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Original list by Caligula81, revised 2017 by me.

German label under MPS-Records, based in Villingen, Baden-Württemberg.
Associated publishers are MPS-Records, Edition Swington, Comes-Musik-Verlag and Discant Musik.

CT 10 001 - Spotlights - Perry London
CT 10 002 - Das Rheingold - Das Große Orchester Willi Stech dir. Rolf Wilhelm und Willi Stech/Wolfgang Hock/Peter Liehr/Wolfgang Werner/Gerhard Pässler/Anton Stingl/Robby Bodenröder/Willi Stech (1973)
CT 10 003 - Thanks for Listening - Orchester Fritz Maldener
CT 10 004 - Mister Accordeon: Hubert Deuringer Story - Hubert Deuringer/Orchester Erwin Lehn/Hugo Noth/Orchester Hubert Deuringer/Großes Orchester Erwin Lehn (2LP) (1973)

CT 10 001 - trad. arr. Bud Sherman (Hans Schobert)/arr. Willi Fruth/Peter Markus (Rolf Karber)/arr. Paul Daric (Bernd Rabe)/Hans Schobert/arr. Georg String (Erwin Lehn)/Erwin Lehn/Bernd Rabe
CT 10 002 - Christian Schmitz-Steinberg/Peters arr. Rolf Wilhelm/Rolf Wilhelm/Schumann arr. Rolf Wilhelm/Schumann arr. Siegfried Merath/Silcher arr. Christian Schmitz-Steinberg/Hindemith (no arr.)/Nessler arr. Siegfried Merath
CT 10 003 - Peter Markus (Rolf Karber)/Konrad Wolf/Steve Bennet (Willi Fruth)/Chris O. Boyk (Wolfgang Felsing)/Sammy Burdson (Gerhard Narholz)/Ben Narbor (Gerhard Mohr)/George Callert (Roman W. Zajaczek)/Fritz Maldener/Willi Fruth/Gerhard Narholz/Rolf Karber/Klaus Fischer (Konrad Wolf)/Heinz Laduskow (Fritz Maldener)/Joachim Ewen/Axl Gotha (Jürgen Wolter)
CT 10 004 - Warren-Dubin/Herbert Martin Schäfer (Hubert Deuringer)/Robin-Shavers/McHugh/Hubert Deuringer/Cavanough-Stock-Schuster/James Herb Ensor (Hubert Deuringer)/????
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Useless tidbit of information that you probably know but I'm posting anyway: two tracks on "Thanks for Listening" ("Funky Harlekin" and "Overdrive") were re-released (albeit in 30 second edits) on the Conroy album "Giant Size Economy Pack Vol. 2". I wonder if the cues on that album were owned by Narholz then...after all, "Sammy Burdson", one of his aliases, is one of the composers on it...