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Library Vinyl and CD rips / Re: [Intersound ISST 120] Funky On The Rocks
« Last post by Greta on Today at 04:13:19 PM »
Greta it was tuneboy that shared them, but you thanked me :)  lol

Hell, I'm sorry. I make confusion sometimes.
Sorry Tuneboy.
Library Vinyl and CD rips / December 17th - Aele-Aele?
« Last post by Mr on Today at 03:55:29 PM »

Ah, the 17th! I always found that a great-looking number.

Today's share comes kind courtesy of astronaut extraordinaire LMTH303, whose Raphaele stacks must run higher than most! To the moon, perhaps?
He has dug out two more beauties for us today, featuring perhaps fewer artists than the last batch, but some brilliant ones at that! William Gardner brings his orchestra along for some good time-tunes, and Bobby Lee and the Golden Eight long for the warm drinks of summer! Could you think of a better way to start off the week?

Enjoy :)
Raphaele Records - RRL 10 2238 - Summerdrink (flac)

Raphaele Records - RRL 10 5000 - William Gardner and His Orchestra (flac)

Dec. 16th - Paloma Records DB 004 "Open Air"
Dec. 15th - Sonimage SI 811 "Rythmes et mélodies"
Dec. 14th - Gevox 3582 "Musica orientale", 14255 "Appostamento notturno"
Requests / Re: Discord Server
« Last post by Mr on Today at 03:45:13 PM »
Requests / Discord Server
« Last post by SpenserJackson on Today at 02:49:36 PM »
Does anyone know if there’s a Discord server for this site?
Requests / Re: Amedeo Tommasi - Il Mondo di Quark (NRE 1157)
« Last post by tezeta on Today at 12:43:01 PM »
Hey md, thanks for dropping by this thread. It's all totally understandable; life gets complicated sometimes. I'm sure we all appreciate your forwardness and honesty, and don't mind having patience for whatever's to come. :)

Thanks for all your diligence and friendly communication with other library lovers worldwide! You're a real swell guy!
The Non-Library / Re: Ken Munson - Super Flute - 1973
« Last post by musica pal pueblo on Today at 12:06:34 PM »
Many thanks
Many thanks
it is possible that it is (it is the flutist with more recordings in Canada, I do not think it is any of the other 2 that I know: Kathryn Moses, Walter Zuber Armstrong)
Just my cup of coffee (not a tea drinker)
Thanks for the Humorous Volume
Requests / Re: Amedeo Tommasi - Il Mondo di Quark (NRE 1157)
« Last post by milliondollars on Today at 09:14:40 AM »
so, it took me some time to see this (almost three months actually...)  :-X

i have Mondo Di Quark in physical format and it is really a great surprise. unfortunately i am not able to record any records digitally for now. with moving my record collection and my hifi, going back to my old MK1210 i have even less possibilities to record stuff. also time is mad limited and i am happy when i get arround to hear some stuff in physical format.

have some unheard pieces in my collection and the list of requests (DM's through discogs and LMT) is getting longer and longer. i feel really sorry that i am not able to share. in fact, i almost feel guilty. but one day i will be able and try to catch up...
A big smiley:
Sound Library vol 65 - The Jolly Folly
18 somewhat good-humoured tunes


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