson (Gerhard Narholz)/John Fiddy/Walt Rockman (Gerhard Narholz)/Jean-Claude Madonne (John Fiddy)/Barry Ryder (John Fiddy)/Peter Guntherson (John Fiddy)/Günther Birner/Mike Sunderland (Heinz Matschurat)/Antonio Scorsi (Roman W. Zajaczek); arrangements: John Fiddy
ISST 118 - Billy May/Tony Tape (Gerhard Narholz)/Rolf Kuhl (Rolf Kulander)/Walt S. Heebner/Karlheinz Krupp/trad. arr. Billy May-Klaus Witschi (Hilla Seuß)/Gerhard Narholz/Jim Harbourg (Gerhard Narholz)/H. Kia (Hilla Seuß); arrangements: Billy May
ISST 119 - Alfred Jack/Terence Yucca (Helmuth Brandenburg)/Werner Randecker/Norman Candler (Gerhard Narholz)/Uli Röver/Rolf Asberg (Horst Kirsch)/Dieter Reith/Benny Sky (Lothar Nakat)/Tony Tape (Gerhard Narholz)/Wolfgang Förster/David Xerxes (Helmuth Brandenburg)/Rolf Kulander; arrangements: Helmuth Brandenburg
ISST 120 - Hans Ehrlinger/Heribert Thusek/Johann Einsiedl (Hans Ehrlinger)/Bert Loska (Heribert Thusek)/Otto Sieben (Gerhard Narholz)/Ulrich Wenzel/Can Candid (Heinz Stiersdorfer)/Horst Kirsch; arranged by Hans Ehrlinger
ISST 121 - Gerhard Narholz/Claude Larson (Klaus Netzle)/Manuel Landy (Delle Haensch)/Jim Harbourg (Gerhard Narholz)/Antonio Scorsi (Roman W. Zajaczek); arrangements: Claude Larson (Klaus Netzle)/Manuel Landy (Delle Haensch)
ISST 122 - Gerhard Narholz/Hans Ehrlinger/Allan Brennes (Walter Franz)/trad. arr. Heribert Thusek/Hans E. Häusser/Joe Satory (Hans Ehrlinger)/Frank Syman (Heribert Thusek)/Sammy Burdson (Gerhard Narholz)/Gil Flat (Hans Ehrlinger)/trad. arr. Bert Loska (Heribert Thusek)/Franco Domani (Heribert Thusek); arrangements: Hans Ehrlinger
ISST 123 - Norman Candler (Gerhard Narholz)/Fred Silberstein (Wolfgang Förster)/Walter Rauxel (Helmuth Brandenburg)/Antonio Scorsi (Roman W. Zajaczek)/Krys Moram (Jan Markowski)/Walt Rockman (Gerhard Narholz)/Sammy Burdson (Gerhard Narholz)/Helmuth Brandenburg/Peter Xanten (Helmuth Brandenburg)/Terence Yucca (Helmuth Brandenburg); arrangements: Terence Yucca (Helmuth Brandenburg)
ISST 124 - Werner Bild (Manfred Minnich)/Klaus Köster (Klaus Werker)/Eddie Warner (Warner Blumann)/Tony Tape (Gerhard Narholz)/Boris Schoska (Manfred Minnich)/Vladimir Kos/Norman Candler (Gerhard Narholz)/Ronald Sekura (Konrad Wolf)/Hans Günther Bunz/Georg Potella (Manfred Minnich)/Klaus Fischer (Konrad Wolf)
ISST 125 - Barry Ryder (John Fiddy)/Mac Prindy (Gerhard Narholz); arranged by John Fiddy
ISST 126 - Barry Ross/Arias (????)/Walt Rockman (Gerhard Narholz)/David Xerxes (Helmuth Brandenburg)/Jerry Westerby (Wolfgang Förster)/Sammy Burdson (Gerhard Narholz)/Tony Tape (Gerhard Narholz)/Vladimir Kos/Wolfgang Förster/Peter Xanten (Helmuth Brandenburg)/Adie Feuerstein/Ron Fletcher (Hermann Egger); arrangements: Helmuth Brandenburg
ISST 127 - Claude Larson (Klaus Netzle)/Manuel Landy (Delle Haensch); arrangements: Claude Larson (Klaus Netzle)/Manuel Landy (Delle Haensch)
