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Title: Background Music by Ariston
Post by: Mr on February 03, 2018, 04:58:05 AM
Late 80's library label under Ariston Records.

BRM/001 - Italian Hits (Instrumental)
BRM/002 - Panoramic Themes (Oceanic Islands/Far Horizons/Underwater World/Deserts/Mountains/Big Forests/Open Sea)
BRM/003 - Love Themes (Love Emotions)
BRM/004 - Themes of the Thirthies (Be-Bop/Charleston/Ragtime)
BRM/005 - Thrilling Horror
BRM/006 - Themes of: Melancholy/Sadness/Solitude
BRM/007 - Science-Fiction/Metereology (Spatial Sound)
BRM/008 - Mediterranean Themes (1989)
BRM/009 - Pop Concerts New Age
BRM/010 - Themes for Children (Amusement Parks/Carousels/Carillons/Christmas Songs) (1989)
BRM/011 - Jazz Themes
BRM/012 - Typical Themes n. 1 (Biblical/Western/Hellenic/Mystic/Oriental/Latin/Christmas/Village Festivals/Obsessive)
BRM/013 - Suspense
BRM/014 - Italian Folk
BRM/015 - Sporting Themes (Football/Car/Sail/Motorcycle/Jogging/Cycling)
BRM/016 - Special Soundtracks
BRM/017 - New-Age Music
BRM/018 - The Most Famous Classical Themes
BRM/019 - Christmas Themes

BRM/001 - Giorgio Calabrese/Umberto Bindi/Bruno Brighetti/Bruno Martino/Gino Paoli/Nisa (Nicola Salerno)/Franco Califano/Silvestro Longo/Filippo Lazzari/Luciano Rossi/Luciano Beretta/Elide Suligoj
BRM/002 - Sjmmark (Simonetta Giribone)/Sioux (Miriam Casali)/Massimo Verardi/Ferdinando ArnÚ/Celso Santi/Stefano Previsti/Franco Chiaravalle/Lugi Tonet/Marco Banti/Gianni Plutino/Jodriz (Giorgio Oddini)
BRM/003 - Sjmmark (Simonetta Giribone)/Sioux (Miriam Casali)/Massimo Verardi/Ferdinando ArnÚ/Franco Chiaravalle/Luigi Tonet/Ombretta Battaini/Massimo Colombo/Gianni Plutino
BRM/004 - Mirageman (Giovanni Fenati)/Giovanni Fenati/Sioux (Miriam Casali)/Walkover (Patrizia Robbiani)/Sjmmark (Simonetta Giribone)/Franco Chiaravalle/Luigi Tonet/Gianni Plutino/Marco Banti/Edoardo Martin/Giuseppe Cancelliere
BRM/005 - Victorbach (Vittorio Bacchetta)/Gianni Plutino/Marco Banti/Ombretta Battaini
BRM/006 - Sjmmark (Simonetta Giribone)/Sioux (Miriam Casali)/Massimo Verardi/Ferdinando ArnÚ/Jodriz (Giorgio Oddoini)/Massimo Colombo/Gianni Plutino/Marco Banti/Franco Chiaravalle/Luigi Tonet
BRM/007 - Symmark (Simonetta Giribone)/Sioux (Miriam Caslai)/Marco Banti/GIanni Plutino/Ferdinando ArnÚ/Massimo Colombo
BRM/008 - Sjmmark (Simonetta Giribone)/Sioux (Miriam Casali)/Massimo Verardi/Ferdinando ArnÚ/Franco Chiaravalle/Luigi Tonet/Ombretta Battaini/Marco Banti/Jodriz (Giorgio Oddoini)
BRM/009 - Marcello Franzoso
BRM/010 - Franco Chiaravalle/Luigi Tonet/Sioux (Miriam Casali)/Sjmmark (Simonetta Giribone)/Simonetta Giribone/Miriam Casali/Massimo Verardi/Ferdinando ArnÚ/Marco Banti/Gianni Plutino/
BRM/011 - Guido Manusardi/Gianni Basso/Sante Palumbo/Others
BRM/012 - Franco Chiaravalle/Luigi Tonet/Gianni Plutino/Marco Banti/Ferdinando ArnÚ/Ombretta Battaini/Sioux (Miriam Casali)/Sjmmark (Simonetta Giribone)
BRM/013 - Patrick Dijvas/Pino Massara
BRM/014 -
BRM/015 - Marco Canepa/Adriano Mondini/Paolo Frescura/Maurizio Cerboneschi/Massimo Pini
BRM/016 - Marco Canepa/Adriano Mondini/Giancarlo De Giorgio/Enrico Cremonesi/Paolo Frescura/Federico Capranica/Massimo Pini/Gianni Plutino/Mirella Di Giovanni/Maurizio Cerboneschi
BRM/017 -
BRM/018 -
BRM/019 -
Title: Re: Ariston Background Music
Post by: Craig-UK on December 28, 2019, 06:04:49 PM
BRM 15 seems to be "Sporting Themes" according to the picture Retronic posted.
Also BRM 9 seems to be "Pop Concerts New Age" instead of "Themes for Children"
BRM 11 - Temi Jazz