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Thank you all for the thanks, I've enjoyed these interviews a lot as well!
Library Vinyl and CD rips / Re: Dec. 9th - Samtastic Sounds
« Last post by Greta on Today at 08:00:31 PM »
Beautiful. Thank you Mr Roope.
I'm sure this is a grower for me.
Through the week it’ll go to one a day I reckon!
Thank you Retro for these last upgrades. And for the new (to me) Conroy 101.
Sorry to hear you're over-busy with rips. From my part, I can only say it's not necessary to rip and share 4/5/6 everyday and it would be great to get one-a-day. But I know you probably got many requests and you would like to satisfy each one.
Bless you!
Requests / Re: Media Music The Professional ‎– MSEE-4
« Last post by DylanDylan on Today at 06:38:53 PM »
manoman, nice setup indeed and, very clean.  his shelving/mounting looks more than ideal wow.  thanks for the info Mr.  I'm going to track down a copy of "Escuadrón de la Muerte" -- love those titles and the rather awkward resonating moment from 49seconds-60seconds - the dub at the end  :) 


People suffer all sorts of things through life and they face adversity and stay strong to get through the day and do what they need to do. Some people achieve amazing things in the face of certain failure.
I know how they feel.... editing multiple LPs with bleepy non-descript track after track in a busy household where every time someone says 'Can you empty the dishwasher' or 'Can you bring the washing in' you lose your place!!!! I know some of you have been there....  :o   It ain't pretty and I probably won't sleep tonight unless I veg in front of some rubbish TV for a few hours (exactly my intention).
What was I thinking!  I did have a small pile of the red and blue Chappells and Atmosphere LPs ready to rip but they'll have to wait.

Anyway in better news this SBH 3025 sounds like it might have the hidden SHIVERS (1974) cues that are missing- I'll take a listen another day though, not tonight  :)

LP GL107 - Title, Descriptive & Electronic Themes

SBV 323 - Electronic Mood

BMLP 101 - Happy Moog- Electronic Sounds

ESL 133 - Encore Electronic
This is one is a bit noisy and poppy but I've taken out what pops I can.

This is a Bruton release of previous tracks from the BRI- Futursitc/ Electronic series.  I have a second volume but can't find it.
Wow! Thank you so much, Retronic, for the fantastic electronic bunch, especially the three Southerns.
Library Vinyl and CD rips / Re: Dec. 9th - Samtastic Sounds
« Last post by Rocco on Today at 04:11:37 PM »
Kuckuck is a well known label for those who love the German rock of the seventies, but I didn't know there was a library album in the catalogue.
And what an album. How many great tracks, Water World is my favourite one.
Thanks a million, Roope and Mr, for sharing such a beautiful rarity.
Thank you very much for the great Janko Nilovic, A8, this album is new to me.
Library Vinyl and CD rips / Re: Dec. 9th - Samtastic Sounds
« Last post by Your Pal Doug on Today at 03:31:26 PM »
Thank you.
This one's an exciting new find!
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