ISST 128 - Horst Jankowski/Gerhard Narholz/Frank Holfert/Rob Pronk/Otto Sieben (Gerhard Narholz)/Günther Birner/Paul Rothman (Rüdiger Piesker)/Sammy Burdson (Gerhard Narholz); arrangements: Rob Pronk
ISST 129 - Mladen Franko/Giuseppe Solera/Norman Candler (Gerhard Narholz)/Sammy Burdson (Gerhard Narholz); arranged by Mladen Franko
ISST 130 - trad. arr. Otto Sieben (Gerhard Narholz)-Jan Schneeberg (Heide Pehofer)/Klaus Köster (Klaus Werker)/Norman Candler (Gerhard Narholz)/Sammy Burdson (Gerhard Narholz)/Eddie Warner (Warner Blumann)/Günther Birner/Mac Prindy (Gerhard Narholz)/Benny Sky (Lothar Nakat); arrangements: Norman Candler (Gerhard Narholz)
ISST 131 - trad. arr. Ronnie Hazlehurst/Don Lusher/John Robert/Damian Robinson/Günther Birner/Hans E. Häusser/Otto Sieben (Gerhard Narholz)/Ronnie Hazlehurst/Mac Prindy (Gerhard Narholz)/Heinz Buchold; arrangements by Ronnie Hazlehurst/Don Lusher
ISST 132 - Mac Prindy (Gerhard Narholz)/Horst Jankowski/Lars Holmen (Werner Böhm)/Charles Simondi (Alfred Dilz-Hartenstein)/Rolf Asberg (Horst Kirsch)/John Finten (Franz Frankenberg)/Antonio Scorsi (Roman W. Zajaczek)/Adie Feuerstein/Paul Rothman (Rüdiger Piesker)/Karlheinz Krupp; arrangements: Horst Jankowski
ISST 133 - John Fiddy/Sammy Burdson (Gerhard Narholz)/Norman Candler (Gerhard Narholz)/Lars Holmen (Werner Böhm)/Franck Pourcel/Jean-Claude Madonne (John Fiddy)/Dietmar Kindler; arrangements: Franck Pourcel
ISST 134 - Wolf Nanssen (Wolfgang Göhringer)/Mac Prindy (Gerhard Narholz)/Walt Rockman (Gerhard Narholz)/Jim Harbourg (Gerhard Narholz)/Lars Erigson (Eduard von Overheidt)/Mike Sunderland (Heinz Matschurat); arrangements: Wolf Nanssen (Wolfgang Göhringer)
ISST 135 - Hans Thomas-Mindnich/John Epping (Gerhard Narholz)/Gerhard Narholz/Rolf Steinfelder (Gerhard Narholz)/Otto Sieben (Gerhard Narholz)/H. Kia (Hilla Seuß); all arrangements: Hans Thomas
ISST 136 - Etienne Cap/Jim Harbourg (Gerhard Narholz)/Norman Candler (Gerhard Narholz)/Hans Thomas-Mindnich/Pedro Valeria (Etienne Cap)/Gerd Kadenbach (Gerd Schmitz)/Gerhard Quaas/Sammy Burdson (Gerhard Narholz); arrangements: Etienne Cap
ISST 137 - Guido Cergoli/Dante Panzuti/Norman Candler (Gerhard Narholz)/John Fiddy/Barry Ryder (John Fiddy)/Tony Tape (Gerhard Narholz)/Heinz Matschurat/Jean-Claude Madonne (John Fiddy); arrangements: John Fiddy
ISST 138 - Ralf Weigand/Antonio Scorsi (Roman W. Zajaczek)/John Epping (Gerhard Narholz)/Walt Rockman (Gerhard Narholz)/Sammy Burdson (Gerhard Narholz)/Tony Tape (Gerhard Narholz)/Heinrich B. Wagner; arranged by Ralf Weigand
ISST 139 - Martin Bondi (Erich Meier)/Mac Prindy (Gerhard Narholz)/Antonio Scorsi (Roman W. Zajaczek)/Glenn Bow (Reinhold Glembotzki)/Otto Sieben (Gerhard Narholz)/Gerhard Narholz/Günther Birner/Norman Candler (Gerhard Narholz)/Guido Cergoli/Virgilio Panzuti/Wolfgang Förster; arrangements: Norman Candler (Gerhard Narholz), Wolfgang Förster
ISST 140 - Wolf Nanssen (Wolfgang Göhringer)/Walt Rockman (Gerhard Narholz)/Jim Harbourg (Gerhard Narholz)/Norman Candler (Gerhard Narholz)/John Epping (Gerhard Narholz)/Mac Prindy (Gerhard Narholz); arrangements: Wolf Nanssen (Wolfgang Göhringer)
