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Requests / NRE 1079 , NRE 1187
« Last post by DylanDylan on Today at 07:23:13 PM »
Hi Everyone  :)

Any chance someone has Indoor Games and NRE 1079 Promo by Lizzette and Missby ?

Enjoying Lizzettes work on NRE 1027 / 1026


Tanner records are always a welcome sight! Even the older records never sound dated so much as nostalgic  ;)

Like Craig said, your scans and recordings are so pristine, they seem brand new. Your contribution is highly detailed labor of love. 

The permanent brain teaser in re: Tanners (and Capitol Media music, et al) is in attempting to determine the year, etc of each release.

After hearing excellent music, and I want to know more. Must. Know. More! 

And yet, there's little or no info to be had. Sweet, ironic mystery of Library Music!

Between these Tanner TTS and the pot of coffee I just drank, I'm jonesed through the ceiling   ;D ;D ;D

What a gold (vinyl) mine you've shared, seriously!  Thank you, Zeenix   8]


Many moons ago, I kept reading bloggers talking about some dude named Eddie Pan. People were excited about Eddie ("Coming soon, Eddie Pan!"), but I was ambivalent since hadn't met him, yet.

Thanks to old music blogs like Val Verde Music, I was delighted @ having the opportunity to meet Eddie sometime in early 2012.

First thing I noticed, aside from the lovely music, was that Eddie wasn't a dude. It was a music label. Derp!  ::)

Long story short, since first becoming acquainted with them, I've been a fan of Edi-Pan, Gemelli, Bruno Nicolai & Egisto Macchi.

Thanks Rocco, for continuing my Library Education via your latest Edi-Pan rips!

Requests / Re: KPM 1015 The sound of pop
« Last post by Divi Trivi on Today at 05:17:57 PM »
KPM 1015 - Various Artists - The Sound Of Pop!7GBhHQbY!MKT2WqCKVOvsAEiVDDeL6A
Thank You Zeenix!
Thank You Mucrim!
Thank You Rocco!
Thank You Rocco!
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