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Title: Do you recognize these as Valentino Major Records tracks?
Post by: musica.incidental on April 08, 2018, 06:56:45 PM
In Topacio (1985) and Cristal Venezuela telenovelas were used a lot of Valentino Major Records tracks. Unfortunatelly, I discovered the Valentino oficial site days before it cibernetic death. Selectracks rescued many of Valentino Major Records tracks, but not all of it. I' actually downloading from Soulseek many Major Records, but for example there is not # 6092, from were taken #Apathy", "Disturbance" and others from Nicolas Flagello. Roger Roger, Sam Trust, Domenico Savino, Walter Murphy also were used, from different albums. But some old soundtracks as Maniac from Chattaway and The Howling from Pino Donaggio also were used. Do you identify these as Valentino tracks? Tank you in advance!