ISST 141 - Barry Ryder (John Fiddy)/Mac Prindy (Gerhard Narholz)/Ramon Codas (Eddy von Overheidt)/Robert Lüben (Conti Eckert); arranged by John Fiddy
ISST 142 - Norman Candler (Gerhard Narholz)/Giuseppe Solera/Benny Sky (Lothar Nakat)/Heide Pehofer/Arthur Schmittenbecher/Klaus Köster (Klaus Werker)/Rolf Cardello (Rüdiger Piesker)/Wolfgang Förster/Hermann Impertro/Martin Bondi (Erich Meier); arrangements: Giuseppe Solera, Norman Candler (Gerhard Narholz)
ISST 143 - Walt Rockman (Gerhard Narholz)/Manuel Landy (Delle Haensch)/Claude Larson (Klaus Netzle)/Jim Harbourg (Gerhard Narholz)/Gerhard Narholz; arrangements: Manuel Landy (Delle Haensch)
ISST 144 - Al Sigmund/Karlheinz Krupp/Fridl Althaller/Hans Egon Häusser/Otto Amon/Peter Seiber (Eduard Koeck)/Walter Franz/Frank Holfert/trad. arr. Al Sigmund; arrangements: Al Sigmund
ISST 145 - trad. arr. Helmuth Brandenburg/Mac Prindy (Gerhard Narholz)/Hermann Impertro/Hans Thomas-Mindnich/Ted Rideout (Helmuth Brandenburg)/Paul Rothman (Rüdiger Piesker)/Werner Randecker/Frank Holfert/Rolf Steinfelder (Gerhard Narholz); arrangements: Helmuth Brandenburg
ISST 146 - Helmuth Brandenburg/Otto Sieben (Gerhard Narholz)/Sven Torstenson (Sven Piesker)/Igor Rosenow/Günther Birner; arrangements: Helmuth Brandenburg
ISST 147 - Heinrich B. Wagner/trad. arr. Gil Flat (Hans Ehrlinger)/Vladimir Kos/Lars Holmen (Werner Böhm)/Juan Erlando (Hans Ehrlinger)/Rolf Kulander/trad. arr. Juan Erlando (Hans Ehrlinger)/Claude Brennon (Claudius Cojocar)/Hans Ehrlinger/Roy Etzel/Heinz Matschurat/Hans-Günther Bunz/Joe Satori (Hans Ehrlinger); arranged by Juan Erlando (Hans Ehrlinger)
ISST 148 - Barry Ryder (John Fiddy)/Sammy Burdson (Gerhard Narholz)/Jean C. Madonne (John Fiddy)/Norman Candler (Gerhard Narholz)/Mac Prindy (Gerhard Narholz)/Alan Parker/Günther Birner/Antonio Scorsi (Roman W. Zajaczek); arranged by John Fiddy
ISST 149 - Gerhard Narholz/Joerg Reiter/Heinrich B. Wagner/Mac Prindy (Gerhard Narholz)/Jim Harbourg (Gerhard Narholz)/Walt Rockman (Gerhard Narholz); arranged by Joerg Reiter
ISST 150 - Attilio Donadio/Dante Panzuti/Alex Lörke (Klaus Nelhiebel)/Heinz Matschurat/Heinrich B. Wagner/Rex Werra (Werner Randecker)/Otto Sieben (Gerhard Narholz); arrangements: Attilio Donadio
ISST 151 - David Xerxes (Helmuth Brandenburg)/Marc Vanessa (Adie Feuerstein)/Rolf Steinfelder (Gerhard Narholz)/Peter Xanten (Helmuth Brandenburg)/Terence Yucca (Helmuth Brandenburg)/Horst Jankowski/Paul Rothman (Rüdiger Piesker)/Helmuth Brandenburg/Vladimir Kos; arrangements: Helmuth Brandenburg
ISST 152 - Mladen Franko/Giuseppe Solera/Martin Bondi (Erich Meier); arranged by Mladen Franko
ISST 153 - Jan Sedláček/Áda Školka/trad. arr. Ladislav Kubeš/František Juráček/Věroslav Lanča/Slava Tkačuk/Eduard Kudelásek/Jan Slabák
ISST 154 - trad. arr. Norman Candler (Gerhard Narholz)/Norman Candler (Gerhard Narholz)/Drechsler arr. Norman Candler (Gerhard Narholz)/Charles Simondi (Alfred Dilz-Hartenstein)/A. G. Villoldo arr. Norman Candler (Gerhard Narholz)/Werner Randecker; arranged by Norman Candler (Gerhard Narholz)
ISST 155 - Gerhard Narholz/Joerg Reiter/Stefan Diez/Antonio Scorsi (Roman W. Zajaczek)/Mac Prindy (Gerhard Narholz)/Bob Vessin (Rolf Kulander)/John Epping (Gerhard Narholz); arrangements: Joerg Reiter, Stefan Diez
ISST 156 - Jean Claude Madonne (John Fiddy)/John Fiddy/Lars Holmen (Werner Böhm)/Barry Ryder (John Fiddy)/Franck Pourcel/Norman Candler (Gerhard Narholz)/Otto Sieben (Gerhard Narholz)/Sammy Burdson (Gerhard Narholz)/Tony Tape (Gerhard Narholz)/Heinrich B. Wagner; arrangements: Frank Pourcel
ISST 157 - Denny Motion (Harry Winkler-Rauter)/Walt Rockman (Gerhard Narholz)/Sammy Burdson (Gerhard Narholz)/Christoph W. Narholz/Jeff Hasky (Harry Winkler-Rauter)/Otto Amon/Peter Seiber (Eduard Koeck)/Harry Winkler-Rauter; arranged by Harry Winkler
ISST 158 -
ISST 159 - Norman Candler (Gerhard Narholz)/Kapono Beamer/Christoph W. Narholz; arrangements: Kapono Beamer
ISST 160 - Eugen Cicero (Eugen Ciceu)/Wolfgang Förster/Hans Egon Häusser/Günther Birner/Sven Torstenson (Sven Piesker)/Allan Brennes (Walter Franz)/Paul Rothman (Rüdiger Piesker)/Hermann Egger/Karlheinz Krupp/Rolf Cardello (Rüdiger Piesker)/Wolfgang Förster; arrangements: Rüdiger Piesker
ISST 161 - Otto Sieben (Gerhard Narholz)/Peter Xanten (Helmuth Brandenburg)/Walter Rauxel (Helmuth Brandenburg)/Igor Rosenow/Helmuth Brandenburg/Günther Birner/Sven Torstenson (Sven Piesker)/Ted Rideout (Helmuth Brandenburg)/Claude Brennon (Claudius Cojocar); arrangements: Helmuth Brandenburg
ISST 162 - Gerhard Narholz/Johannes Faber-Jakob/Joerg Reiter/Norman Candler (Gerhard Narholz)/Mac Prindy (Gerhard Narholz)/Gerd Kadenbach (Gerd Schmitz)/Jim Harbourg (Gerhard Narholz); arranged by Joerg Reiter
ISST 163 - Harry Winkler-Rauter/Gerhard Narholz; arranged by Harry Winkler
ISST 164 - Heinz Matschurat/Jaroslav Malina; arrangements: Josef Hadek
ISST 165 - Antonio Scorsi (Roman W. Zajaczek)/trad. arr. Norman Candler (Gerhard Narholz)/Norman Candler (Gerhard Narholz)/Klaus Köster (Klaus Werker)/Otto Sieben (Gerhard Narholz)/Günther Birner/Ulli Gigg (Lothar Nakat); arrangements: Norman Candler (Gerhard Narholz)
ISST 166 - Giuseppe Solera/Mladen Franko/Otto Sieben (Gerhard Narholz); arranged by Mladen Franko & Giuseppe Solera
ISST 167 - Christoph W. Narholz; arranged by Christoph W. Narholz
ISST 168 - Norman Candler (Gerhard Narholz)/Mladen Franko/Martin Bondi (Erich Meier)/Guido Cergoli/Dante Panzuti/Werner Randecker; arranged by Mladen Franko
ISST 169 -
ISST 170 - Otto Sieben (Gerhard Narholz)/Gunter Greffenius/James L. Hill/Gerhard Narholz/Les Brown/Sammy Burdson (Gerhard Narholz)/Walt S. Heebner/Marc Monsen (Gunter Greffenius)
ISST 171 - Jan Schneeberg (Heide Pehofer)/Fred Silberstein (Wolfgang Förster)/Norman Candler (Gerhard Narholz)/Ted Rideout (Helmuth Brandenburg)/Rolf Steinfelder (Gerhard Narholz)/Antonio Scorsi (Roman W. Zajaczek)/Michael Goltz/Jim Harbourg (Gerhard Narholz)/David Xerxes (Helmuth Brandenburg)/Thilo Peters/Günther Birner/Friedrich Schlagenweit (Helmuth Brandenburg); arrangements: Helmuth Brandenburg
ISST 172 - Joerg Reiter/Norman Candler (Gerhard Narholz)/Hans-G. Bunz/Gerhard Narholz/Mac Prindy (Gerhard Narholz)/Jeff Newman (Joerg Reiter)/Otto Sieben (Gerhard Narholz); arranged by Joerg Reiter
ISST 173 - Mozart arr. Norman Candler (Gerhard Narholz)/Christoph W. Narholz/Borodin-Belaieff arr. Norman Candler (Gerhard Narholz)/trad. arr. Fred Friday (Seppo Paakkunainen)-A. Le'Baron (Osmo Ruuskanen)/Francis Weyer/trad. arr. O. Antero (Osmo Ruuskanen)-Armas Nukarainen (Seppo Paakkunainen)/Gregor F. Narholz/Beethoven arr. Norman Candler (Gerhard Narholz)/Frank Degryse/A. G. Villoldo arr. Norman Candler (Gerhard Narholz); arrangements: Norman Candler (Gerhard Narholz)
ISST 174 - Jim Harbourg (Gerhard Narholz)/John Fiddy/Sammy Burdson (Gerhard Narholz)/Guido Cergoli/Virgilio Panzuti/Kevin Peek/Barry Ryder (John Fiddy)/Bizet arr. John Fiddy/Ray Wyngate (Bernd Steffanowski); arranged by John Fiddy
ISST 175 - Otto Sieben (Gerhard Narholz)/Terence Yucca (Helmuth Brandenburg)/Ray Wyngate (Bernd Steffanowski)/Christoph W. Narholz/Guido Cergoli/Dante Panzuti/Ted Rideout (Helmuth Brandenburg)/Walter Rauxel (Helmuth Brandenburg)/Bob Vessin (Rolf Kulander)/Igor Rosenow/Paul Rothman (Rüdiger Piesker)/Peter Xanten (Helmuth Brandenburg); arrangements: Helmuth Brandenburg
ISST 176 - Jean Claude Madonne (John Fiddy)/John Fiddy/Mac Prindy (Gerhard Narholz)/Gregor F. Narholz/Barry Ryder (John Fiddy)/Christoph W. Narholz/Sammy Burdson (Gerhard Narholz)/Gerhard Narholz/Rudolf Fischer/Mike Sunderland (Heinz Matschurat)/Peter Guntherson (John Fiddy); arranged by Jean-Claude Madonne (John Fiddy)
ISST 177 - Otto Sieben (Gerhard Narholz)/John Fiddy/Gerd Kadenbach (Gerd Schmitz)/Robert Lüben (Conti Eckert)/Barry Ryder (John Fiddy)/Peter Guntherson (John Fiddy)/Hans Günther Bunz; arrangements: John Fiddy/Barry Forgie
ISST 178 - Gerhard Narholz/Stephan Diez/Norman Candler (Gerhard Narholz)/Gregor F. Narholz/Christoph W. Narholz/Mike Sunderland (Heinz Matschurat)/Antonio Scorsi (Roman W. Zajaczek); arrangements: Stephan Diez
ISST 179 - Helmuth Brandenburg/Gregor F. Narholz/Otto Sieben (Gerhard Narholz)/Vladimir Kos/Sven Torstenson (Sven Piesker)/Walter Rauxel (Helmuth Brandenburg)/Gerd Kadenbach (Gerd Schmitz); arrangements: Helmuth Brandenburg
ISST 180 - Peter O'Mara/Jürgen Seefelder/Rhonda Heath/Marc Monsen (Gunter Greffenius)/Walt Rockman (Gerhard Narholz); arrangements: Peter O'Mara, Jürgen Seefelder, Charles Hörnemann, Peter Christl
ISST 181 - Mladen Franko/Rudolf Fischer-Potsdam/Mike Sunderland (Heinz Matschurat)/Vladimir Kos/Martin Bondi (Erich Meier)/Ulrich Wenzel/Gregor F. Narholz; arrangements: Mladen Franko
ISST 182 - Frieder Berlin/Sammy Burdson (Gerhard Narholz)/Mike Sunderland (Heinz Matschurat)/Klaus Wagenleiter/Gregor F. Narholz/Klaus Peter Schöpfer/Dieter Falk/Jim Harbourg (Gerhard Narholz)/Christoph W. Narholz; arrangements: Klaus Peter Schöpfer, Klaus Wagenleiter, Dieter Falk
ISST 183 - Kapono Beamer/Gregor F. Narholz/Christoph W. Narholz; arrangements: Kapono Beamer, Christoph W. and Gerhard Narholz
ISST 184 - Francis Coppieters; all arrangements by Francis Coppieters
ISST 185 - Joerg Reiter/Norman Candler (Gerhard Narholz)/Robert Lüben (Conti Eckert)/Walt Rockman (Gerhard Narholz)/Gregor F. Narholz/Horst Bredow (Dietmar Kindler)/Christoph W. Narholz
ISST 186 -
ISST 187 - Geoff Bastow/Norbert Rümmele/John Epping (Gerhard Narholz)/Martin Bondi (Erich Meier)/Sammy Burdson (Gerhard Narholz)/Günther Birner; arrangements: Geoff Bastow
ISST 188 - trad. arr. Norman Candler (Gerhard Narholz)/Christoph W. Narholz/Gregor F. Narholz/Mike Sunderland (Heinz Matschurat)/Beethoven arr. Norman Candler (Gerhard Narholz)/Norman Candler (Gerhard Narholz)/Karlheinz Krupp/Elgar arr. Norman Candler (Gerhard Narholz)/Günther Birner/Claude Brennon (Claudius Cojocar); arrangements: Norman Candler (Gerhard Narholz)
ISST 189 -
ISST 190 - Juan Erlando (Hans Ehrlinger)/Vladimir Kos/Bob Vessin (Rolf Kulander)/Joe Satori (Hans Ehrlinger)/Günther Birner/Willy Willmann/Robert Lüben (Conti Eckert)/Allan Brennes (Walter Franz)/Lars Holmen (Werner Böhm)/Mike Sunderland (Heinz Matschurat)/Gil Flat (Hans Ehrlinger); arranged by Juan Erlando (Hans Ehrlinger)
ISST 191 - Stephan Diez/Christoph W. Narholz/John Epping (Gerhard Narholz)/Frank Akrya (Frank Diez)/Mike Sunderland (Heinz Matschurat)/Robert Lüben (Conti Eckert)/Vic Ellis ()/Jean-Jacques Kravetz/Thomas Glanz/Pico Dalla (Norbert Rümmele); arrangements: Stephan Diez, Thomas Glanz
ISST 192 - Joplin arr. Peter Xanten (Helmuth Brandenburg)/Horst Jankowski/trad. arr. Helmuth Brandenburg/Werner Randecker/Ted Rideout (Helmuth Brandenburg)/Paul Rothman (Rüdiger Piesker)/Walter Rauxel (Helmuth Brandenburg)/Sven Torstenson (Sven Piesker)/Walter Franz/Hubert Deuringer/Bob Vessin (Rolf Kulander); arrangements: Helmuth Brandenburg
ISST 193 - Dieter Reith/Otto Sieben (Gerhard Narholz)/Robert Lüben (Conti Eckert)/Vladimir Kos/Walt Rockman (Gerhard Narholz)/John Epping (Gerhard Narholz)/Jim Harbourg (Gerhard Narholz); arrangements: Dieter Reith
ISST 194 - Helmuth Brandenburg/Rudolf Fischer-Potsdam/Gerd Kadenbach (Gerd Schmitz)/Mike Sunderland (Heinz Matschurat)/Terence Yucca (Helmuth Brandenburg)/Paul Rothman (Rüdiger Piesker)/Gerhard Narholz/David Xerxes (Helmuth Brandenburg)/Sven Torstenson (Sven Piesker)/Robert Lüben (Conti Eckert)/Dave Cornfield (Sven Piesker)/Ted Rideout (Helmuth Brandenburg)/Rolf Cardello (Rüdiger Piesker); arrangements: Helmuth Brandenburg
ISST 195 - Helmuth Brandenburg/Otto Sieben (Gerhard Narholz)/Günther Birner/Paul Mondello (Dirk Schütz)/Gregor F. Narholz/Jim Klugman (Rüdiger Piesker)/Walter Rauxel (Helmuth Brandenburg)/Igor Rosenow/Ted Rideout (Helmuth Brandenburg)/Raimond Erbe/David Xerxes (Helmuth Brandenburg); arrangements: Helmuth Brandenburg
ISST 196 - Ki Bombo (Hagen Galatis)/Günther Birner/Peter Harling (Hagen Galatis)/Jim Klugman (Rüdiger Piesker)/Allan Brennes (Walter Franz)/Bob Vessin (Rolf Kulander)/Herry J. Schmitt/Hagen Galatis/Marcel Garrieux (Hagen Galatis)/Vladimir Kos; arranged by Hagen "Charlie" Galatis
ISST 197 - Horst Jankowski/Kai Rautenberg/Peter Xanten (Helmuth Brandenburg)/Rolf Steinfelder (Gerhard Narholz)/Paul Rothman (Rüdiger Piesker)/Friedrich Schlagenweit/Sammy Burdson (Gerhard Narholz)/Mac Prindy (Gerhard Narholz)/Helmuth Brandenburg/Sven Torstenson (Sven Piesker); arrangements: Helmuth Brandenburg
ISST 198 - Joerg Reiter/Theo Tassi (Teofil Merchisan)/Rudolf Fischer-Potsdam/Gerhard Narholz/Frieder Berlin/Günther Birner/John Epping (Gerhard Narholz); arranged by Joerg Reiter
ISST 199 - trad. arr. Kenny Ball-John Fiddy/Benny Sky (Lothar Nakat)/Bert Petri (Gerhard Quaas)/Kenny Ball/Barry Ryder (John Fiddy)/Tony Tape (Gerhard Narholz)/trad. arr. Kenny Ball-Barry Ryder (John Fiddy)/Norman Candler (Gerhard Narholz)/D. Emmett arr. Kenny Ball-Barry Ryder (John Fiddy)/Mike Sunderland (Heinz Matschurat)/Karlheinz Krupp; arranged by Kenny Ball & John Fiddy
ISST 200 - Jim Harbourg (Gerhard Narholz)/trad. arr. Helmuth Brandenburg/Sammy Burdson (Gerhard Narholz)/Terence Yucca (Helmuth Brandenburg)/Peter Xanten (Helmuth Brandenburg)/Adelmo Prandi/Otto Sieben (Gerhard Narholz)/Gregor F. Narholz/Mike Sunderland (Heinz Matschurat)/Ted Rideout (Helmuth Brandenburg)/David Xerxes (Helmuth Brandenburg); arrangements: Helmuth Brandenburg
ISST 201 - Art van Damme/Tony Tape (Gerhard Narholz)/David Xerxes (Helmuth Brandenburg)/Otto Sieben (Gerhard Narholz)/Norman Candler (Gerhard Narholz)/Jim Klugman (Rüdiger Piesker)/Sammy Burdson (Gerhard Narholz)/Günther Birner/Terence Yucca (Helmuth Brandenburg)/Bert Lindenthal (Walter Depenheuer)/Peter Xanten (Helmuth Brandenburg)/trad. arr. Helmuth Brandenburg/Ted Rideout (Helmuth Brandenburg); arrangements: Helmuth Brandenburg
ISST 202 - Klaus Peter Schöpfer/Norman Candler (Gerhard Narholz)/Klaus Wagenleiter/Karlheinz Krupp/John Epping (Gerhard Narholz)/Frieder Berlin/Jim Harbourg (Gerhard Narholz)/Glauco Rosignolo/Dieter Falk/Mac Prindy (Gerhard Narholz); arrangements: Klaus Peter Schöpfer, Klaus Wagenleiter, Dieter Falk
ISST 203 - Michael Schütz/Mac Prindy (Gerhard Narholz)/Mario Bronzini/Christoph W. Narholz; arranged by Michael Schütz

Publishers, "Original Publisher:":
ISST 101 - Edition Dezime
ISST 102 - Edition Dezime
ISST 103 - Edition Dezime
ISST 104 - Figurata
ISST 105 -
ISST 106 - Vivatone Editions
ISST 107 - Sonoton
ISST 108 - Sonoton
ISST 109 - Vivatone Editions
ISST 110 - Vivatone Editions
ISST 111 - Atlas
ISST 112 - Figurata (GEMA)
ISST 113 - Figurata (GEMA)
ISST 114 - Vivatone Editions/Atlas
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ISST 116 - Figurata (GEMA)
ISST 117 - Sonoton (GEMA)/Atlas
ISST 118 - Figurata/Atlas (GEMA)
ISST 119 - Vivatone Editions
ISST 120 - Vivatone Editions (GEMA), Vivatone Editions/Atlas (GEMA)
ISST 121 - Vivatone Editions/Edition Dezime (GEMA)
ISST 122 - Figurata/Atlas (GEMA)
ISST 123 - Edition Dezime (GEMA)
ISST 124 - Atlas/Discant/Edition Tonarchiv (GEMA)
ISST 125 - Vivatone Editions (GEMA)
ISST 126 - Vivatone Editions (GEMA)
ISST 127 - Vivatone Editions (GEMA)
ISST 128 - Figurata (GEMA)
ISST 129 - Vivatone Editions (GEMA)
ISST 130 - Figurata (GEMA)
ISST 131 - Atlas (GEMA)/Vivatone Editions (GEMA)
ISST 132 - Figurata (GEMA)
ISST 133 - Figurata (GEMA)
ISST 134 - Vivatone Editions (GEMA)
ISST 135 - Figurata/Atlas (GEMA)
ISST 136 - Atlas (GEMA)/Edition Konkret (GEMA)
ISST 137 - Vivatone Editions (GEMA)
ISST 138 - Vivatone Editions (GEMA)
ISST 139 - Figurata (GEMA)
ISST 140 - Edition Dezime (GEMA)
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ISST 142 - Figurata (GEMA)
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ISST 144 - Edition Dezime (GEMA)
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ISST 148 - Figurata (GEMA)
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ISST 150 - Vivatone Editions (GEMA)
ISST 151 - Vivatone Editions (GEMA)
ISST 152 - Edition Konkret (GEMA)
ISST 153 - Vivatone Editions (GEMA)
ISST 154 - Figurata (GEMA)
ISST 155 - Vivatone Editions (GEMA)
ISST 156 - Figurata (GEMA)
ISST 157 - Vivatone Editions (GEMA)
ISST 158 -
ISST 159 - Figurata (GEMA)
ISST 160 - Vivatone Editions/Atlas (GEMA)
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ISST 173 - Figurata (GEMA), Figurata/Belaieff (GEMA)
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ISST 178 - Vivatone Editions (GEMA)
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ISST 180 - Edition Tonarchiv/Edition Show Business
ISST 181 - Figurata (GEMA)
ISST 182 - Figurata (GEMA)
ISST 183 - Figurata (GEMA)
ISST 184 - Vivatone Editions
ISST 185 - Figurata (GEMA)
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ISST 187 - Figurata (GEMA)
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ISST 197 - Vivatone Editions (GEMA)
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ISST 200 - no publisher listed(?) (GEMA: Figurata)
ISST 201 - no publisher listed(?) (GEMA: Vivatone Editions)
ISST 202 - Figurata (GEMA)
ISST 203 - Vivatone Editions (GEMA)

SPOTS 2 - Vivatone Editions (GEMA), Sonoton (GEMA), Vivatones Editions (GEMA)
SPOTS 4 - Vivatone Editions (GEMA), Figurata (GEMA), Edition Dezime (GEMA)
SPOTS 5 - Vivatone Editions (GEMA), Figurata (GEMA)
SPOTS 8 - Edition Dezime, Vivatone Editions, Figurata
SPOTS 9 - Vivatone Editions, Vivatone Editions/Atlas, Vivatone Editions/Edition Sportiva, Edition Konkret, Edition Tonarchiv, Figurata
SPOTS 10 - Figurata, Vivatone Editions, Edition Tonarchiv/Edition Show Business
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